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ahh, sock camp, where we don’t sleep in tents or bunks and we don’t knit socks (we DO do scavenger hunts and crafts, however). we do camp right around here—silk, cloth napkins, afternoon tea . . .

ok and maybe funny hats, too, heh.
we have had quite the fiber adventure this year, with special guest anna zilboorg in the house to bring a new twist to camp events, starting with spinning on day 1.

when she introduced newbies to wheel spinning with silk hankies.
debbi handled those who wanted to try their hands at spindling

while steph spoke and demonstrated the many wonders and uses of silk fiber for spinning and knitting.

it was at the end of that first afternoon that we all dissolved into fits of laughter as we watched each other take on a completely different spinning activity—hula hooping. i turned out to be pretty good at this for a rookie, but no match at all for JC briar, who has the pants to prove it (and that’s enough said about THAT).

my camp class this year is about lace (surPRISE!)

so each day i meet with one of the tribes to talk about identifying lace fabric, how to make it, and to work through a small in-class project of lace cuffs worked in the round. i think everyone enjoyed this year’s class a lot; we got to try yarns that we might not otherwise have tried (these being dedicated sock knitters), on needles we don’t often use, in colors that were left completely to chance—always a good recipe for pleasant surprises.

the afternoon and evening activities keep us all together, but not necessarily busy, so i’m getting lots of good knitting time, too. sorry to say, not on socks this year, but plenty on other projects.

i have one sleeve nearly completed on my cable and rib cardigan (same pattern as david’s christmas sweater). i’m using woolen rabbit grace in colorway scottish heather for this one and i couldn’t be happier—just look at that stitch definition. i can’t wait to have this one ready to wear (though it may have to wait til next fall for a serious outing). barb is busy back home knitting the pullover version in briar rose fourth of july, too.

the weather here is cold and miserable this week, unfortunately, but that has been inspiring for my sweater knitting, haha.

i have this little boy’s whitfield shorty almost halfway done now, can you believe it? once again i’m working with beautiful woolen rabbit yarn, this time it’s the frolic superwash worsted in colorway jungle book. SO cute; everyone here is drooling over both sweaters.

that is two sleeves and a front piece;. i think i have enough yarn to knit a back piece, but i may just need for david to bring more yarn to our meetup next weekend in dallas. as steph would say, i actually think i am underyarned on this trip.

i tried to be judicious about the amount of knitting i brought, based on all i did NOT get done on my last trip. but as luck would have it, i am plowing through what i brought (two sweaters, a secret project, a scarf, a neckwarmer, and probably something else, but i can’t remember). so far, i have finished the scarf and neckwarmer and half a sweater, plus half the secret project, PLUS the sleeve of my cardi.

in my excitement over finishing my scarf (which was just a little more than half done when i left home), i thought it would be really fun to block it as a group activity this evening, but when i ran that by the group, i got a very mixed response, so maybe not?

i may try to do that myself in dallas though, so i can get some nice modeling shots.

same for this neckwarmer; it’s all done except for a nice bath and blocking; karolyn even helped my pick out some very pretty buttons at churchmouse yarns that other day. but i have yet to soak it; hopefully, i’ll feel more like doing that in dallas, when i have a bit of free time in my room.

and that’s not all the knitting i’ve done, either—we had a wonderful class with anna zilboorg the other day, where we knit a sock from her favorite method, free sole knitting.

it’s the coolest thing—you start at the toe with a little knitted band of 4 sts and work a short row toe box on top. then you knit straight up to the ankle

next, go back to the toe and knit the bottom half in the same manner, this time creating a gusset when you get close to the heel

then you work the heel turn and the heel flap

join it all up afterward to form a leg and knit till it’s high enough to meet your requirements—voila

very cute, right?

another camp project we’ve all been knitting on is this baby blanket for a special wee bairn know to the resort community. every chance we get, a group of us picks up the blanket project to work a few rows (there are also pairs of booties and hats going around the room)

that photo was taken on the first evening when the blanket was just a small thing and the next photo was from after lunch the next day (i think?).

