gifts beyond compare

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packing for my trip the other day, i was really glad i’d decided to fly on the airline that allows me to take two bags—i had to devote one entire suitcase to wedding paraphernalia alone!


most of my plane ride took place in complete darkness, as i was flying from east to west, but as we landed, the sky was a beautiful sapphire blue—until we got below that thick marine layer hugging the coast.

i got tons of knitting done, completing the sweater back i had going and working a bit on a secret project as well. i’ll show you all of that in a weekend post.

below clouds, it was chilly, windy, and rainy; not as warm as i’d hoped it would be, but better than home, where it was blizzarding once again.


but sunny smiles all around from my west coast “family”. the afternoon was filled with errands and another trip to the airport; then it was time to head out to sam’s swim meet.


which was held outdoors unfortunately; the day became increasingly damp and chilly as it wore on. afterward, we all piled into the car and headed posthaste to a warm middle eastern eatery, mmm.

this morning i was up early for a nice long run, during which the sun actually came out for a while and i came home with ever-so-slight tan lines—to be developed further during the next ten days.

we had a lot of errands on the agenda for the rest of the day and naturally with so many last minute things to take care of, there were a few SNAFUs as well. by 9:30, kim was literally buzzing around the house putting out fires.

but before we headed out, i insisted she take a break to catch her breath and enjoy a little indulgence from her knitting compadres.


you see, i not only traveled to help celebrate the marriage of our dear friend kim; i was carrying precious cargo as well. david and i, along with about thirty of kim’s dearest internet friends have been hatching a secret gift project for a couple of months and finally the day has arrived to present it.


well, to say she was surprised would be the understatement of the year. you can see the complete story in the youTube video that her daughter xanning made, posted on the knitspot channel.


and the fact that thirty knitters who love to chat could keep such a wonderful secret from her was the best part i think. her genuine and unadulterated surprise was a real treat to witness; it made us all feel great.


isn’t she fab?? this is why we love her and love doing things for her; kim’s joy for life is so completely contagious. it’s hard not to smile and laugh when i’m spending time with her.


and the blanket wasn’t all—there was a beautiful storage bag made by michele


from fabrics printed with a zombie theme, inside and out; SO much fun and kim just loved that


the last item in the bag was a special project made by the two newest knitters in the bunch. sarah, who actually learned to knit a bit too late to contribute a blanket square, wanted very much to make something to give to kim.

barb suggested that she and david could knit some blocks to make a pillow.


ao with barb’s help, they did just that and it turned out so cute!


each knitter also sent along a card which kim is reading as i write this; she is just so touched.

i know it was a huge effort for everyone involved to keep the whole thing a secret, but i promise it was completely worth it. thank you so much to all who contributed!

we would have loved to spend the rest of the day curled up on the sofa painting our toes and watching movies while alternately admiring this beautiful gift, but realistically, there was a lot of running around to do. another trip to the airport and some errands


she had to stop at sephora, so i picked up some fresh spring lip color while i was waiting


to go with my dress, haha. far be it from me to just stand around wasting time.


later on, while kim packed for her honeymoon trip to paris, i steamed her dress.

we are all set for tomorrow morning; we have to leave the house by 7:30 . . . AM. so i think this is probably a good time to sign off; i’ll be back later in the weekend with a wedding update and lots of party photos.

in the meantime, erica will be filling in on friday with a blog about something new. have a wonderful weekend; see you on sunday!

27 thoughts on “gifts beyond compare

  1. OMG you did such a great job with the pictures and Xanning was awesome for doing the video. I love love love seeing Kim so happy. Kim is so worth a special project. And that blanket. Pah-lease! I want one! In that yummy Stone Soup it will last generations and just get softer and softer. Love it. Have fun tomorrow!

  2. This was so much fun. Thank you for the update and to Xanning for the great video. Now we all need our own Love Squared blanket.

  3. OMG! What a wonderful and beautiful surprise for Kim. Best wishes to her and her whole family. <3

  4. What a great ‘reveal’! Loved the video, it gave us all a chance to share in Kim’s joy. Today will be even more fun! Have a fantastic time and take lots of pictures!

