crooked walking shawl

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when i designed this shawl, i was aiming to create a victorian piece of the everyday variety—a bit decorative, but not too; simple, but dramatic, open enough to create a pattern against the fabric underneath, but sturdy and warm as well.

the result is this sweet little shoulder shawl with shaped garter yoke and neckline, defined by a tiny standup collar. the cozy shoulder area is shaped to fit all the way around and can be pinned closed at the neck. the center front edges are defined by a pretty vertical edging along their length.

the solid warmth of garter stitch gives way to a striking zigzag pattern in the hem section to lighten the effect and add a little swing to keep things from getting mundane.

and the sizing can be applied in a variety of ways—combine the smaller size shoulders with the medium or tall hem if you like or vice versa; the various options all work together and can be tailored to your taste or yarn supply.

this piece is a good wrapper too, if you prefer to bring it up around the neck as a scarf—there is plenty of width to work with here.

shown here: size small yoke with the medium length hem, in great northern yarns mink/milk/baby merino blend, in colorway heathered merlot. this is the loveliest knitting yarn; i enjoyed working with it so much that i was sad to bind off at the end.

the pewter leaf pin shown with the shawl was purchased at perl grey. and oh my, they have a new dragon pin, too . . .

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

most of you know that i’ve been a champion of craig’s beautiful and animal friendly mink blend yarns since he first popped onto my radar last year. and with good reason—they are not just spun of unusual and rare fibers, but beautifully engineered to provide years of luxurious beauty. and craig works hard to offer them at a price point and yardage that make it possible for everyone to enjoy knitting with them. he’s a big supporter of independent designers too; how can we not love that? please check out all of craig’s delicious yarns in the great northern yarns online shop.

i am very grateful for the efforts of our test knitters karolyn and phoebe, who are always at the ready to try out a new pattern, even before we’ve sussed out all the mistakes. thank you so much you two!

BTW, karloyn knit her shawlette in spirit trail nona colorway raven’s wing—one skein will make the petite size shawl. i got to feel it in person when we visited—let’s just say that karolyn kept a very close eye on that thing while it was in my hands! i cna seriously vouch for jen’s yarns too; they are awesome.

and thank you once again to my friend helena, who modeled the shawl for us. this time we had a chance to get outside and include some of her animals in the photos, like shirley

who was very curious about the camera

and needed to make sure it wasn’t a threat to her mistress

then there were the chickens, who wanted to be wherever we were, but at a distance

checking us out the whole time, but pretending not to, haha.

it was a beautiful, fun, if slightly chilly day at the farm.

39 thoughts on “crooked walking shawl

  1. Well, it’s lovely, as always! But I especially like the first photo, showing the “crooked” lace pattern with the crooked tines of whatever piece of farm machinery that is! I’m sure that was intentional, and it’s brilliant!

  2. Anne, you were right – the photos of Helena are stunning – she’s the perfect model for this one! Love the styling with the high-collared blouse, too – modern and traditional at the same time 🙂 Totally making this one!

  3. I have found the pattern for my first Anne Hanson knit; this is gorgeous! And I have a blouse with a collar similar to that worn by the mode, which means that I know exactly how I will wear this when complete.

    Thanks you for the incredible knitting inspiration, Anne!

  4. Another beauty! I am very fond of the sawtooth edging, which was one of my favorite things about your Palimpsest pattern. Looks complex but isn’t and such a pretty finish, but done as you go, so no having to add a border after the fact. 🙂

  5. Helena is a natural, Anne. Very beautiful and at ease in front of the camera. Beautiful photos for the release. And stunning pattern. I’m off to buy it and although I said I would not cast on anything else until I got something off of the needles, this one might just do it for me.

    Thank you for another beautiful pattern and post.

  6. I can only echo what others have already written – absolutely stunning photography and genius styling. Helena looks like she could have stepped out of a Thomas Hardy book. And I’m another big fan of Craig’s yarns – I have some yak on its way to me! Oh yes, the shawl is lovely too – I quite like the geometric look for a change. Thank you Anne.