this is a really, really fun project to work on in a small group; it feels so nice and close to take part. it works best if everyone seated knits at about the same pace, but it doesn’t get wrecked or anything if that’s not the case.

you can see how nicely it’s growing there . . . but if you really want to see something cool, check out the movie clip i uploaded to youTube on the knitspot channel—it’s way more interesting to see it in action.

today is the last day, sadly, so it was a quiet afternoon of paper crafts and group chat

i made a few buttons to bring to my littlest niece and nephews when i visit them in austin in a week or so (i can’t wait!).

tomorrow i’m traveling to dallas and will be back the next day with more news; possibly tomorrow night if i can. i have a couple of good news items you’ll want to see, but i need to run now for a very important date.

19 thoughts on “camp is not just for kids

  1. If you do get your scarf blocked, Grapevine Botantical Gardens (since you’ll be in the neighborhood) is beautiful right now for FO pics 🙂

  2. I love the pictures from camp and I’m going to seriously look into going next year BUT . . . I squealed with excitement when I saw the reference to the cable and rib cardigan! My father-in-law has been bugging me for that sweater (he doesn’t get the whole design process) and I can’t wait to knit it. I love the yarn you’re using! The tough part will be deciding between the cardigan or the pullover 🙂

  3. I am so glad you took the time to post. It’s so much fun to see the festivities for those of us who couldn’t go. I hope there is another camp.

  4. You all look like you had loads of fun! I’d like to have a rummage through that mountain of silk hankies! I hope that David manages to bring you the yarn you need – nothing worse than worrying about running short! I am intrigued as to how that blanket works, so am off to the Knitspot channel to find out! Happy days!

  5. Oooh, so many projects. I almost did a little hyperventilating. That scarf is seriously beautiful. Ditto the neck warmer. Must have both. And I know a grown son who would love that sweater.

    Very interesting video. I’ve never seen anything like that. Way cool. Thank you, Anne for sharing your camp adventures with us.

  6. Don’t you just love those Hankies. I ordered some earlier this winter. Maybe for a nice set of fingerless mitts from my favorite designer AH :). I’m always amazed at how some knitters ie Anna Zillborg can think so creatively.

  7. Looks like loads of fun, and that free sole knitting technique is intriguing. The scarf looks absolutely beautiful – if you have time to block it and for modeling shots in the Dallas area, you might consider the Mustangs of Las Colinas as a backdrop. Very dynamic horse sculptures – an entire herd of them – posed as if they’re crossing a river. It’s in Irving, between Dallas and Fort Worth. Unfortunately, I don’t think there will be many bluebonnets left in the area; they always make a nice backdrop for photos as well.

  8. I’m leaving for Dallas/Fort Worth tomorrow, which is Wednesday. 🙂 And I will see you there in class on Thursday evening! I’m really looking forward to it…even bringing a friend! Travel safely and enjoy our lovely spring weather.

  9. I love my lace cuffs. I’ve already gotten a few compliments at work this morning on them. It was a wonderful class. I can’t wait to make more. I see Christmas gifts in the future.

    Thank you Anne!

  10. Hurray for camp! I’m glad you got the video to work on your camera. It really is impressive to see the blanket knitting in action.

  11. Loved seeing pics and reading about the sock camp! What fun! Looking to meeting you in Dallas! I will be the one with the big smile!

  12. Hello Anne!
    I missed seeing you at Sock Camp this year . . . . . it sounds like it was tons of fun. However, YOU are a ROCKSTAR!!! Wow . . . you completed a ton of projects while teaching and being a camper 🙂 Debbi told me you will be at A Verb after Sock Summit! OOOOHHHHH I wish I could be there . . . you, Kristine and Adrienne, A Verb . . . . . . knitterly wonderfulness! Love your photos, writing and patterns . . . . . .

  13. Your photos made me smile, remembering all the fun I had at camp. It was so great to spend time with you and your class was terrific. My mitts are almost finished–reality hit hard when I got home and I haven’t had much knitting time. I hope you enjoy your family/rest time in Texas!

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