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a sprightly sprout of a sweater to knit in eager anticipation of spring. a lace rib pattern of tiny buds sets a nice vertical line, while inset shaping on the body accents all the right parts. create a form-fitting silhouette or knit it up slightly looser for a more casual shape—the curves won’t be lost.

shown above: size small in lanas puras melosa fingering, colorway fern green, found at one planet yarn and fiber. one planet has received a big new shipment of this yarn just today and will be adding all the colors to their site in the coming hours, as well as making a kit available—click here to view that listing.

my green sprössling is knit to be form-fitting with just an inch of ease, if that; i wanted something that would not feel loose if worn with a thin shirt or a cami underneath. i also cropped an inch off the length at the hem

shown below: rachael knit hers in size medium, using valley sock (i think it’s colorway hematite), a superwash yarn, in a slightly tighter gauge than the pattern calls for (her finished, relaxed chest measurement is 34 inches, which gives her a few inches of ease when stretched).

she and anne marie each used a plied superwash merino yarn and they both found that their sweaters grew a little when blocked (not so with the lanas puras fingering that the rest of us knit with)

this resulted in a slightly looser fit but obviously, still very curvy and sexy!

anne marie (below) loves the fit of her sprossling, which is quite different from mine—looser and more relaxed to wear over a shirt or turtleneck, the way she does here.

she used a gorgeous dark variegated colorway of briar rose grandma’s blessing, chose to knit size large, and was able to get the correct pattern gauge

the tonal variegated yarn does not take anything away from the rib and lace pattern—in fact, the little dashes of color seem to accent it nicely.

and then there’s jocelyn in her brilliant cornflower blue rendition of this adorable sweater, knit once again in lanas puras melosa fingering

jocelyn has been on a mission to get herself into the right shape and size of sweater for some time now and i think she’s succeeded and then some with this one. she and rachael are both petite in stature, so they modified the pattern to adjust for shorter lengths in the body and armhole.

this sets the waist shaping and armhole height at the right spot for them—and goes a long way toward streamlining the look of any sweater.

when barb (below) saw the green sweater on me, she was convinced that it was not at all the right cut for her; she is tall and well-endowed in the bust with very broad shoulders and slim hips (an “apple” shape, if you will). i persuaded her that it would look awesome and she was happy to test knit it anyway (barb really likes to knit).

well, it turns out that this is her new favorite sweater—she’s all set to knit another one. the shaping under the bust eliminates that boxy looseness at the hips that she often encounters in tops and sweaters, giving her a smooth line over slacks.

she followed along with jocelyn and me, choosing to knit her sprössling in lanas puras melosa fingering, colorway charcoal. she knit the 1X size, but knit the sleeves one size smaller, as her arms are long and slim. barb also added an inch to the body length and two inches to the sleeves.

so you see, we have five different body types and five different variations on how to knit this sweater to fit and they all look great. pretty versatile, yes?

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

lis and jodi at one planet yarn and fiber have a beautiful online shop, dedicated to bringing you the best of what the world has to offer, representing artisans and small businesses from around the globe. i’ve worked with their lanas puras melosa yarns several times, as well as a few others and have really enjoyed the experiences.

many, MANY thanks to our inveterate test knitters—jocelyn, anne marie, rachael, and barb—they work so hard, but we have so much fun. this project has been especially cooperative in that everyone finished pretty much at the same time and we’re very pleased to bring you a full range of photographs of each finished piece.

and of course, kudos to david, who did a beautiful photo shoot at coronado beach and moo time creamery in sunny california—a happy pattern release wouldn’t be complete without him.

and now, let’s see some more pictures!

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  1. I LOVE seeing photos of the various size sweaters on different body shapes. And your notes about the modifications each of you made are really helpful as well. And what fun to have the photo shoot while in California – perfect backdrop for a spring sweater rather than the gray cold we are experiencing here in the Midwest!

  2. I love this pattern! I’ve been waiting for the pattern to be released. Love all of the pictures showing off a beautiful sweater.

  3. Everyone looks great! I like Barb and Anne Marie’s more loose version (for me), and of course I loved seeing you and Joce’s versions in person! Oh – FYI – supposed to be 21 foot waves at ‘Nado tomorrow. . . care for another photo shoot?? heh heh heh. . .

  4. This is breath-taking! I’m off to get yarn right now. Already have the pattern.

    Anne, just when I don’t think you can outdo yourself, you come up with perfection.

    Bowing down to the master (or is that the mistress).

  5. I have to make this ! I HAVE to! In red! Or orange! Or.. hmmm… The warm colors definitely need represented here.

    It looks beautiful on everybody and every body. Wonderful sweater.

  6. What a pretty sweater! I had already decided I loved it when you shared with us pictures from CA, but now that we see all of the different looks, WOW
    I wish I was able to take one of your sweater measurement classes. Some day, maybe.
    Your test knitters did great jobs and, of course David’s photography is the best.