  7. Sigh, another must-have pattern. My shawl project queue already exceeds my probable life expectancy. (Also anticipating the zig-zag scarf pattern release, hint, hint…)

  8. Anne, I’ve been wanting this pattern since you showed a glimpse of it, but this shoot makes it even more desirable. It looks wonderful! I love the combination of modern and old-fashioned. It’s just up my street!

  9. I absolutely LOVE the old-world feel of the setting and the styling! Beautiful design too! I am not much of a shawl knitter, but may have found a pattern I can’t live without… beautiful!

  10. I had pre order the yarn waiting on the pattern.Its absolutley stunning!!
    I have already been asked to make 3

  11. OMG I just love this shawl, it’s perfect, i’m going to get my own copy right away ☺ And thank you for helping me find GNY again… i had given up all hope of finding them again (forgot to jot the URL down on the first time i read about them…)

  12. I love the Victorian vibe and the delicate edging and neckline details. If only my queue weren’t five miles long!

  13. I love it, and the photo shoot perfectly captures that Victorian feeling you were going for 🙂 So beautiful (both the shawl and the model).

  14. Helena…..outstanding!! Such a lovely nice girl! Perfect pattern and perfect model….another lovely shawl Anne!

  15. Can only knit so fast, anne!!! Just downloaded the budding apple shawl today!!! Your patterns are such a joy to
    knit!! Thank you so much!!

  16. I’ve been recently enjoying reviewing the Anne of Green Gables movie series from the 80s, and the style of this shawl within the country setting makes my heart move in the way that it does whenever I watch this film and hear the opening theme song while the camera panes over PEI. Moves me to want to end my hiatus and knit again, though I do love the crochet… Maybe I could come out of hibernation to knit your patterns, then go back to my hook again!

    Part of me wishes there was a small video to accompany this shawl as I can just imagine the sound of the curious chickens, the inquisitive horse (pony?), and the sleepy cat. But I think my imagination works just fine.

  17. I love it, love it, love it! Ditto, Susan of Athens – I have been waiting so patiently for this pattern since the first glimpse. Ditto, ditto, Ely – I had an Anne of Green Gables moment, too. Bravo to Anne of Brilliant Patterns!

  18. This shawl is so simple and yet elegant. I love it!

    I am looking for a shawl pattern for next winter…this shawl is a top candidate. Would this work in a DK weight? I know it would make the shawl much larger, but that’s me…larger! LOL Anyway, would DK weight make the shawl too heavy? I’m looking for warm, warmer, warmest. Thanks for your advice.

  19. Anne, I absolutely LOVE this pattern and will definitely be making it as soon as I can, but I have to tell you…..Helena stole this show. Stunning girl in a stunning shawl. I think you have found the perfect model in Helena!

    LOVE the pattern!

  20. Absolutely gorgrous – the shawl, model, setting – everything! I know the yarn I want to use but it’s at home… I’ll have to wait until I’m back home again next week to start! 🙂

  21. Beautiful. I love how it’s so “fitted”. I love the pictures, too. I think posing Helena in front of the hay rake was brilliant – as Cheri said. The zig zag of the forks next tot he zig zag of the shawl. With her lovely blouse and skirt and the glorious outdoors, you certainly accomplished the sturdy victorian look you were going for. I have to giggle though – living here in Missouri – the first thing I thought was “Amish”.

  22. Great pattern and photoshoot – the model is lovely and her animal escort charming. Thanks too for the link to Perl Gray, new to me and intriguing.

  23. Okay, so, here is Kade’s future wife. Helena must bring her trousseau of animals though. hahaha I LOVE Shirley!!!!! What a GREAT picture that is Anne! Oh, and your shawl is fabulous. LOVE THAT SHAPE. And, I’m so so glad that I already have my milk/mink/merino yarn in the merlot as well!!! I can’t wait to make this one!

  24. I absolutely love the neck closure and fitted shoulders of this shawl. My only problem with it would be (and this is why I tend to not like triangular shawls) that it doesn’t cover the arms. I would knit it with wool (I have a flock of Shetland sheep) and if I’m cool enough to want to wear a shawl, I want my arms covered. Is there any way to make it longer without making the triangle back come past the butt???

    Now, I’m going to go check out your other designs…


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