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one of the pleasures of being home for a while is getting lots done—i am so much more productive in my own environment. although i always knit a lot when i’m on the road, i do eventually begin to feel starved of my other pleasure, pattern writing, which requires a certain amount of quiet alone time.

i love all the geeky attention to detail that goes into that work; i find it very soothing. and it makes me feel secure, too—the skill to organize all those details and directions into a manageable series of instructional steps feels like a very useful survival tool . . .

so yes, i’ve been running to the computer each morning to get me some of that. but also knitting—i finished my fallberry scarf

knit up in the original slackford studio pathway sport colorway, roast carrots. it’s as delicious as it sounds, especially now that the afternoon light is taking on a different angle.

autumn is on its way.
i knit the original mitts from a skein in a different dye lot, so i’m curious now if i can get a pair of mitts from my leftovers. i had two skeins of this dyelot from which i knit the hat and the scarf.

mitts are on the needles now. technically, there is only enough yarn left to MAYBE knit the small size, but i’m ok with testing the limits. i did cut down the cuff by half a pattern repeat, just to be sure . . .

i’m also chugging away up the back of my rené cardigan—there is really just an evening or so of knitting left to do on it, but life got in the way earlier this week and set me back a bit. i’m still thinking i can finish by the weekend and get the button band on by monday . . . wish me luck

i do love to watch the way the decreases diminish and eventually eliminate a cable panel. i dunno why that entertains me so, but there you have it.

this is woolen rabbit grace, a 4-ply merino worsted in colorway scottish heather. we also have the pullover version knit up a smoky charcoal/brown mix of briar rose fourth of july. i should take a photo; i keep mentioning it but i have no picture (and no good excuse for that).

i can’t WAIT to photograph these sweaters; we’d love to get helena and kris to model them and maybe work some horse riding into the shoot. the pattern is in the last stages of proofing now and we are hoping for a mid-september release.

i’m also barreling along on my blümchen cardigan and writing up the pattern for it this week.

i blocked my front pieces on monday so i could get the most accurate gauge information and measurements from them and was pleased that they easily blocked out to the exact size i wanted.

with this stitch pattern, it’s a little easier to keep more of the motif intact throughout the decreasing and increasing. in fact, at the waist where the piece is narrowest, it’s possible to work a complete motif where two repeats used to be.

just for a while of course, until the increasing begins again.
i’ve gotten about halfway up the back of this one too

isn’t the sea pearl yarn gorgeous? this gray/lavender blend is SO my color. that chris, she sure is a genius; i can’t wait to wear this sweater. i’d love to finish this piece so i can finalize the neckband numbers by early next week. i dunno if that will happen, but if i’m a diligent knitter over the weekend, i might just pull it off.

and with that, i think i’ll go knit.
we have a couple pattern releases as well and the first will be posted friday.

21 thoughts on “knitting update

  1. Wow I LOVE the way the cables combine to a single one at the waist – it’s genius! As we discussed at KnitNation, I’m really excited about this one as I have some Sea Pearl just waiting and ready to go for it. (Although I also need to finish off the lovely Bel Air first … so many lovely Knitspot patterns, so little time).

  2. I’m so excited to see these sweaters progressing to ‘done’! I love your sweater patterns and Chris’s yarn, and I’m looking forward to some great autumn knitting!

  3. Anne, your scarf turned out beautiful! I have a selfish motivation for you to continue to progress with rene. I have been patiently awaiting your pattern release. Mid-September is good since I have way too many projects, including the recent club scarf that is absolutely gorgeous. I know when I can purchase the pattern, I will just buy it, and get the yarn I have waiting on the needles to the expense of all other projects. Such discipline! Ha! And then there is Blumchen, so lovely in the Sea Pearl. And a pattern release this Friday. Pure bliss!

  4. I have this urge to buy a sweater quantity of sea pearl and I don’t even know how to knit a sweater! LOL Just beautiful! Love that Roast Carrot colorway and of course the scarf pattern. Gorgeous! Enjoy your day!

  5. Oh, to be able to just click my heels together and have both Blumchen and Rene right now! Can there ever be too many grey sweaters?

    And Roast Carrots looks like the most perfect orange ever! Love the Falberry pattern too; they work great together.

  6. SOOOOOOOOOO pretty! As much as I love your travel blogs and photos – this one makes me glad you are at home again. The scarf is great and the sweaters are looking WONDERFUL. You GO Anne!!!

  7. OMG, Anne, these are all beautiful. I can tell it’s going to be sweater knitting for me this winter : ) Love the Blumchen as much as I love Sprossling.

  8. They’re all lovely. Who wouldn’t want to go knit?

    The waistline modulation in the Blumchen sweater is immensely pleasing.

  9. We so love that you love the geeky details! I love that you give directions in writing and charts. Amazing. It’s been forever since my last sweater project, and I’m starting to yearn.

  10. Oh wow Anne. The sweaters are fabulous! Can’t wait to see them! I think a Blumchen looks like it might be in my future! And the Rene cardigan is fabulous too. . . but you know me and my wimpiness with cables. . .

    I love the color of that Roasted Carrots!!! It is the PERFECT orange!

  11. Just beautiful. gorgeous design, texture and colour, welcome back. I have a soft spot for orange and that is the Perfect orange as Kim says. More hours in the day to knit please.

  12. Your Falberry scarf is absolutely gorgeous. Is there a pattern available for it (and my apologies if I have missed where you said that somewhere!).

  13. Both sweaters are looking fabulous…I LOVE Blumchen. I really love the Fallberry scarf too. I love those orangy red colors so much!

  14. I need to join the Blumchen-lovers group! The details are just beautiful and your shaping solution is absolute elegance. What a nice cardi for fall this will be!

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