  7. What a perfect sweater – it looks chic and sexy at the same time, and on each model. Must buy – must knit!

  8. oh how this warms my cardigan and fingering weight loving heart. my husband will be pleased, i want to knit this so badly, perhaps i’ll finish his sweater sooner! 😉

  9. Marvelous photos, and what a great mini-tutorial on fit! Congrats on another great design, Anne.

  10. Thank you for all the photos of the varying sizes. So lovely and what an amazing pattern to fit so many different women perfectly! Kudos!

  11. Keep repeating myself – but you are very very good at designing sweaters for real persons !! Classic knits with a contemporary edge – good designer job !

  12. BEAUTIFUL – – and I so appreciate seeing this sweater on many shapes and sizes – and Anne – you look right at home in California!!
    THANKS!!! I may even work up my nerve to attempt this!

  13. I have to add my thanks to those already expressed for showing it in so many variations. You and your test knitters are so generous and so accomplished! I fell for some of the Grandma’s Blessing in a Dark Side color and this may be the pattern for it!

  14. Thanks you David for such GREAT pictures! I didn’t think I would be able to wear a sweater like this but after seeing the pictures….maybe I can. 😉

  15. With all the food and wine you share in your pictures how to you keep your incredible figure?!!!!! The pattern is beautiful.

  16. Ladies, you all look FABULOUS in these jackets! Thanx Anne, for another great pattern. I’m definitely checking out one of those kits.

  17. Wow! A sweater I might actually knit for me. Love the photos, were those taken at Coronado by chance?

  18. Sprössling looks spectacular! I’ve been looking forward to this pattern A LOT and have followed your progress closely via the blog, and yet you manage to exceed my expectations by a mile.
    As a knitter I don’t think you could ask for anything more in the presentation of a pattern. You’ve done such a beautiful and thorough job.
    I’m now very, very motivated to finish my other projects so I can cast on for a Sprössling of my own.

  19. WOW. Beautiful. And the photos of five different versions on five different bodies = brilliant!

  20. Just as I thought, this is so feminine that it looks good on any woman’s body shape. Now I’m trying to decide which colour to choose… difficult task!

  21. Oh my goodness! This is my favorite sweater EVER. I am dying to go home right now and cast on. I was planning to finish up Hypoteneuse this weekend for a KAL I am doing, but I may have to start on Sprossling instead! Wonderful job by all on the samples! You have certainly inspired me. Now to figure out an excuse to rush out of the office and get home! 🙂

  22. WOO HOO! Oh happy day, Sprossling has sprung! I just have to decide on going the kit route or yarn + pattern. David outdid himself on the photos — just gorgeous.

  23. Oh, I inadvertently forgot to mention in my previous comment that you did an AMAZING job with this design. It’s BRILLIANT!

  24. I have been checking daily in anticipation of the release of this pattern, and bought it this morning. The yarn selection pondering has begun….

    Beautiful pattern from a brilliant designer, stunning photos from a stellar photographer and a fabulous group of knitters…what a team!

    Thanks to the entire bunch of ewe,

  25. I admit that when I first saw this sweater I thought – very pretty but no way for my figure! But then I see all the variations and it seems much more likely. What a testament to your designing genius!

  26. Love the sweater! Love the Umlaut! I especially like the face that you have it on multi-size women, not just the petite designer ;). Thanks for such a great line of patterns and blog.

  27. Wow, they’re all gorgeous!

    The kit is very tempting but being in NC, which goes from a bit chilly to hot & humid, a lightweight wool sweater might not be the thing (though I might make it anyway!). Do you have any suggestions for cotton-blends that might work well for this pattern?

  28. I wonder if someone can tell me this: I see the elegant shaping, and I see the elegant lace, but I worry that the pattern will say something like: “Decrease 2 stitches every 3rd row for the next 8 rows, maintaining lace pattern” and I will be at a loss. Does the pattern spell out how to maintain the lace pattern while doing that most elegant shaping detail? If so, I’m in!

  29. This sweater is gorgeous! I really appreciate seeing the sweater on different models, different sizes and letting us know what size each person made and the yarn used. I love, love, love this feature. All the ladies and their sweaters look lovely.

  30. The sweater looks great. Thank you for showing so many photo of the sweater in varying sizes and being worn in different ways (with Turtlenecks, with Tshirts, open, closed). It really helps to visualize it on moi.

    Thanks for understanding that most of us love seeing “real” women in clothng looking like their comfortable.

  31. yay, congratulations on such a great pattern release! thanks for showing us all the test knits; it really helps to get a sense of the different ways the sweater could work. i’m especially interested in barb’s, since that’s the color i was thinking about & i too will probably need to add a few inches of length!

  32. Congratulations! I couldn’t download this one fast enough! Especially since it is my pick for the KAL on the Loopy Ewe! I am choosing to use Grandma’s Blessing. I was wondering if you might get Ann Marie to share any info on gauge/yardage… or any other differences she may have encountered? I can’t wait to get started! and keep em’ coming! I love your designs.

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