Purple is in Full Bloom

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purple hose web

Lately, it seems like purple is everywhere. This weekend I passed field after field of potato plants

photo 1 web

sprouting purple flowers.

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My dad arrived from the farmers market with this lovely bouquet in tow

photo 1-1 web

and I couldn’t get over the range of purples. Lavendar is in full bloom everywhere and I can’t pass a plant without rubbing a sprig between my fingers. It is my favorite smell and one of my favorite colors.

Did any of you see this on 4th of July?

purple firework web

We had purple bursts in the fireworks display in Birmingham!

I have always said green is my favorite color, but purple runs a close second. I think because it comes in so many varying shades between red and blue. This proves true in the plants in full bloom  at the Detroit Zoo

253 web

248 web

267 web

251 web

255 web

240 web

241 web

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Since I have purple on the brain, I can’t help but take photos of the purple coming at me. In the cafe at Meijer Gardens, there is an amazing glass installation by Dale Chihuly.

IMG_1858 web

The ceiling is covered in glass pieces that range in all the colors of the rainbow, but of course we happened to sit below the purple section.

The other day when Matt and I were running errands in Detroit we passed this

IMG_1866 web

and this

IMG_1861 web

and he exclaimed, “look at all that purple!” Now I have him noticing things he never did before and the colors used. It’s like we’ve been on an I Spy game for weeks.

I’m sure that some of you remember the purple potatoes I posted a few weeks ago,

purplepotatoes web

but I forgot to mention that all my groceries were bagged like this!

purple bags web

Purple is everywhere and I couldn’t be more excited that today is the release of the FIRST pattern for the FIRST knitting club shipment of Passion. Anne’s club all about purple couldn’t have better timing. Purple is the Pantone color of the year and I can’t wait to see the journey Anne is going to take us on throughout the months of the club.

The first pattern was released today and while I was writing this post, Robert the mailman brought my first squishy package.

1stShipment web

I won’t leak any spoilers, but OMG am I excited about the pattern and photo shoot Anne did for this project. Amazing! You can see spoiler pics of the pattern on Anne’s ravelry designer page here (look for Passion Spoiler 2014 as the cover photos).

The yarns for this club were meticulously chosen from small business owners with a passion for quality yarn and beautiful color. They are amazing! There are a few memberships left and you can read more about it here or join right now here.

IMG_3722 web

We’ll get your package right out so you can cast on with the rest of us. The Knitspot in Full Color ravelry group is BUZZING right now. Catch the fever and get your purple on here!

7 thoughts on “Purple is in Full Bloom

  1. I too am tickled with this club offering. It is brilliant and inspired and I cannot wait to cast on. Anne is a genius!

  2. Lovely flower photos and I’m so excited to be swatching with my exotic new club yarn…brilliant choice!

  3. Stop, just stop! Purple is my favorite color. I have a truly obscene stash. It was all I could do to turn my head on the Passion club. Well, anyway, thanks for all the purple pictures–pretty!

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  5. I’m the same. Green is my official favor color, but purple has a lot of moments. Emma loves it too. 🙂 (sjn821 on Rav)

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