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the thing i love about color work knits is that they are completely timeless and timely—you can pair the most traditional fair isle patterned fabric with the least likely to match pieces and it will “go”, as my grandma used to say.


it can be super elegant and classically sporty or totally, outlandishly rad.


OR both at the same time—elegantly rad.


ok, and it might just be a little bit addictive—we’ve learned that in the last month or two, haven’t we?but most of all, it makes me (and not only me) happy just to look at it.


sheryl agrees; she’s SO excited.


the transmitter features a three-dimensional dot-and-dash pattern against a simple stockinette background on which you can play to your heart’s content with various shades of contrasting colors.


use a series of grays for a striking contrast with a vivid hue or play one bold color against another for a pleasing jolt of colorplay on a classic coat or sweater.


shown here: size small cowl knit from one colorway of briar rose fibers fourth of july against a background of graduated grays in bare naked wools confection sport yarn.

and of course you could use all neutral colors for a quieter, sophisticated effect.


the pattern also includes a large size which is double the length; either size is easily adjustable in length and width to suit your yarn supply.


to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the transmitter page in the knitspot pattern shop or click here to see specs and purchase in my ravelry pattern shop

if you have a mass transit/boilermaker kit, you can use this pattern with the materials in it, if you like and/or add a pura bella mongolian cashmere lining for the ultimate in luxurious warmth (i am working on a lining tutorial which should be ready in a few days).


my friend sheryl joined us at the RAP this year from seattle and we had SO much fun; thank you sheryl for adding your effervescent smile to the cover of our pattern!


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  1. I am, at the moment, making Rene for my husband out of that exact shade of Fourth of July. There will definitely be left overs, so maybe that cowl….hmmm.

  2. The pattern and colors are stunning. I would definitely make the longer one–can you say claustraphobia (sp?)–smile!

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