pea vines

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trying to put a last little bit of summer into a jar to savor through the fall? this might be just the project to do that for you. a pretty tangle of pea vines twines around the hem of this fingering weight shawlette, into a charming trellis of crossed twigs that travels to the neck. knit in a light bamboo/merino blend, this piece traverses the seasons with the grace of a beautifully turned leaf. a little more challenging to knit than some, but like a good garden, very worth the effort.

and if a triangle isn’t quite to your fancy, hold onto your hat—we have a rectangle version forthcoming . . . . in a week or so, i think.

shown above, the petite size in woolen rabbit pandora, a bamboo/merino fingering yarn, in colorway spring garden.

accented here with a spritely leaf brooch, purchased from perl (omigosh when you click on that second link, they have yet another new offering not to be missed)

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

kim’s bamboo/merino pandora yarn is just delightful to knit with, but the best part of this project was being able to collaborate with my wonderful friend once again. we just love “cooking” together and—i think—our enjoyment in these joint projects shines through in the result. kim is expanding her yarn selections in all sorts of directions lately—you should take a trip to her online shop to see!

as with every even slightly complex project, we rely on our trusty test knitters to help us make sure that everything about the pattern works as it should. MANY thanks to phoebe, kim, jocelyn, robin (sorry, i can’t find a link!), and tana for all the expert care they take when knitting for us.

and last but not least, thank you to dear david for getting up extra early and taking a field trip to capture another set of beautiful photos; they are lovely. david has posted a very short film ditty of pea vines the the farmers market; you can find it here.

32 thoughts on “pea vines

  1. This is absolutely beautiful – generally I prefer rectangles but this could tempt me – or I’ll just be patient and wait! I should really finish the sample from your advanced lace class at Knitnation first. Hope you’ll be there again next year.

  2. Pea Vines is so lovely, but now I’m going to wait to see the rectangle version.

    Which shawl are you wearing in your photo in Brave New Knits? Delightful book, nice cowl pattern from you. I saw it and grabbed the only copy at the bookstore where my knitting group meets. Think everyone else ordered it when they got home.

  3. you and David make such a great combination! such a beautiful set of photos…. and shawl looks pretty darn good too. cant wait to see the rectangular version.
    did anyone test knit in a slighty heavier yarn?

  4. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! On my needles next (well, I promised myself a few presents for others first! lol. Them MEEEE Squeee!!

  5. Wow, the temptation never ends! Love the video too. Looking forward to seeing the rectangle version (see, you shouldn’t have told us that – now we will all be waiting). I wonder if beads can be substituted for the nupps?

  6. Very pretty shawl!! And the yarn you used suits the theme perfectly.

    Kudos to your excellent photographer also, as usual he’s done an excellent job.

  7. OMG! Those pea vines are just gorgeous. And the photos, as usual, are lovely. I just can’t keep up with all your incredible designs. Thank you.

  8. mmmm gorgeous. and why not both a rectangle and a triangle. this glorious patterns merits both!

  9. O.M.G. this is GORGEOUS. And I swear, Anne, you look younger in every photo shoot. You really show off your work.

    I want both the triangle and rectangle versions of Pea Vines. And with all of the links you provided, I’m off to do some shopping too. Shhh…don’t tell anyone.

    David is a dear : ) Great, great pictures.

    Happy Labor Day to you both.

  10. Another stunning pattern Anne, I think this will have to jump to the top of my queue. And don’t tell anyone but I had to buy that oak leaf brooch, it just jumped into my shopping cart. Shhh….

  11. Egads, that is gorgeous! Your opening line reminds me of a Greg Brown song where he’s singing “taste a little bit of summer….my grandma put it all in a jar.” Love that song. REALLY love that shawl, though…

  12. Beautiful as usual. so pretty. I need to quit work so I can stay home and knit all the beautiful knit spot shawls I want to knit. Truly gorgeous. A look forward to seeing the rectangle too.

  13. This design has motion, and that always separates the true artist from the pack in any medium.

    Very nice job, and kudos to your yarn connection on this one too.

  14. So Pretty! That’s probably the most beautiful triangular shawlette I’ve seen. And I think I even have the perfect yarn for it in my stash….

    Love your designs – keep them coming! (so that I can keep buying them;-)

  15. another lovely shawl! if i wasn’t overwhelmed by wips right now, i would be surveying my stash for the right yarn. i love that you took the pictures at the farmer’s market, too. very appropriate!

  16. Just beautiful, but until I am able to conquer ‘nupps’, I will just have to be satisfied to admire from afar. Your work is always gorgeous!

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