  5. So happy this secret is out! Loved being part of it and so happy she loved it as well. So fun!

  6. So wonderful to see Kim’s reactions! This has been such a wonderful experience and I’m so glad the secret was kept and is out! Have a great time today today and please keep the photos coming!

  7. Fantastic pics!! I feel like I can stop holding my breath for the first time in months – so hard to keep our secret, but the payoff was so worth it!! I’ll be thinking of Kim and Jeff today. Can’t wait to see your photos, Anne.

  8. What wonderful gifts and surprise for Kim. The pics and video are fantastic. Best wishes to Kim, Jeff and her family. Enjoy the wedding day.

  9. Awww these are just great pictures. Kim so richly deserves all of the happiness that life (and Jeff) has to offer. Seeing her so happy just makes my day. I was so thrilled to be a part of Kim’s love squared blanket surprise.

    Thank you Anne and Xanning for capturing Kim’s reaction to our gift. Well done all.

    And I cannot wait to see more pictures from today.

  10. this project has been such fun and the resulting blanket is just beautiful. the video was so much fun to watch, I felt like I was there. michele’s bag is perfect. I know you are having a special day and I am looking forward to more pictures.

  11. Anne,

    Thank you so much for this post! The video was amazing and I plan on watching it many times over. A lot of us have been anxiously awaiting for the surprise to unfold. There is no one more deserving of happiness, than Kim!

    Thanks again to the ladies who participated, Barb for working her magic, David and Sarah for the pillow – so cute, I will have to make one. Xanning for the great video, Helen and Kat for corraling us on this secret mission. And to you, Anne for having faith that we could do this (and keep a secret) for Kim and Jeff.

    Happy Wedding Day, Kim and Jeff!

  12. Anne, thanks for a great post, and Kim, thanks for sharing this moment with us.

    Have a terrific day tomorrow!

  13. It has been so much fun being part of this! I loved the video, Kim’s shock and delight was tangible!! Have a great time all together at the wedding!

  14. This has been quite an adventure, so glad that it turned out perfectly as planned, with some great extras. The photos and the video are both such fun to watch. Best wishes to Kim and Jeff for a fantastic honeymoon and a long and happy life together with their family.

  15. now i’m crying yet again! we knitspotters are such a wonderful loving family. thanks anne for inspiring all of us!
    and you looked adorable with your new lip color!!
    and i might say, you have a nananancy haircut this time!

  16. Great post! Love the video. It was so much fun to be a part of this surprise. Best wishes to Kim and Jeff!

  17. Well done ladies! I was able to see the blanket one night during our knitting group. When Anne brought it in the room, I got chills!! Your love is OOOOZING out of every stitch!!!
    Kim, you are going to be a beautiful bride!

  18. What a lovely gift for dear Kim and her new Mister to share in their life together. It’s just beautiful. Thanks for sharing the video–teared up.

  19. I just thought, you should make a Rav project page for the blanket and pillow and list the patterns and wonderful knitters.

  20. This project was wonderful, so glad to have been able to help. The entire project and the joy and love it represents has been a bright spot in this never ending winter. Here’s to the happy couple!

  21. What a great video – the joy and emotion is so sweet. You all did a great job and Kim will treasure this forever!

  22. Congratulations to Kim, Jeff and their families. Loved the video and pictures. Thank you so much Anne, David and Zanning for capturing wonderful memories for Kim to treasure.

  23. I have/had chills reading this whole blog and tears in my eyes. I’m so happy for Kim and her family. Good things come to good people! Anne, you are a wonderful friend for coordinating all you did and helping Kim make her life easier and even more enjoyable the next couple of weeks! What an uplifting read! Blessings to all of you!

  24. OMG, I just loved the video. Her reaction, her gifts, everything was awesome! Thank you so much for sharing this precious time with Kim. Perhaps we might see a new blanket pattern from you titled Kim’s Blanket and Pillow? One can only hope! Can’t wait to see more pictures of the wedding.

  25. Anne, I just love your Glasses. You look smashing. I’ve been missing your blog, so hope to catch up.
    Fun on your trip.
    Pat Dixon

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