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when i set out last christmas to replace david’s old red sweater, i thought sure i’d write up the pattern for it to offer for sale in our online shop. but i had no idea that what we’d end up with such a versatile pattern, filled with options

thanks to our team of experts, what we’ve come up with here is nothing short of one of an old fashioned family sweater pattern. sized for men, women, and teens, rené can be knit as a cardigan or pullover and either one can have a crew or vee neck opening.

and not in plain stockinette either—this design has texture for ages, with a classic allover rib-and-cable pattern that will appeal to even the most stubborn of “plain dressers”

these sweaters have a casual fit with plenty of ease built in to go over shirts and turtlenecks. it looks fab with jeans and with nice tweed trousers alike.

and talk about warm—i already know this sweater will be a go-to piece for me when the cold months come to our drafty old house.

the only question will be which version to wear on any given day.

shown on helena above, the medium size pullover in briar rose fourth of july, a lovely 4-ply worsted with one ply in superwash to add some interest, here in colorway charwood.

kris wears the medium size cardigan in the woolen rabbit grace merino, a soft and lofty 4-ply worsted in colorway scottish heather.

david is wearing size 2X in handspun BFL fiber from haltwhistle farm. he’s gotten lots of wear from his own sweater already; i will wear mine for the first time to rhinebeck in october. each of these sweaters is shown worn with five to six inches of ease.

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

i am so lucky to work with a team of incredible knitters, dyers, models, and of course . . . david who does everything else (which is a lot!).
thank you to chris and kim for their generous yarn support; without beautiful fiber, these pieces would not have half the character they do.

barb, anne marie, and helen helpfully test knit the pattern so that we could bring it to you in the best shape possible; thank you all so much!

and finally many thanks to kris and helena, who are such a great modeling team; they worked very, very hard this day to put together a charming set of photos for this layout.

and shirley, too . . .

ok, it is absolutely way past time for me to hi the hay—enjoy and have a great weekend.

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  1. I am so HAPPY!.. I have been waiting for the pattern for “David’s Sweater” and was surprised it isn’t called that at all. lol I have not knitted anything for my husband other than hats…..and knew the first time I saw this that I wanted to knit it for him…..with “good” wool. I just showed it to him and he likes it a lot.

  2. What a great sweater! I hope I see you @Rhinebeck, it would be great to meet you f2f 🙂 Bring your chicken bag so I will recognize you 😀

  3. I have had the i-wannas since I saw the swatches for David’s sweater, and to have such versatile choices makes it even better!

    I’ll knit mine in deep gold merino. I have a hank already balled up and waiting to swatch…

    I think Michael needs a sweater like this too. He’d love it.

  4. This is a perfect anywhere sweater! You show it at home and outdoors and it will also be beautiful with my office clothes. I want this now. But wait. I haven’t finished ondule. Or hamsa, or rivoli. And I was going to make sprossling and rosebuddie and maplewing. You’re killing me. In the best possible way, of course.

  5. Love this sweater! Will you bring it with you when you’re here in November? I hope so! I really need to finish “Leaving” first then I’m going to have to do this one!

  6. This is a beautiful sweater–and I love the style options. David looks great in his pullover. You can just tell that it’s comfortable. My personal favorite style is the v-neck cardigan, even though it means button bands…lol. Another triumph Anne!

  7. I LOVE IT!! Thanks for all the work, care and attention that show so much in the creation of this pattern.

  8. Hooray, hooray, hooray! I’ve been waiting for AGES for this pattern, ever since you made David’s. Thank you!

  9. Completely gorgeous, as expected. Now the hard part…picking from among all of those scrumptious suggested yarn choices and colorways!

  10. Anne, I remember emailing you last year in regards to David’s sweater, and if you had a pattern, and you emailing me back to let me know that you were going to work on just that! I have been bugging you a long time now, and I truly appreciate all the work from the Knitspot team to get this out to us, and with such versatility. Looks like my whole family will all be getting a Rene sweater. Of course, the 16 year old son gets his first! Thank you, Anne. You continue to deliver such beautiful and classic designs.

  11. Oh man, Anne!!! These sweaters are so rockin’ I just love ’em!!!! Love the modeling shots. Tap tap, I dibs Helena for Kade’s future wife. I need to move somewhere cold so I can fully appreciate the warmth of this sweater. Hmmm. . . . there’s gotta be someplace colder than San Diego, right?

  12. I am tempted to make this sweater not only for myself, but for each of my boys too. Wouldn’t that make a great family picture? I cannot stop thinking about that! If my yarn budget would only get in line with my knitting dreams…..

  13. It’s such a fantastic sweater, thank you for letting me test knit it. I can see this sweater being knit many times over the coming years. More wonderful photos from school. Does Helena realise just how photogenic she is?!

  14. what a terrific sweater. I will need to knit the cardigan version for my husband, who has gotten nothing hand knit, except scarves, in a long while. Have a good weekend. Jo

  15. This sweater is a MUST have. I enjoyed test knitting it for Anne and it knits up so easy and quick! Helena, Chris and David look great in them. Another terrific sweater Anne!

  16. This is very – very – beautiful…too!
    I’ll take this pattern while I wait for the pattern of Davids white sweater ;-).

  17. fabulous anne. and the models are spectacular. especially mr. knitspot – i might have to make one for my son for his 40th birthday!

  18. Can’t decide if I should make this for my husband or one of my sons! Perfect sweater for a man. Beautiful

  19. Wow! Wow! Wow! Did I say WOW! Anne, you have once again outdone yourself. You are the designer who keeps on giving.

    My list of gift giving has just grown exponentially! I cannot wait to see it on you at Rhinebeck.

  20. Another beauty, Anne (you are amazing), and fabulous photos, David! Rene is purchased and in my queue. Chris and Kim’s yarns are, as ever, exquisite. Am I recalling correctly that the handspun is your own?…sooooo gorgeous!

  21. I’m fainting LOL …. my husband has been waiting for years to find something to replace a sweater he had for ??? years — I think this will be it!

  22. My husband has an aversion to sweaters, as do my sons (my daughter likes hand knits and is learning to knit). Luckily they do like small pieces (hats and hand warmers). I love David’s sweater and look forward to knitting one for me 🙂 Beautiful!!

  23. Yay. I’ve been waiting for ages for this pattern to come out, because I love it to bits, and have a big black spot where a sweater for my husband ought to be. Beautiful pictures, too. I especially love David’s sweater, the colour, the fit.

  24. But what is your secret to such beautifully executed sealing on your sweaters? Mine never look so lovely, please share!

  25. What a beautiful sweater, and with so many options! Think my hubby would love to wear the pullover.

  26. I hope we cross paths at Rhinebeck so I can see this in person (and you, of course!). It is a winner – a spin-worthy sweater, I think. I wonder what it would look like in the grey Romney I just got back from the processor…

    How many plies in the handspun? I’m doing some calculating here!

  27. I was kinda hoping for a picture of the v-neck pullover. I like to see how it sits on the chest and shoulders. Not always the same way as for a cardigan. I’ll be watching Ravelry, I guess. As usual the version on David looks the best. Is it because it is knit with love? Or is it just because it’s David?

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