packed and ready to go

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i hardly ever pack ahead. ever.
i’m mostly just too cramped for time to do things like that ahead.
but i am so unreasonably excited about going to wooster tomorrow that i just had to take a few minutes from my morning work to gather my things and make sure i had it all in one place. i am SO ready! (can you tell i don’t get out much?)

yeah, and BTW, . . . it’s NOT all that sunny and gorgeous here today (in the photo—that’s just the magic of photoshop . . .). actually, it is raining so hard right now, that i literally can’t see across the street.
it’s supposed to clear up by the wee hours of the morning, and even get sunny by tomorrow.

but we know where we are . . . northeast ohio has the second heaviest cloud cover in the USA. yup.
and no, i did NOT know that when i moved here. sigh. live and learn.
in fact the cloud cover is SO profuse, that the US government built some sort of big arsenal here because it would be so well protected.

until now of course . . . you know, because of all those spies reading my little knit blog . . .

sigh. i hope it doesn’t rain like this tomorrow. it won’t keep me home if it does—it just makes everything feel so sticky and damp. and then there’s also no place to sit and eat lunch.
i’m bringing my camera for sure—must share the wool love.

now, ok, i’m totally embarrassed to show you this because i’ve said about 100 times that i was not going to get any more yarn. but this is a gift and i really MUST toot deb’s (of Fearless Fibers Handpainted Yarns) horn and thank her from the bottom of my cherry-sage heart here. this is de-lish

she’s just the cat’s meow! this more-or-less DK weight yarn is the superwash merino. it reminds me a lot of the mountain colors DK weaver’s wool, as far as it feels, etc. there isn’t enough for a sweater, but maybe a couple or three smaller projects. thank you, deb!

AND, might i add, something like this could be yours for free! if you enter the blog contest (press the button in the sidebar for more info). free yarn, no purchase necessary, plus a fun time; what is everyone waiting for?? go enter!

oh, and just so you know—i am NOT the only pointy-footed person on the planet. yes, yes, i might have the pointi-EST feet, but i have emails now to prove that i am not alone in my pointilism.

i finished another pair of david’s socks! woo-woo

i’m always glad when one of these pairs is done. they are big, and i get a little bored toward the end of each pair. but i like starting them! if i use a variegated yarn, that moves things along nicely and i’m making headway on the pair from the hand-dyeing experiment a few weeks back.

his socks alway scare me at how wide they are. is it unusual to have socks that need to be between 9.5 and 10 inches around (my own are only 7.5 inches around, hence the nervousness)? any guys out there who know?

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  1. I just measured my husband’s foot and it is 9.75″ around at the ball of the foot. For comparison’s sake, I measured mine too and the ball of my foot is 8.75″ around.

    Have fun at the fiber show.

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