I’m Back (With News of Sweaters)

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Can not remember the last time I guest blogged. However I do remember feeling a bit under appreciated, thinking to myself that I would never blog again. There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into these blogs; I have no idea how Anne manages to write them so frequently. Of course I can have a look at google analytics to see exactly how many of you have viewed the page, but it’s not really the same as seeing actual comments. I love reading your comments, the more, the better, and makes writing a post worthwhile in knowing that it’s been read. That said, if I receive 75 comments, there will a free Craftsy class (Anne’s new Sweater class) offered to one of you that have left a comment on this post and in addition, I promise to blog about our major renovation last year (finally—I know).

Our dear Anne was summoned to Craftsy’s Colorado studio once again to shoot a video for her new class: Essential Skills for Sweater Knitting, see trailer for class here.  This class is a survey of key factors for successful sweater knitting. Perfect timing as Anne has been busy designing 6 new sweaters; more about these later. The Craftsy class consists of 7 lessons.


In lesson 1, Anne explores how to choose a style—which sweater to make. I have a sweater in mind that I would like to design and knit myself. Growing more and more confident with my knitting prowess these days, as I knit along in the Blanket Statement club, quite the experience, learned so much with this endeavor. In fact if you know a burgeoning knitter, I highly recommend the Blanket Statement Club, up to 16 different patterns to knit/read, such a great way to obtain knitting experience and have a lovely blanket as a result. Sorry for the aside, back to Craftsy class.

Lesson 2, learn how to read patterns, lesson 3 – selecting the right yarn and tools. Lesson 4, swatching for consistent results, I’ve learned the importance of swatching, perhaps underrated, but so very valuable.

Adjusting fit, lesson 5 and one of the things I love most about knitting and creating custom garments. Can hardly wait to begin my sweater. Lesson 6, knitting individual sweater pieces and lastly lesson 7, finishing, seaming and blocking.

May I present to you some of Anne’s latest creations—most will be available in May.



Gearhead – Unisex Pullover, shown here in BNW’s Stone Soup DK.




Triticum – Open Cardigan, Knitted in Spirit Trail’s Tayet (blue), debuting at Maryland Sheep and Wools.





Mayan Puzzle Jacket, shown here in Briar Rose’s Wistful (brown), debuting at Maryland Sheep and Wools.




The Misters’, unisex combination pullover/cardigan, knitted with Briar Rose Joyful (orange). Wouldn’t it be great as a vest too? In the process of convincing Anne to pattern one more version . . .


Cam Cable, pullover, shown in BNW’s Kent DK



Pedal Pusher, cardigan and knitted with BNW’s Confection Worsted

It is truly amazing the amount of detail and effort required to create a sweater. Anne recently offered to make me another sweater, but I had to decline, for I’m not worthy of such a indescribably wonderful gift. I tend to be very hard on my clothing; for example, I like to rest my folded hands in the neck line of my sweaters, causing unnecessary damage, stretching of fibers to the breaking point, and consequently ruining such a cherished gift.

When new to knitwear some years ago, I would mistakenly machine wash sweaters in hot water and dry in the dryer, making fibers shrink and become brittle and/or felt. No doubt it is like having someone place a condensating glass upon a piece furniture you created and massaged 10 coats of Danish oil into, the resulting water ring – fortunately this is repairable, whereas a sweater sustaining the damage mentioned would not be.

Even if you have taken Anne’s Sweater Fitness Class, the Craftsy Essential Skills for Sweater Knitting class provides information of a different sort. Don’t get me wrong, if you ever have an opportunity to take a class with Anne in person, you should immediately seize upon it; her teaching skills are remarkable, not only will learn all you need to know, but a lot more.Leave a comment, and you are automatically entered to win this Crafty Class featuring Anne.

Comments conclude for Craftsy free class offering April 27 11:59p (eastern time).

Feeling the love and appreciation, thank you all for the kind and generous comments. See you soon.

Mister Knitspot

Congratulations Bertha on receiving Anne’s Craftsy Sweater Essentials Class, enjoy.



