i have a headache, dear

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i do. i won’t go on and on about it. i can’t, anyway.

i did manage to get most of nautie’s friend completed before it hit. they are so cute together!

this morning i finished that up, took a few snaps, and put them in a box to go off to their new home. maybe we’ll see a picture of them there, once they get settled. these were SO fun to make; i highly recommend them (or some other completely useless, playful knitting project).

and we had heat thunder all last night, but no cacophonous storm. drat.
i was convinced that huge thunderclaps, the smell of electricity, and the sound of torrential rains would lift this weight off my head, but that didn’t happen.

i worked a bit on my skirt, which is going well, but i couldn’t really concentrate.

see? it’s fine . . . just sitting there being a partially-started skirt.

i finally settled on spinning and listening to a book, and this kept me happily occupied for hours last evening. i found some falkland roving that i had used to mop up the last remaining bits of color from one of my dyeing sessions last winter. that sounds awful, but it resulted in a pale mauve of a sea-glass quality that i liked, but hadn’t been sure what to spin it up for.

i think it’s just what i need to set off the silk i’ve been working with. the falkland is spinning up
nice and fine, and the color is slightly more intense in the singles, but not overpowering at all
(i had also initially pictured a green of this same tone, but decided, mostly out of laziness, to use what i had).

i can picture the silk wrapping around the transluscent wool. this wool washes up nice and lofty, with a lot of poof. i’m hoping therefore, that it will allow light to pass through which will illuminate the silk. and since the silk will maintain its color sequence, it should show a nice, soft transition from one color to the next when knitted up.

that’s my vision anyway! can my hands live up to it? we shall see!

11 thoughts on “i have a headache, dear

  1. Those Nauties are SO CUTE! I have a dear friend with a cephalopod fixation, and she’s definitely getting one or more of these for Xmas.

    I love that soft rose-quartzy roving–talk about serendipity! It’s too funny how you arrived at that color. What a stroke of luck!

  2. OMG my kids are FLIPPING over those toys….they are BEGGING me to make them….UGH, thanks Anne hahahaha. I am sending you no migraine vibes! I’ll even be short with any emails to help out!

  3. Sorry bout the headache… Tell you what for once I won’t be a headache then maybe you like will feel a bit better…. Love the lil guys their great… Ohhhhh the spinning has me drooling as we speak

  4. Don’t you hate when you’re working on something nautie and you get a headache? LOL

    Seriously feel better soon, and your work as always is cute and beautiful.

  5. Love your nauties. They are so cute! Now I have to make one or two…. Your spinning is great too – so lush!
    Hope the headache clears up and lets you get on with life!

  6. Hope the headache goes and you get rested. Love the colour of your skirt. Do you publish patterns or have I missed something?

  7. It’s got to cool down with you soon, Anne. It’s still heavy even here in Ireland (I know, I know, our top temperatures are probably your winter ones, but it’s what we’re used to that counts.) Love the spinning and the idea of plying the silk with the wool.


  8. Hehehe… you’ve got the nautie bug. The roving in this and later post is just beautiful; I know nothing about spinning but could read you talk about it all day 🙂


    MY NAUTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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