Countdown to Ensemble!

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Every new year needs new patterns, inspiration, and ideas, and at Knitspot, we’re sure to provide them. We have planned so much for you this year, starting with a very exciting launch: Ensemble 2017 will come out this month. Ensemble, for those of you who are newer followers, is a collection of individual patterns from amazing designers, all knit in beautiful Bare Naked Wools yarns. This year, we’re launching some of the patterns with the main group, and then adding a bonus pattern (or two) along the way.

We thought it might be even more fun to lead up to the launch with some little hints and sneak peeks at our Lookbook, probably one of our favorite parts of each Ensemble cycle. The Lookbook showcases the patterns so that you can flip through and decide what you’d like to cast on first (the best part of knitting outside of wearing a finished project!)

Keep an eye on this space, but also on our Facebook, Ravelry, and Instagram presences so that you’ll get to view all these surprises as they pop up throughout the next few weeks.


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  1. Thanks for the link to your Instagram account. (The link in the previous post just goes to the knitspot homepage.) I thought you all would be entertained to find that my work blocks your insta-feed because it’s “Adult content” and contains nudity! I guess I’ll watch your progress on my phone. 🙂

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