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the only thing better than kids who love their handknits, are kids who run and shout and jump for joy in their handknits (or because of them).

i love these photos of my friend kian, wearing the whitfield shorty jacket—he looks so happy and comfortable, which is just what i intended for this boy’s version of the full-sized david favorite.

this is a super-easy knit and in small pieces, too; there’s still plenty of time to knit one for your favorite fella to wear to school or to put under the tree for christmas.

it’s handsome yes, but rugged too—a real multi-tasker. it even has a pocket perfectly sized for a small toy car

what more could a guy ask for??

shown here: boy’s size 4 in the incredibly durable woolen rabbit frolic, a 4-ply merino superwash, in colorway jungle book. kim’s grace or ella twist yarns would also work equally well for this sweater.

and it would be adorable for girls too—i can totally see it knit up in tutti frutti for my youngest niece.

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it is my great pleasure once again to work with my friend kim at the woolen rabbit for providing such a wonderful, springy, and hardworking yarn for this project. not only that, but the color is a complete hit with the boys; i can’t wait to gift this sweater to our nephew to start school in a few weeks. kim also test knit the jacket for her grandson, so we know it’s a fun project.

and many thanks to our good friend barb, who also test knit the jacket for her grandson, using briar rose fourth of july. thanks barb!

and finally, a huge bow to my friend kian for spending a whole hour doing a photo shoot on a fine summer afternoon in june. isn’t he handsome??

he did a great job i think, making the sweater look its best while being totally himself and comfortable in it. even when a few bees came too close.

thank you for braving the wilds of my yard in the name of fashion kian; you’ll have to come over and pick tomatoes as a reward!
and now, let’s look at a few more shots of boy and jacket . . .

35 thoughts on “whitfield shorty

  1. That is one fine looking jacket. I have a grandson who would ALSO look great in this. Hope I’m up to the challenge!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed knitting the big man’s Whitfield Jacket for Ed, and am tickled that you’ve come up with a small version for boys! This would be perfect for one particular grandson’s Christmas.

  3. hoooooooray!! thanks anne. i already have my frolic in chimney sweep and am casting on today! my grandson might even have this in time for his september birthday!and welcome home.

  4. What a great looking sweater. Thanks for the smile, Kian reminded me of my two sons, oh, so long ago.

  5. When you said yesterday you were releasing a new pattern I was hoping it would be this one. Now to find yarn and more time. I definitely need more time to knit everything I want to knit. This will hopefully be a Christmas present for my nephew. In time.

  6. Aren’t little boys the best? Kian is adorable! My little jacket will be finished this weekend and Aidan can hardly wait. Thank you for another lovely pattern, Anne!

  7. Wow, that is just awesome! (I was about to say I wish it came in my size… but it does!) I may have to knit one for each of my nephews.

  8. I’ve been drooling/waiting for this pattern since your first version. So glad its released 😉 Now for the yarn….

  9. What a gorgeous vintage styled jacket!! And i love the action shots, especially the one of him putting a car in his pocket. Too cute!

  10. Another gorgeous pattern, Anne! My granddaughters will love it. I know that I have said it before but, in light of this pattern, those that have come before and the delightful Fall in Colour projects that have yet to unfold, it so requires repeating: you are such a brilliant and creative designer. Thank you!

  11. Wow, what a classic sweater and absolutely fabulous model! My son loves for me to sew and knit for him and this is going on my list!

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