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it’s such a pleasure that our sprössling sweater pattern is so very popular—i smile each time a knitter reports that they enjoyed knitting it as much as they like wearing it, enough that they might knit it again. and i know i like mine—i’ve knit two and i still want to make another myself.

well that got me thinking . . . maybe sprössling needed a sibling. because as much as i wanted another one, i wouldn’t mind if the next one was in a different stitch pattern and maybe had a v-neck instead of a round one.

then i met marjorie in richmond, where i taught twice last year. the first time i saw her in october 2010, marjorie had knit two or three sprösslings, which was a big compliment in itself. but then when i went back in may, she had logged eight or nine—she has a lot of sisters and nieces who wanted one.

well i thought, if for no other reason than that marjorie needs a new sweater to knit, i must get going on the next sprössling (she was very encouraging of the idea, haha). so when i got home from that trip, i started swatching in briar rose sea pearl for the new version.

the idea was an immediate hit with readers; my friend nathalie provided the perfect name right away and blümchen was conceived. i cast on in june and knit my sweater pieces throughout my summer teaching trips.

the plan was to replicate all the things we love about sprössling and at the same time, give it a fresh new look. so we’re keeping the pretty (and very flattering) inset shaping lines, the vertical openwork stitch pattern, the ever-so-slightly ribbed fabric, and most importantly, the fit.

the changes include a v-shaped neckline, a different stitch pattern, sizes that fall between the ones in the original pattern, and a short sleeved option. this version is also specifically designed for silkier yarns which have more drape and give (you can absolutely use a bouncier yarn, but you may want to plan in a little more ease).

so far, the test knitters are loving theirs and i hope you will, too.

shown here: size small in briar rose sea pearl, a soft and silky merino/tencel blend in the mysterious gray-lavender that chris calls simply anne’s.

the gorgeous little glass buttons were made especially for this sweater by sarina at moving mud; once i knew what size i wanted, i sent her my swatch and left the rest up to her

enough said—they are perfect.

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

we are so lucky to have special people to work with in this business—here we are again, chris and me, making something pretty with her yarn. i don’t know how many times we’ve done this thing together now, but i always look forward to the next one. i’m off to travel now, and one of my stops will be at the knitters review retreat, where i’ll get to spend some R&R time with my dear friend. i can’t WAIT.

many, many thanks to todd horvath and gwyneddh jones, owners of bittersweet’s chocolate and pastry for allowing us the use of their shop and kitchen to do our blümchen photo shoot.

todd creates the most incredible chocolate confections—the best in our area. if you live anywhere nearby, bittersweet’s is a must stop for your next celebration (or just because!).

and finally, thank you david for your beautiful photos, your patience, and for being such a great sport; you’re the best!

43 thoughts on “blümchen

  1. So very pretty; maybe it’s time for me to get back to sweater knitting and give the socks and scarves a rest. Thanks for such a nice pattern again.

  2. Anne, you look stunning in your Blumchen! Your designs are incredible. I am very happily knitting along on Rene for my son, and now I will have to dream about Blumchen. Normally, I try to add my own touch by using a different yarn or at least a different color, but with our shared silver manes, I think your colorway of sea pearl might work well for me, too! The design and the colorway look incredible on you! Kudos to David, once again, for lovely photos.

  3. Anne, you look amazing! The sweater could not be lovelier or the setting more perfect to introduce it to us. I cannot wait to start one of my own!

  4. Bought the yarn a few months ago and now can’t wait to cast on! Today I’m doing the final seaming on my first Sprossling, so the timing is perfect!. Loving the tailored fit of both sweaters.

  5. Beautiful sweater and gorgeous photos! The color looks SO good on you. I already have the yarn and I look forward to knitting this one.

    I’m so you’re doing sweater patterns. I’ve been knitting all my life and for the greater part of it, it’s been sweaters. Getting both the fit and the style/yarn combination right has always been the most diffucult part of knitting the garment. You’ve simplified that so much with your designs. All I can say is THANKS!

  6. Another winner! You look smashing.

    I still have Sprossling on my to-do list along with Grandma’s Blessing for it. Now I’ll have another one in the queue. I love Sea Pearl, so I’d be happy to use it for another project one day as well.

