Pairings Club Signups Now Open

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Signups are now open for Pairings Club. In this club we will combine yarns, patterns, recipes and drink for a multi-sensorial experience. A skein of Bare Naked Wools (undyed) and a skein of hand dyed yarn to create beautiful accessory patterns that use color techniques from stranded to color blocking. On the food end, chef Katharine Wainwright will provide some wonderful recipes to accompany the knitting projects. More details about the Pairings Club here. Wish I could join, presently continuing work on Blanket Club and my skill level is not adequate to allow me to participate. However, the recipes I might attempt.


Been considering another knitting project, perhaps a skirt. Have always been intrigued by the idea of men in skirts. After all, men were wearing skirts before pants. I recall in the nineties, that Gaultier created an entire collection of men skirts, it was absolutely brilliant. In the past considered a kilt, but this seems somewhat typical, a safe choice if you will. The last few years have seen a resurgence of men in skirts, perhaps even a trend. Anne’s Interlaken skirt is presently at the top of my list, may have go at this.


Landscape fabric now in place for new tomato bed.


Same tomato bed, different perspective.


Again, new tomato bed, moving dirt to create mounds.

Have begun re-creating the mounds for the vegetable garden, the new tomato bed is coming along rather nicely. Hoping to have mounds sorted by weeks end, but probably next week is more likely. This year will share the garden offerings with Bil and his partner, glad we were able to expand garden. I do love that adage, “if you have enough, you have enough to share” – hopefully the garden will be bountiful this year. Nearly ready to sow peas and potatoes, surely by the end of the week, hopefully sooner. We picked up seed potatoes last week and we have pea seeds. Just had quick glance at weather forecast, potentially a rainy week, may hamper efforts a bit, but will be great for newly planted seeds.


Potato bed nearly ready for potato seeds.


Same potato bed, note dirt in background awaiting mound formation.

8 thoughts on “Pairings Club Signups Now Open

  1. The garden prep is very impressive…you should get a good yield for all your efforts.

    Signed up and excited for the Pairings Club!

  2. Your garden space is looking good! My peas are already done, and I pulled up the plants this weekend – it’s already too hot here in South Texas. I still have lots of kale, chard, and beets though, and soon there will be tomatoes, cucumbers, and beans.

    Looking forward to the Pairings Club – I couldn’t resist this one and signed up as soon as I could.

  3. I have only seen a handful of men in skirts here in Minneapolis, and truthfully, they looked… cold. Hadn’t figured out the bare legs in the late winter wind part yet. Neither have I, and I am almost 70. You have to think through the whole thing before you undertake the knitting.

    But really, I want to know about the cardboard: does it kill the existing weeds (and specifically, a “field” of mint), do you plant seeds in the mound above it or established plants? Do long roots grow through it? I am intrigued; I have used newspaper this way, but it dissolves before summers end. I will follow this closely.

  4. Get those peas in the ground pronto. My experience (admittedly in New England) has been the earlier you get them in the ground, the better they bear. And the amount of work you’re putting into the garden is amazing!

  5. Your garden is awesome! It looks like you have a lot of space? Skirts? Not so sure. I am old enough to remember the battle to allow women to wear pant suits to the office. We were so glad to abandon skirts!

  6. The new club sounds like it will be wonderful. I’d love to see an aerial shot of your garden – is it more out the front of your house rather than at the back?

  7. David!! Let’s do Interlaken together!! I love how that photo you posted has the model wearing some short leggings underneath. I think you could totally pull that off. You know what they say, “whatever blows your skirt up!!”

  8. My son has worn a male skirt over black pants, leather jacket, and boots. It was black as well, knee length, and open on the sides. Not much reaction from the public in NYC but one older woman in a museum looked astonished. My other son was dressed in North Face—as the saying goes, variety is the spice of life!

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