contest? what contest??

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yesterday we had SUCH fun classes! it was so good to have everyone back after the holidays. in the afternoon class we talked a lot about books we are reading, or want to read, and i came home with a nice list of things to look for.

everyone is starting the new year with fresh projects, and fresh enthusiasm. the days are getting a little longer, and colder—we even had a smattering of snow in the last couple of days. i worked on the alpaca mitt i started a few days back and got that almost finished—it just needs a thumb.

this is the cloverleaf lace mitt, with a few tweaks that change it a bit from the black pair i made. i liked the 2-by-2 rib of the original a wee bit better, but this rib lines up with the lace pattern, so this is what i used in the instructions. the alpaca is silken and soft—mmm.
and i used the wrong needle size—can you believe that?? in my own pattern, i used the wrong needle size. i didn’t even realize it til after i got home and started the mate to it. even when i tried it on and it felt quite noticeably smaller, i did not think about that. but it gives you an idea of what i looks like done a little bit tighter.

when i came home i finished off the blue mitts and named them

delicato! at some point (not now though) i will knit them in a solid color to see how they look that way. this pair will go to my niece along with this hat

i’m sure she will enjoy playing around with these. she loves “fancy” things

speaking of fancy, i got some really, REALLY pretty stitch markers the other day.
a pattern customer, CG4, wrote with a question, and included a photo of what she was working on. i got completely distracted by the beautiful stitch markers she was using and asked her about them. when she told me she makes them, i ordered a set, and within a few days, they arrived

go look at her work here—she loves making and selling these, and says she doesn’t have anyone to make them for. each set is made to order, and she’s fast, so if you need a quick gift, go see her. i think they would make great pins too—i’m going to try using mine with a shawl clasp, maybe.

oh, and i DID answer her question too, once i pulled myself together . . .

i have two new patterns to offer today, and no other new knitting, but tonight i am back to business on the sweater, and the starlight evening wrap (i didn’t forget, i’m just trying to catch up).

i know a lot of people are waiting for the smoke socks pattern, too. and, well, deb asked me if we could get together and have a little fun with that one. she proposed having some prize-winning on this here blog and i jumped, because, after all, who doesn’t love a little fun and prizes??

though i can hardly believe it’s that time again already, i have a blogiversary (sp??) AND a birthday coming up soon—i gave myself my blog for my birthday last year.

sooo, here’s what we’re gonna do: we’re going to celebrate with a drawing for pattern and yarn. as soon as i settle the details with deb, i’ll let you know. i’m not sure how many winners yet, but we’ll try to make it a real party!

in the meantime, you can start entering by emailing me at contestATknitspotDOTcom —be sure to remove the “AND” and “DOT” and replace with symbols.

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  1. count me in on the contest. I LOVE the lacy mitts that look cabled! they are next on my list.

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