194 thoughts on “I’m Back (With News of Sweaters)

  1. I’m so excited for these sweaters! (I’m even more excited for Mister Knitspot’s renovation blog, please post it soon!!) I have all of Anne’s Craftsy classes, and they are extremely helpful.
    Y’all make my knitting life a happier place. Please keep the posts and patterns and classes coming!

  2. Always happy to read a post for Mr. Knitspot. You have a refreshing take on knitting. The sweaters you posted are all beautiful, but my favorite is The Misters’. I love that texture and the color – perfection! I have Anne’s finishing class in the queue and have heard nothing but great things about it.

  3. David, nice post! As a terminal remodel survivor, I appreciate all the hard work, dust and difficulties living inside a remodel adventure. I’m looking forward to seeing your post – and another of Anne’s classes. I had just about decided on Highlander as my next sweater, now I’m not so sure!

  4. Thanks for quest blogging. Yes Ms. Knitspot designs and makes incredible sweaters, but equally important is that she is a wonderful teacher. I have already bought her newest Craftsy sweater making class, so if I win I will give it to my knitting friend who has not and would really benefit from it.

    Keep in mind when blogging to knitters, show pictures of yarn or sweaters and we are easily entertained and thrilled. Looking forward to the next time you blog here.

  5. I’m always happy to see a post from Mr. Knitspot. It’s nice to see another side of what is going on in the household, and I LOVE renovation photos, being several months deep into our own remodel 🙂

  6. What a lovely post! The Craftsy class looks wonderful. I love all of the sweaters pictured!

  7. Mr. KnitSpot, you’re most definitely appreciated! I’ve enjoyed the periodic renovation updates, as well as your photography and the occasional glimpses of your knitting. Thank you for all you do to keep KnitSpot up and running!

  8. Lovely to hear from you Mr. Knitspot and to read the blog from a man’s point of view. Anne’s latest creations are beautiful! My favourite is Triticum!

    Looking forward to hearing all about the reno.

  9. I really enjoy knitting sweaters and I like the idea of pushing things up another level.

  10. Wonderful post, Mr. Knitspot!! Anne’s sweaters are always so lovely. Can’t wait to read your renovation post.

  11. Wow, what a flock of wonderfully lovely sweaters. Which to make; that will take some pondering. And Mr. Knitspot, you write a great blog, you should write more. Please don’t take too long to write about the renovations.

  12. Thanks for the lovely post and all you do. Will enjoy hearing the renovation stories whenever it’s posted. I”m impressed that you’re already thinking of designing your own sweater. Please share pictures when you do.

  13. Amazing to see all these new sweaters together! Thank you, David, for posting about them and sharing the photos.

    I purchased Anne’s new Craftsy class the day it became available! I have already been poring over the information and printed out Ondule.

    Still looking forward to reading your post about the new addition to your home and seeing photos–in your “spare time,” of course!

  14. Well, Mr Knitspot, it seems you underestimated how many knitters read and enjoy your guest blogs! I look forward to the posts on the renovations. The new sweaters are lovely, and it will be hard to choose among them–if only I could knit as fast as Ms Knitspot does, I could aspire to make them all right away….

  15. I just purchased and was introduced to Anne by watching her Craftsy Essential Finishing Techniques class. I am enjoying it very much. I have her newest class in my Wish list.

    I fell in love with several of her sweaters she was wearing in the class and had to track them down and found her website and blog.

    I see several of her new sweaters that I can’t wait to try. Love the post with all the great pictures of the new sweaters.

  16. I have been watching Anne’s progress on these sweaters and they are incredible! So lovely to know how much you appreciate her gift and skill. What a wonderful team you make.

  17. I love Anne’s sweaters. Such careful attention to detail and fit. I learned a lot knitting Blümchen for myself and want to knit another one soon.

  18. All of these sweaters are gorgeous, but Triticum especially I can’t wait for!!! I love that shawl like collar and the detail on the back center!

  19. Cam Cable and Pedal Pusher are my favourites and it’s great that Anne’s new class is now available. I would also like to read more about your renovating, David.

