knitspot ALL-stars!

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you guys ROCK!!
by sunday afternoon, i was hoping that maaaybe, just maybe, we could all make a combined gift of $500+ dollars to the Bike RIde for MS.
and we DID IT!!! whooopee!
thank you one and all; this was the best Father’s Day season i’ve had in the last couple of years.
here’s the rundown: 18 knitspot readers gave a combined contribution of $382++++ (one plus for each undisclosed donation). that made my own matching gift $180, and i rounded it up to $200, in case anyone’s entry came in at a really late hour.
(yes, the glass is half-full; what are you looking at??)

so now, here’s the part you’ve all been waiting for—but don’t forget—the prizes don’t end here. there’s WAY more swag at claudia’s blog later today!

i put all the names into a (felted, of course) hat, and had david do the honors.
the first skein of Briar Rose “grandma’s blessing” sock yarn goes to

Erica L.! YAY! and the second prize, another skein of this amazing yarn, goes to

Karen K.! double YAY!
i will email each of you to ask for your street address, so that chris (at Briar Rose) can send your yarn out!
congratulations to the two lucky duckies, and to all the winners who participated.
many, many, MANY, thanks!
and don’t forget to mosey over to claudia’s blog later today to see who won what over there!

3 thoughts on “knitspot ALL-stars!

  1. Way to go Anne, this is just so unbelievable. I think everyone should give Anne some major Kudos for trying so hard to raise money and then MATCHING it for such a note-worthy cause. Thank you Anne. Now, on another note…you all should REALLY check out her pattern catalog, you’ll go NUTS over it. She’ll be modest about it, but I sure won’t. Those Lion Mitts are the BOMB and they are SUPER easy. If you have and obsession(not that I would know about that heehee) with felted purses, I swear, you are just gonna drool over these, they are sooo cool The bubble bag is AWSOME and GORGEOUS! Ok, I just had to let ya’ll know this, I am off to work on the socks, from Anne’s patterns none the less!!

  2. I noticed your comment on the Dances with Wool blog that said you’re trying to find the Three corner & long shawl book. I found it at Schoolhouse Press, complete with translation (which made me very happy!). I wasn’t sure if Lene was able to answer you (or would know where to get it in the US) so just thought I would try to help out. My LYS ordered it for me so I’m hoping to get it soon!

    Toni K

  3. Geez, I stop reading blogs for a week or so, and I miss all the contest fun. Oh well, I did actually contribute to Claudia’s fund a while ago, so I didn’t completely miss the boat. Congrats on raising all that money.

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