ready or not, here it comes

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we have been scurrying like crazy to get ready for today and tomorrow, how about you? the last of the deliveries were dropped on our doorstep yesterday, including this wonderfully fragrant box of lemons and oranges from our friends kim, kade, and sam—thanks you guys!! there was a little purple box included which i placed under the tree to open tomorrow morning; i love surprises, even if the boys want to open each gift yesterday, haha.


thank you, thank you to everyone who has sent cards, gifts, and emails over the last week to celebrate the holidays with us! it warms our souls to know that you include us in your own celebrations. we have been taking a few days off (more or less) to spend time with the boys here, but please know that we appreciate every loving gesture extended to us and will be sending our thank you notes after christmas day.


we have been spending a lot of time in our new home space—the kitchen/dining area is fast becoming the center of our activities, with its large and spacious table.


the boys alternate between crazy, running-around-and-yelling activities and quiet concentrated sessions of drawing and games (the quiet time is mostly supervised by uncle david, who has that stuff mastered).


we’ve been cooking up some great dinners, too since i’m staying away from my desk and the computer a bit more than usual. we had a big pot of lentils and spinach one night, a batch of ratatouille, pasta with broccoli, and yesterday, black bean chili and rice.


amad has been very interested and helpful in the kitchen , which i really appreciate.


preparation for our feast of fishes is underway; we were going to do it tonight as tradition dictates, but then we had a change of plans and ate out at our favorite indian restaurant with beckie and mark instead. we will do the feast tomorrow (which solves the problem of what to have for christmas dinner, haha)


i’ve continued to knit on small items throughout, whenever i have a few moments. i finished my second bocce hat and blocked it, then began work on the matching fingerless mitts.


i think it’s cute! i made lots of extra springerle samples or our december club photo shoot, some of which are destined for the boys’ stockings. i’ve also got one of these for each of them, to go with. i’m excited for them to see their gifts! it’s not a lot, but their big present was a trip to ohio, which i think they are enjoying quite thoroughly. these little stocking stuffers are just for fun, but also because the weather is turning colder again by the hour (oh, holy cow! i just checked and it only eighteen degrees—colder than i even thought).


the bay leaf and lime shawlette is off the blocking wires and i got a few snapshots on the dress form today so i could give you a better idea of what it looks like—whaddaya think?


trust me, it’s luscious in person. this size is knit with a single skein of our kit yarn, in the exclusive lime rickey colorway. the kit will include a tall size as well for those who want to double dip, which will probably be about five inches longer.


the pattern needs to be proofread, now that i have all the details finalized and we need to get some nice photos (i’m thinking one of the twins would look spectacular in this). i’m hoping this kit can be ready by new year’s.

i have another secret holiday surprise, too—something i haven’t talked about at ALL, which karolyn and chris have helped me create. it’s another kit we’ve put together which is now all done and ready to go, save for photos (maybe the other twin?).

do you wanna peek? (do i really need to ask??). ok, here you go, just a little one; i’ll save the rest for the reveal.


now, time to start celebrating and cooking in earnest!


i hope each of you has the happiest of holidays, whatever that means in your neck of the woods.

peace on earth.

15 thoughts on “ready or not, here it comes

  1. The bay leaf & lime shawlette is beautiful Anne, as is the sneak peek of the other surprise you have planned. I hope you, David & the rest of your family (including the rest of the Knitspot family) have a very Merry Christmas & best wishes for the New Year.

  2. Merry Christmas Anne. I hope you and David and Nan and the boys have just the best holiday.

    Love the lime Rickey shawl and I’m not even a green fan. And what’s this – a lacy surprise for us.

    Sending love and hugs to you and yours.

  3. Dear Anne, Your Christmas looks fun! Enjoy!! When the world settles down – I would love to know about that soup pan! What brand, what size. I love to make soup, or one dish wonders, and need a new one. Do you know how it is on an electric stove? Thanks. Hugs, and best holiday wishes!!

  4. Love that lime shawlette!

    Wishing you, David, all of the Knitspot crew and your extended family a very Merry Christmas.

    Thanks for spending the whole year bringing us the most wonderful yarn and patterns!

  5. Looks like you are keeping busy with your company. I wish you all a Merry Christmas! Love the shawl and the sneak peek, can’t wait to see the reveal. As always you are amazing

  6. That last shot is a great Christmas shot. It seems to say, “Love and festivities inside.” Hope that is indeed how your holiday is, filled with love and festivities.

  7. Merry Christmas Anne and David! Enjoy your time with your sweet family. The green shawl looks wonderful – can’t wait.

    I’m guessing that your neighbor is still not feeling well as I haven’t seen a post of his wild decorations?

  8. Merry Christmas to you all and all the best for the new year! It looks like the kids are having a great time. The tree and the lights outside look lovely and so peaceful.

  9. anne and david and all your brood, i hope your holiday is joyous, delicious and just what you want it to be.
    for my part, it’s jewish chinese food and a movie! and of course some quiet time to knit. anxiously awaiting the lime rickey pattern release – right up my alley, color way and all!

  10. Happy Holidays. Thank you for another year of beautiful design and inspiration. And yes, looking forward to the Lime Rickey pattern release too!

  11. Merry Christmas to you all. So glad you’ve got family there to celebrate with you. You are all in my heart and mind this Holiday season.

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