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look at how cute our three models look in their polartorte caps! they are all set for the big winter storm that is heading our way this weekend (groan).


this is very rare for me to say, but i have to this one time: polartorte is my new favorite hat and i think it is destined to be yours, too. i’ve knit three of them so far and have a fourth on the needles now—they are addictive (and quick!)


and the result is SOoo delicious—a cozy swirl of soft, soft wool, lush with texture and drape so that it slouches in that just-so way. it attracts so many compliments it’s almost embarrassing.


best of all, you can knit any one of the five pattern sizes from a single skein of our stone soup DK or kent DK (check out our new driftwood shade). it’s the perfect snow day project . . .


in fact, after the photo shoot, our little friend niya was so taken with the knits and our knitting projects, that she asked us to teach her and by evening, she was knitting away on her own little piece of work.


it wouldn’t surprise me if she had a hat of her own on the needles when i see her next, haha.


and i don’t know what our friend mark went home and told his partner bil, but next thing i know there are several messages on my phone telling me that friends don’t let (bald) friends get frostbite.


well, far be it from me to deprive my friends . . . and over david went with a few hats.


i’m sure niya wouldn’t have fallen for such a line, but there you have it, i’m a softie.


shown above, the small cap in stone soup DK, color marble

shown below, the medium (left) and large (right) size caps, also in stone soup DK, colors slate and granite.


to purchase patterns or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the polartorte page in the knitspot pattern shop or visit the polartorte page in our ravelry pattern shop.


sarah and david have also put together a polartorte kit in the stone soup DK that includes the pattern in all sizes and your choice of yarn color. you can even knit a couple of the smaller sizes from one skein—what a deal.

click here to purchase the kit in the knitspot pattern shop.


this hat has the same appealing combination of textures as my waffle creams sock design with a lush a thermal stitch to trap warmth and keep your noggin cozy. a handsome cable along each side adds a touch of classic definition to keep it looking sharp. the name for the cap comes from a popular frozen dessert available (as i understand it) in kazakhstan. the things you find out on the internets . . . who knew?


now, there is a graft at the top of that hat, but it’s just a few stitches and i will walk you through it myself in my FREE craftsy class on grafting; you’ll be a pro when you’re done.


many thanks to our friends mark, malia, and niya for taking some time this week to help us out with photos. we so appreciate their involvement and enthusiasm.


and lots of knit love to sarah’s mom, anne C. who knit our largest sample; that’s a lotta hat, thank you anne!

and now, time to go enjoy some knitting ourselves; gotta get our yarn in order before the snow starts flying again! happy weekend everyone; we are traveling to visit my mom for a few days, so we will see you when we get to albany.

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  1. Love the photo shoot and the hats look super-cosy. You can’t get a better recommendation than people wanting to have their own hats now, can you?! Safe travels and enjoy your visit with your Mum.

  2. Everyone looks fab in their hats. I can contest after seeing them they are a winner! Love all the colors and comfort. Mark can wear his in yoga class and keep his head warm! Safe travels!

  3. Love the photo shoot (great settings) and the hats! I may have to make a few—it was -19 degrees here this morning.

  4. The “friends don’t let friends….” comment got me! I have to knit one of these for my (bald) husband.

  5. Those hats look perfect for this endless winter you all are having..and now that we have some rain out west, it even feels like winter here. Safe travels!

  6. Groan! You’re killing me with your wonderful patterns and yummy yarn! I’ll have to check my stash. I’m not sure if I have any Stone Soup DK. A kit might be winging it’s way North! Love the photo shoot too.

  7. I love your photo shoots! The 25th St library- one of my favorite places in Canton. I miss the friendliness of the librarians and the great place. Good to see “home” in your pictures around town. Oh, and the knitting rocks too!

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