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well, you saw it the other day as it progressed from a bunch of yarn cakes to a finished garment, each careful step following the last. and today you get to see it in motion—ivar, my new favorite sweater, knit in our stone soup fingering yarn, color slate.


it is soooo light and airy, but cozy too—i was surprised how warm i felt inside it during the photo shoot the other day, which was sunny, but a cool, breezy 41 degrees.


this is the tunic length cardigan version in a mashup of two sizes (because that’s usually what fits me best)—the third size for the body (where i like some extra room for layering) and the second size for everything above  the armholes (where i like it more tailored to my small shoulders).


ivar is meant to have a casual, “boyfriend” fit that relies on the drape of the fabric for contouring rather than side seam shaping, with an ever-so-slightly off the shoulder sleeve cap (think golf cardigan).


but i can totally visualize it with a shorter, tighter, sexy librarian fit too!


our version of the pattern includes options for short or long length, pullover or cardigan styling, and male/female sizing. i plan to knit another right away as a hip-length pullover.


i’ve been saying that i will knit the pullover in stone soup fingering yarn again, using one of the new shades we are expecting soon, but the more i think about it, the more i wonder if i should use breakfast blend fingering yarn instead? i haven’t really knit with that in a while and never a garment . . .
hmm, decisions, decisions.


or maybe i’ll just go with the stone soup again—it really turned out so lovely and just what i wanted. i can’t decide!


to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the ivar page in the knitspot pattern shop.

if you like the handsome look of this version and are thinking about buying our stone soup blend to knit it, click here to view the kit which david and sarah have put together—it includes the yarn in your choice of stone soup shades plus a free copy of our pattern.


many, many thanks to my friend vanessa who speedily test knit the original version in brooklyn tweed loft for its inclusion in wool people 7, where i am honored and grateful to be represented. jared, bristol, leila, and all the staff at brooklyn tweed are a complete pleasure to work with—not to mention the beautiful yarns they make!


and last but not at ALL least, thank you david, for once again making me look much MUCH better than i really do, haha.


16 thoughts on “ivar

  1. You are *gorgeous*, Anne. David gets your true beauty to shine through on the pictures. I wish you could recognize that. : )

    I bought the kit and am thrilled. However, I do not have a download button for the pattern. Should I email David?

    So excited for this one. I may even do the tunic length. I’m not sure. But with jeans, I like a bit longer sweater. Got the slate. I love your sweater in that color. Woo-wee. I’ve got a KS package coming my way. With yummy Stone Soup inside. It’s a good day.

    Tell David as always he did a great photo shoot. Love seeing you model. Enjoy Sarah and the others too, but it’s always nice to see you.

  2. The sweater is great! I was wondering if this pattern would be difficult to shorten in length?


  3. Gorgeous sweater and a beautiful model! Congrats to David on another great photo shoot.
    So glad that spring “finally” seems to have sprung. Enjoy!!

  4. Anne, you are beautiful & David adores you! He’s a fantastic photographer & really captures all the aspects of your designs.

    Now, why did you have to make it more difficult to choose? It was hard enough to choose a stone soup color, now, putting out breakfast blend as another option, is creating an unbalance to my libra sign. ;o)
    I can so see this in breakfast blend too!

  5. Oh, I will definitely be starting a KAL when I get home tonight on our Knitspot Mothership!

  6. I love it Anne! I’m spinning a sample yarn today that I think will work perfectly for this awesome sweater! You look great in it!

  7. I am so excited about the Slate color in Stone Soup. I LOVE this yarn! Thank you for bringing this to us. I love the styling of this shoot too. So on point for the Fall season. I love cabled details like this but the bulk can sometimes be prohibitive for me, a larger size. This is a lovely large scale detail in a flattering refined weight. I really love it. I can not wait to start. Thanks for another fab design Anne!

  8. love this sweater – everything about it. I tried to order the kit in the slate color but the option of 4 or 5 skeins doesn’t appear on the website.

  9. Ditto Kat’s comment. In addition to looking great, you have an absolutely charming voice.

    I love this cardigan, but question my perseverance–a long cardigan in fingering? It would be worth the effort…. Decisions, decisions!

  10. Yes, indeed….it is a lovely, classic sweater! A pullover version in Breakfast Blend would be heavenly!

  11. love love love…this is a so me sweater! I’ll probably be making more than one. Anne and David are the best….models….designer….photographer…..do it all kind of man who even knits…what’s not to love! Thank you again Knitspot for another great sweater!

  12. Love the classic ness of the sweater. Stone soup is great.
    Anne, what about a classic vest out of stone soup or the fingering?
    Just think added warmth for layering without the bulk, a similar pattern down the front, v neck,and no sleeves to knit. Please , I’ve been looking for a pattern to use with stone soup and can’t find the perfect one. Whip one up for me please.? We’ll think about it anyway. Hehe.
    I enjoy your blog. The history of the making of a sweater. And I get the”what was going on in my life as I am knitting a garment” thing.
    Well done.

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