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i have been devoting all of my knitting time for the last few days to secret projects, so i have no new knitting i can show you.

BUT i do have great news to share about our red scarf fundraiser, where the december sales of the crazy quilt scarf pattern were collected and donated to foster care to success, administrators for the red scarf fund.

the final count is: 304 patterns
wow—what a number!

in fact, that number is so great that we realized we could round it up just a bit and split the proceeds between two programs. a portion was put into the red scarf fund, which provides emergency help for students who need help during unplanned life crises.

the remainder was placed in the sponsored scholarship fund, to establish a $2500 knitspot community scholarship; this amount will contribute to one student’s college education in the near future. the plan is to fund this scholarship on a yearly basis from sales of a specific pattern as we did this month, during the red scarf drive period. in this way, single, small purchases from every corner of our community can be accumulated to make a specific and palpable impact on a young person’s future (and our own). and hopefully it will only grow from here.

thank you all so very much for your enthusiastic support of this year’s fundraiser; i’m very excited about the possibility of many more such years to come and i hope you are as well.

happy, healthy new year to all; i’ll be back in a day or two with our regular knitting update.

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  1. What a wonderful impact that $1000 will have on the young student! When I was getting 2 concurrent degrees at MSU I took 18 credits of classes and worked between two and three part time jobs each term to meet expenses even with the help my parents could afford to send. And that was 25 years ago before costs went up. That $1000 will be a tremendous tool, and I am delighted it will be given each year :-}

  2. That’s fantastic! While I’m a*cough* mature student with a supportive husband, I know just how far $1000 will go to a student in need. I was able to send two scarves this year (one knit by a friend), and I’ll do my best to send more next year.

  3. What a wonderful idea! I love to find ways to give. I have my regulars I give to each year, but would love to add this one when I get the opportunity. Beautiful scarf!

  4. That’s brilliant Anne. Is it too late to buy this pattern and contribute towards such a great cause. In all my pre-Christmas business, I didn’t get round to it.

  5. Anne….that is wonderful!!!! Congratulations on starting a Knitspot scholarship fund…that is a wonderful accomplishment!!

  6. Anne, quite simply: you rock. (And so does everyone who bought this pattern.) Thank you. (My youngest brother is finishing up his degree, and funds are very tight for him, but he’s got family to help him out a bit.)

    Off to work on one of my scarves for 2012.

  7. The Red Scarf Project has become so dear to my heart! I’m so glad that I remembered to buy one of your patterns and so pleased to hear that some of the funds will go to help a student who has had so many strikes against her/him already! Wow! It’s wonderful!

  8. Anne, congratulations for creating a community for fundraising, and for such incredibly worthy causes! Now we can gift our knitting in other ways, too!

  9. I took in 3 foster kids many, many years ago and am now “Nana” to their children. Thank you, Anne, for introducing me to the Red Scarf Program. The Crazy Quilt scarf that I made for my sister for Christmas is even more beautiful to me because of how the purchase of the pattern may help other foster children. Happy New Year to all.

  10. Hi Anne,

    Congratulations! What a spectacular dollar total, and an inspiring split of those dollars to two needy programs. It truly warms my heart. I would love to see another pattern during the year to help raise additional funds. (Although I realize your plate[s] are perpetually overflowing.)
    Betsy in chilly Seattle ‘burbs

  11. I like that my small contribution with everyone else’s will make a difference. Plus, we all have a wonderful scarf pattern!! Thanks!!

  12. Was wondering if there will be an option for those of us in the future who may not want to buy the pattern but would still be willing to donate. As someone who was fortunate enough to pay their own way through university without debt I would be willing to help out with a bit more than the price of a pattern. It is amazing where a education can take you.

  13. This is fantastic news! And I appreciate both your added generous gift now, and the idea of an on-going scholarship. The fun of the way it will get funded is a gift to the rest of us, of course. I found my own alma mater recently started a program called Fostering Success that is much like this. I confess, this year, I gave to that instead of the Red Scarf campaign. I have a heart for this having put myself through school when it was a bit more manageable than these days. I’m hoping 2012 will be a year I can contribute to both. Thanks again for being such a thoughtful part of the knitting community, and the world at large.

  14. What a wonderful idea, and what great news! I am so glad that, through your efforts, my small contribution can be aggregated with those of other knitters, to have a real impact. Thank you, and Happy New Year!

  15. Awesome news. And I love the scholarship idea.
    This pattern was a fast fun knit, so I look forward to seeing this year’s one 🙂

  16. So very glad to hear this was so successful. What an amazing and generous idea for the annual scholarship! I’m so happy I was able to be a part of this great endeavor.

  17. Congratulations, that is wonderful. It feels good to be able to be part of something like this. count me in for the next pattern too when it comes around. An education is so important and every little bit helps. Happy New Year.

  18. I am so thrilled that not only am I making such a beautiful scarf (in Chris’s beautiful Briar Rose yarn) but that in some small way I contributed to this amazing effort as well. I look forward to next year’s pattern and helping out again.

  19. YEAAAAAAA!!!! And THANK YOU! It’s a great pattern and for you to make it into such a wonderful donation makes me feel proud to have taken part. I’ve just had a bunch of compliments on this scarf which I pass on to you for such a fun design. I had a sweater that I made several years ago (LOL – Like 20) out of a beautiful 50/50 silk merino that I had finally unraveled so that I could reuse the yarn, and this scarf was the first project I used it for. It came out so nice that I think I’m going to make it again for a gift. (That yarn also became the December club scarf!) Thank you Anne and David, for your generosity!

  20. This is fantastic news and I am happy that I could be a small part of it. I look forward to contributing again in the future. Keep up the good work!

  21. Fantastic news! What a wonderful gift you are giving to kids in need! It’s amazing what just a little bit from many can add up to. Congratulations!

  22. Love Love this pattern. Looking forward to the new year with you and your wonderful blog!!

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