the moth of the lanterne rouge

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you have to go look at this; it’s cheryl’s moth shawl and it is just exquisite. sigh.
(i’m no fool—that’s all i’m saying)

i don’t know what happened to the last few days—i know i’ve been busy, and i know i’ve been knitting, but i am having trouble coming up with the goods. that is, i don’t seem to have much that is picture-worthy. i mean, i DON’T have a gorgeous, deep aubergine, alpaca-silk shawl to show for myself like some people . . .

if i root around a bit, i’m sure i could show you progress on the starlight evening wrap. it IS a pretty piece and i love it, but it hardly loooks different than the last time i showed it. it’s longer, but not long enough to start the deep edge banding or even to play dress-up with. same with the man lace—we continue to love, love, LOVE it, but do we really want to see every inch of progress?? i think not.

ooh-ooh, i know!—socks. heh. i know, i know—why am i getting excited?
cuz they are pretty, that’s why! the waterfallSox are knitting up so fast i am surprising myself. i guess that’s the kind of pace one can set, when one doesn’t have 4 or 5 socks on the needles all at one time . . .

true, the yarn is a little heavier than some of the commercial yarn i’ve been using and that makes a difference, too. plus, they are so attractive—really nice, so that’s keeps me working at a good pace. mainly though, it’s because i only really have this pair and one other pair on the burner right now.

that said, i DO get an itch to start something with a new yarn every few days, so out comes this j Knits sock yarn again for a second try.

i started a sock in it a few months ago that was too big and too . . . yawn . . . indifferent a project for me. but i am determined it will become socks for someone specific, sooo . . . i am going to try again. this time i have an even better idea and it involves toe-up construction. didn’t know i knew how, didja? yeah, i do, even though it’s NOT my favorite method. nuthin personal, just not my favorite.

i spent a huge amount of time on the casino shawl pattern in the last couple of days, and got that all into a good draft to pass off for test knitting. i started another one of the casinoMinis last night to test it again for myself (i just can’t help it . . .).

this one is in some leftover sock yarn from years ago, the kind that made me give up knitting with commercial sock yarn for so long! but it IS a pretty color, and it will be fine for this test knit. in fact, it will probably finally have its moment in the sun.

i’m excited about the casino pattern—it’s really close to being ready for sale!

14 thoughts on “the moth of the lanterne rouge

  1. Oooh. Waterfall’s looking spiffy (and almost done!)

    Toe-up… ugh. It just feels so unnatural to me! And yet some people knit toe-up exclusively. Takes all kinds, I guess.

  2. Well,
    I am the fortunate woman who got to see your work firsthand. I stopped by the shop last night and OH MY! OH MY!!
    Everyone, if you think the photos are lovely you should see the actual knitted pieces! The yarn is lovely,the work is lovely and Anne is lovely. This woman knits like a fiend and is so accomplished, she signed autographs without dropping a stitch..LOL.

    I will admit I have always been an Anne Fan..but now I want to knit every pattern she writes.

    Thanks ,Anne!


  3. *passing Linda some pom-poms* I agree 100% Linda…Believe you me, I am about up to HERE with other peoples paterns not being good or right. I have NEVER gotten a pattern of Anne’s that isn’t TOP NOTCH let alone GORGEOUS results. I am a HUGE Anne fan….she is not only talented BUT also a truly genuine person who cares about others knitting and adores seeing others creations as much as she does her own!!! Anne rocks….I’m just sayin’!!! rah-rah !!!

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