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just a quick drive-by to say—look, we finally have flowers opening in our garden! only a few and very reluctantly, but i’m hoping this warm, sunny weekend will prompt more of them to come to life.

that said, there is snow predicted for later this week; it’s going to go from 78 degrees today to 39 tomorrow afternoon. oh joy. and what was i thinking anyway, that spring would really come?

ok, here’s the low-down; i am home, but up against a really tight deadline. i’ve been working like mad on only one thing since i got back the other day. i’m hoping to be over the hump by tomorrow, but i’m also running one of my big races today, yay!

david and i are heading out in just a bit for the town where the event will be held; i’ll report back later when it’s done. and i promise i’ll show you some knitting, too, haha

wish me luck!


13 thoughts on “finally

  1. I hope you have a stellar race Anne. I knew you were super busy. Hoping the run will give you joy and peace.

  2. Run For Home in New Phila? If so, when you make the loop in the Dover City Park you are quite literally in my backyard! Good luck!

  3. good luck anne, may the wind be behind you, you are a true inspiration to all of us

  4. Hope you ran well Anne and were pleased with your performance. Isn’t it wonderful to see those blooms, quite uplifting. I spotted irises not far from flowering today, they are one of my favourites. There is a woman who runs marathons and knits at the same time, so if you are really up against it, it can be done!!

  5. The race is probably over–hope you’re happy tired! My sympathies on the weather. Denver had 75 on Saturday and today is 31 with 20 forecast for overnight. I’m hoping the pansies and tulips and cherry blossoms and flowering almonds…well, you get the picture…you undoubtedly have some similar hopes!

  6. So how did the running go? I’m eager to hear as I still have 4weeks to go to my own half marathon…

    And – if it’s any consolation – we have no proper spring neither. Not quite yet. Tulips are up by a measly two inces or so, snowdrops are blooming but no sign of other flowers yet.

  7. Hope the race was great. Look forward to your report, and to more knitting and more flowers opening!

  8. You definitely seize the day! Best of luck on your race. Wonderful blog. A very Happy Easter to you all. thank you for sharing.

  9. I thought of you yesterday! So glad you were racing on the warmer of the 2 days. Still no flowers here yet, but soon. We’ll be getting your crazy cold weather later this week.

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