Lexington Bound

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Over the last several days, Susan has been carefully selecting yarns for the next pop up store and packing it in different stations around HQ.

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The yarn is destined for Lexington for the Bare Naked Wools booth at Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival this weekend. We are super excited to be first-time vendors at this show! I’m fascinated by the process of how a booth comes to fruition and I always ask the girls for pictures as they pack. I figured you guys might be too, so here is how a booth gets ready for a road trip…

Susan decides on quantities (can you imagine? how would you choose!?) and pulls yarn from shelves

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and tubs and organizes them into soft, packable bags

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and then labels them neatly, so booth set up goes off without a hitch,

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and all of these yummy, squishy bags get placed by the door so everyone can pack the van.

IMG_3272 web

Susan decides on quantities of knitting patterns and David begins printing and sorting them

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then Sarah sleeves them and organizes them into envelopes.

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Sarah also packs samples from the trunk show, makes packages of buttons

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for Ivar

buttonsIvar web

and Scotty


and gets all the swag labeled.

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While she was assembling packs of Vintage Knitspot Notecards, the girls had a brainstorm. Why not have a promo for this show?!

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If you spend $100 in the booth, you’ll get a pack of notecards FREE! The notecards are images from Anne’s family photo archives featuring handknits knit by relatives in the 1930s.


There’s another promo as well! If you come by the booth and say PURPLE IS MY PASSION, you’ll get a free treat from us while supplies last, just for stopping by!

Anne will be at the show too! She has a meet and greet in the BNWs booth on Saturday from 2:30-3:30 p.m.


see some of the trunk show samples and even get your Knitspot pattern autographed.

Anne also has a few openings left in her classes – Sweater Fitness and Beginning Lace Knitting – and even though online registration is over, walk-ins are welcome to register. Info here.


And, if Sweater Fitness students want to purchase sweater kits (such as Ivar, Bloch Ness, or build your own kit with a pattern here and yarn here) for class, we’ll deliver them to the classroom. Just purchase kit by midnight EST May 14 and make a note on your order for it to be hand delivered. We’ll throw in a set of notecards too if your order is $100 or over.

All the excitement about this show got me thinking the last two weeks, “I should go. It’s really not far from Detroit.”

mapIn fact, it’s only 5 hours from Cleveland, about 6 hours from Pittsburgh and Chicago, and 3 hours from Indianapolis. It’s really a doable road trip for the weekend. Grab some friends and join us! We love to meet Knitspotters in person! If you still need a reason to push you to pack an overnight bag, how about the fact that NEW colors of Kent DK will be in the booth?

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I hear you scurrying now. See you in Lexington!

**If you want to see lots more photos of the Journey to Lexington, check out the Facebook album here. Also, follow us on twitter here and Instagram here for updates about the show over the weekend and the road trip there and back.

12 thoughts on “Lexington Bound

  1. So interesting to read how much work goes into preparing for a show. All that beautiful yarn, just gorgeous! Please come over to the UK to teach the sweater fitness class Anne!

  2. So wish I could be there. Alas, the husband is going out of town and someone has to stay home to feed the cats. Maybe next year. Hope you have an awesome show!

  3. If I still lived in Indianapolis I would so be on the road! (Everything fun is near Indy this year!) Unfortunately, it’s a much longer trip from Des Moines…

  4. Ooooo, ramping up the excitement. I’m registered for Anne’s sweater class and can’t wait…. Also excited about the BNK booth!

  5. I am quite curious to see what the plans for the Wooster festival will be, for Anne’s booth there.

  6. Too far from California, alas…but is there any way to order some of those buttons for my Ivar?

    And I’m dying to see those new Kent colors on the site. Have a great show, ladies!

  7. Hope that one day you all will “pop up” at the Magnolia State Fiber Festival (msff.net) in Vicksburg, MS! 🙂

  8. Hope you will find your way to the upper midwest someday (Shepherds Harvest, Yarnover, WI Sheep and Wool Festival, Iowa Sheep and Wool, etc. ) This is a hugely vibrant fiber community up here where its REALLY cold, and we buy a LOT of yarn!

  9. Dear Anne, congratulations on your own little business! I have been following you blog for about the past 6 years and am still thrilled to watch how your business grows! It is inspiring to watch someone take their passion and successfully make it pay the bills (at least I hope you are able to pay the bills with all this effort and dedication you put into knitspot). I wish you all the best and hope knitspot will stay your passion for many years to come!!! Thanks for sharing your life with the rest of the world, you are amazing and awe-inspiring!!!
    Greetings all the way from Austria,

  10. Last year. my husband and I attend Shepherds Harvest, but for reasons too long to explain, ended up leaving just 30 minutes after we arrived. During that short time, he found the Briar Rose booth and the Knitspot sample Rene, knitted from Fourth of July. He asked if I could make it for him…this in itself is a once in a century event, so of course I said yes, but we were unable to find enough yarn, in a color we agreed upon, in the 15 minutes that we had left to shop (the emergency involved buying a house!).
    Today i returned to Briar Rose at Shepherds Harvest and bought the yarn for his Rene. Wish you were here; Chris’s booth, filled with Knitspot sweaters, is always packed, and you could be there right beside with the patterns, and the BNK alternatives. Talk to her, you’d love it here (and unlike some places you might go, out wool festivals in Minnesota are always held in the cold, so people really really want to buy wool!)

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