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well, it couldn’t last forever—after an absolutely balmy friday, with highs in the 70s, saturday dawned snowy and frosty with temperatures in the 20s and 30s. bummer.


but a good day to stay inside and do some preliminary prep for thanksgiving.


my assignment was to bring greens, a butternut squash side dish, and to help my mom get dinner on the table.


i also needed to bake for a neighborhood fundraiser, so i offered these gluten free oatmeal chocolate chips—and doubled the batch because this is david’s favorite cookie and i wanted to keep a few at home for him.


and i customized just a few for myself—i don’t like chocolate in my oatmeal cookies, but i love dried fruit.


while it was a challenge to keep the greens from freezing on their stalks over the weekend, with creative covers we managed to pull it off and on monday afternoon i picked a HUGE basket of kale, collards, and chard to bring on our trip. some for us and some for our cousins.


then early on tuesday morning, we were off, heading to albany from ohio, about an eight hour trip, depending on the weather. the skies were dramatically ominous but thankfully we did not run into “the big storm”—either it hit before we got to upstate NY or just after.


my travel knitting was a pleasantly mindless new project that i threw on the needles very late the night before (doesn’t everyone design a new sweater just as they are walking out the door??). if one thing has become clear over the last week, it’s that i am going to need some big, warm sweaters this year—i just cannot get warm, no matter what  i do. more on this as it develops.


yesterday we kind of relaxed, doing some last minute grocery errands, getting some exercise, and stopping in to drop off greens with my mom’s cousin and have a little visit.

then early to bed (for us) because i had to get up early


to participate in the 100th troy turkey trot to benefit the capital area food bank. what a crowd! over 7000 runners, most of them in the second race (i ran the 10K race, which was up first).


it was much more fun and less slippery than the last time i ran it two years ago, when it snowed fourteen inches the night before! i don’t know if you can see it but one guy ran with a full-sized turkey on his head!


i am always in awe of the volunteers at these cold weather events it’s great enough that people volunteer at races when the weather is nice but when it’s a windy 28 degrees?? that’a special. thank you to all who do this!!


now here’s something you don’t see at many running events—tailgaters! maybe because it’s thanksgiving, or maybe just because they do things differently in troy, there was a whole section on the outer couple of miles with grills and table set up for a sideline buffet. how awesome is that?


and then there were these guys, who were just tailgating bloody mary, haha. i told them they were getting blogged and i hope they were supposed to be doing last minute errands, haha.


i did pretty well, considering i did not train for this one and have not been running as much as i’m used to. but now that all the fall busy-ness is done, i should be able to get back to that (i like cold weather running).


as soon as we arrived back home we shifted gears and got our dinner underway. my mom ordered a precooked turkey so that just needed to brown in the oven for a few hours, but a bevy of vegetables dishes needed to be pulled together.


chard was sautéed, stuffing was baked, broccoli cooked.


during a short break in the cooking we set the table with my mom’s good china, which almost seventy years old and still gorgeous (and every piece intact).

i see mister knitspot is already sitting at the table as it fills up with dishes. time for me to go and enjoy our feast. a very happy thanksgiving to each of you and yours; stay warm, share happiness, and give thanks.

i know i am very grateful that you are in my life.


12 thoughts on “gobble gobble

  1. Likewise. Reading your blog is always interesting, and I also have met you personally and taken a class from you — what a kind and knowledgeable person you are. Thank you for our connection —

  2. I prefer oatmeal raisin/craisin too if I have a choice, so good! I’m guilty of eating those as my breakfast (this goes for any baked goods such as pie, banana bread, corn muffins etc)

  3. It all looks delightful…intrigued by the squash slices with sage…looks yummy! Thank you for sharing …hope you have a relaxing visit.

  4. I hope you, David and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I’ll bet the run set you up for a good meal. It’s a day especially to cherish our friendships, and my knitspot connections are treasured.

  5. Hi Anne!

    I’m sure you probably know this, but feeling cold all the time could be a symptom of low thyroid. Lots of women have low thyroid and don’t know it. It can cause other problems, as well, like hair falling out, hoarseness, dry skin, fatigue, forgetfulness, and constipation. It’s simple to diagnose with a TSH blood test, and easily treated with thyroid hormones.

    My PSA for today.

  6. I am so with you–no chocolate with my oatmeal cookies! So glad that your drive was uneventful since the weather report (here in Colorado) talked about a huge storm right where you were going–I immediately decided to worry about you and Mr. Knitspot. Your Thanksgiving feast looked wonderful!

  7. Our contribution to the feast was a butternut squash dish too! My husband, who’s the cook here, roasted squash (from our garden), carrots and beets mixed with a sauce of apricots, pecans and curry. Delicious!
    It was a beautiful day with good food and a loving family. Couldn’t ask for more!

  8. When I was completely though menopause, I suddenly went fro warm all the time to cold all the time all winter. I didnt even own a warm coat…and I live in Minnesota! And that was it, now I am a cold person, and I am apt to have three pieces of knitwear on at a time from November to April. The upside is that I tolerate really high heat easily. (And yes, I had my thyroid checked…my husband is an endocrinologist.) Is good for us though: more sweater patterns. I love this swatch!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving to you and David! So thankful for you two as my friends, and as my favorite designer!

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