  20. I am looking forward to seeing this new class. I want to knit my first sweater and Anne’s classes have given me the confidence to do it.

  21. Wow, what a beautiful bunch of sweaters! I’ve been watching her progress on all of them, but they even surpass what I imagined.
    Truly a gifted designer, and I would love to see the new class.

  22. You do a wonderful job as a guest blogger. And Anne does a wonderful job on this blog as well. I look so forward to reading her blog and all the wonderful pictures. I very rarely comment, but I guess I should just so you know that you were both appreciated.
    All the sweater designs are gorgeous! I should be so lucky to win!
    If Anne ever comes to Oklahoma to teach, I will definitely go see her and get into a class!

  23. Thank you Mr. Knitspot for guest blogging about all these wonderful sweater designs. I always enjoy reading Anne’s blog postings and I am anxiously awaiting your renovation update. I also really enjoy following along on your blanket club knitting progress….it’s coming along great!

  24. I can only dream of taking a class with Anne, since geographic distances have prohibited that in the past. So what’s the next best thing? A Crafty class with Anne, of, course – and I can even “attend” class at 2:00 AM in my PJs if I choose to do so! Thank you, Mr. Knitspot – you’re a wonderful guest blogger…and one who will hopefully bring me good luck…I’m crossing my fingers! Thank you!

  25. What beautiful sweaters – I can hardly wait to see the patterns released. And a Craftsy class to go over the techniques?


    Thanks for sharing all the news!

  26. Thank you Anne. I have actually prayed that you would do this. I live in Canada and due to a serious chronic illness cannot get travel health insurance for outside of Canada. Therefore, I am not able to attend your class in person. I am happy beyond words!!! Thank you thank you. Your knowledge for fitting a sweater correctly and many other tips made me so envious of those people able to take the class in person. Now I can do it over the internet!!! Thank you again.

  27. Mister Knitspot, keep on with the guest blogging! I’m looking forward to your report on the remodel. And I’m also looking forward to the new Craftsy class!

  28. I’m excited about the possible Craftsy class, but am most curious to see the renovation update, having redone my own kitchen not too long ago. Welcome back, Mister Knitspot!

  29. Great post! And a chance to win a class too. I stumbled into Anne’s free class on grafting this morning. She’s a great teacher.

  30. I’ve already started Anne’s new sweater fitness class after finishing my Highlander (14 months on the needles) and I’ve cast on for another Ivar with the gorgeous Tayet from Spirit Trail but I’m really looking forward to starting the Triticum as soon as I can get more Tayet mid-month! Thanks for all the gorgeous pictures…you make it hard to settle down to just one “next” sweater!

  31. David, you did a great job as guest blogger. I love the Triticum Cardigan. Anne’s Craftsy classes are very informative.

  32. A great post. They are all beautiful sweaters, Anne really finishes them well. I love reading about your renovations.

  33. I’m happy to be able to learn from Anne’s class, but I’m even MORE happy that there are so many comments for David! Can’t wait to read about the renovations, please! 🙂

  34. I can’t wait for this new sweater class. I’ve enjoyed all the other craftsy classes by Anne. Thanks for this post and would love a post about the reno. I’m sure you are both enjoying the ” new home”.

  35. Nice guest post! What lovely sweaters. I look forward to this class as it is just where I want to go in my knitting next. The texture of the Mayan Puzzle jacket or the Misters appeal to me. I made a Roger That blanket and really enjoyed that texture which kept me amused but wasn’t too much effort for the end of a day. Good luck on your first sweater!

  36. Ha! Stating you feel underappreciated is all it takes for us to shower you with appreciation! Rest assured you ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED!! All would not run well without you. That said, your blog showcased some lovely sweaters. I may have to break down and finally knit one! I’m more of an accessory gal. Looking forward to hearing more about your renovation.

  37. It’s great to hear from you Mr. Knitspot on the blog, love to read your perspective! I am excited to see a couple of these sweaters at the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival. I’m sure I will be knitting a few of them, and a sweater for my DH too! Looking forward to Anne’s new class. 🙂

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