  7. I’ve been wanting to knit Sprossling forever and have the yarn just waiting. Now, I know that Sprossling will need a sister – and soon! Blumchen is fabulous!

  8. Now I know I have ADD – as much as I love Blumchen (and it’s ALOT), once I saw the link to Bittersweet’s link, I had to check it out. Seriously yum!

    Then I got back on track – oh, Anne, you’ve truly outdone yourself with Blumchen. I wear my Sprossling so often, but I may have found another go-to sweater. This is even more than I was hoping for!!!!! More, do you hear?

    And here I am with holiday knitting, a ton of projects, but I’m buying it as soon as I finish this post and I may be casting on some time this weekend. I’m SO very weak. This is just beautiful.

    And you, my dear, you look simply amazing. I swear, you get prettier with each passing year. I need to know your secret. It’s got to have a lot to do with the love you and David share and the passion you have for all the good things in your life – including your incredible designs.

    Thank you for another creation that is going to bring joy to so many. And thank David for his great pictures. : )

  9. I’m so excited– I had picked up some Sea Pearl at Rhinebeck in anticipation of this pattern coming out!!

  10. lovelovelove! I’ve been waiting for this one for a little while and have the yarn ready at hand. Thank you for designing yet another perfect sweater! The tailoring is wonderful and the stitch pattern so interesting!

    Happy travels!

  11. what a coincidence — i just (finally) finished my leaving cardigan! time for a new sweater project! (the finished leaving is not on ravelry yet, but it will be soon!)

  12. Ha ha ha – I read Cathy’s comment above and wondered if I’d already posted and forgotten about it! That makes two of us who bought Sea Pearl at Rhinebeck with Blümchen in mind. Stunning as always, Anne.

  13. Lovely sweater. I have yet to knit one of your sweaters, still trying to lose some more weight, but I will add this one to the queue.

  14. Uh oh. I love this design, and it’s a gorgeous colour you’ve knitted it in too. I had my next month’s knitting all planned out, but you just had to go and release this. I think there may be some shuffling happening.

  15. First, I can’t believe I’ve never heard of Bittersweet’s. It seems a very sad deficit in my life…

    Second, I love the sweater! I still need to, um, start, my own sprössling in Sea Pearl, but I think I have enough Sea Pearl in a second color to knit a blümchen as well. Must get other projects finished so I can get to these!

  16. Marvelous darling….simply marvelous! Anne, your stunning! David, the photos are incredible….your a great team!

  17. Beautiful and flattering (I love V-necks, with scarves as/if needed for extra warmth). Will order now. Another wonderful design!

  18. Gorgeous! Anne all your sweaters are beautiful but this one is exquisite! It looks fabulous on you. I will be purchasing tout de suite! Bravo!

  19. Thank you Anne. This will blow the doors off I am sure.
    I will cast on after work today.

    The photoshoot could not have been better chosen. I see the upper walls matched or at least in the photos came close to the colour of your turle neck and the silver background enhanced the subtle colours in the sweater.

    Beautiful job. I share your hair colour and cut, but, alas not your slim build and hope the I will not do too much of a dis-service to the beautiful silhouette created by the lines in your sweater.

  20. O Anne!! I LOVE this! I am almost finished with Vitamin D and had flip flopped between which sweater I would make next and this one is it. It’s FABULOUS!!!

  21. Blümchen is a four-letter word: L-O-V-E!

    This was well worth the wait. The shaping and the silky drape press my buttons. Again, love – pure and simple.

  22. Another wonderful sweater! Your patterns are the best, clear directions, fantastic fit, inspiring design. I’m looking forward to making one of these for myself as soon as I finish a couple of WIP’s.

  23. looove this pattern!! managed to buy the pattern, print it out, order sea pearl – (in the Anne shade 😉 all during a morning at work …this will be my first adult sweater project just for me!!

    David’s photos are gorgeous as always, you look wonderful too 🙂 congratulations on another stunning collaboration.

  24. Oh, it’s gorgeous! And the location for the photo shoot is really fun! Sister sweaters are way cool.

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