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Sweeter than a honey bee, yeah, baby been sweet on me
Sweeter than a honey bee, yeah, my queen bee
Oh she rock to my soul, mama love me to my soul
Love me to my soul, oh she rock me to my soul
Ooh rock me to my soul, oh rock me to my soul
Sweeter than a honey bee oh, baby been sweet on me
Sweeter than a honey bee oh, my queen bee Queen bee

— by Taj Mahal, recording of 1997, from Señor Blues (Private Music 82151)

Honeybee Stole
shown here in Wooly Wonka Fibers custom-dyed laceweight merino, colorway,
Buckwheat. kit available here
this project was knit on needles crafted by ed and wanda jenkins

  • pattern price: $8.00US (ohio residents please add $.48 sales tax)
  • payment method: please visit our pattern shop!
  • Suggested Yarns: Wooly Wonka Fibers merino laceweight, Fearless Fibers merino laceweight or cashmere laceweight, Knitting Notions merino laceweight, Briar Rose Sea Pearl, Handmaiden Mini Maiden or 2-ply silk/cashmere, Jaggerspun Zephyr, or any laceweight yarn having 170 to 210 yards per ounce.
  • Notes: A rectangle stole in two sizes featuring multiple stitch patterns. The rectangle is worked from center back to hem; the side edges are self-trimmed. Pattern is written for two sizes, petite (tall). Pattern instructions are arranged so that numbers for the petite size fall first, followed by numbers in parentheses for the tall size.
    Using finer or heavier yarn than suggested, and different needles will produce a variation in size that remains proportionate with the original dimensions.
    Swatching of unfamiliar stitches ahead of time is highly recommended.
  • finished size: unblocked dimensions (approx): 60(72)�? long and 18(21)“ wide
    blocked dimensions: 72(84)�? long and 21(24)“ wide
  • yarn requirements: petite = 1100 yds of laceweight yarn / tall = 1400 yds of laceweight yarn
  • Gauge: unblocked: 26 sts and 36 rows = 4�? in stockinette. (fabric will be relaxed)
  • Needles: size 5US (3.75mm) 24�? circular designed for lace knitting, with very tapered points are highly recommended

patterns will be emailed in PDF format once payment is confirmed or eCheck has cleared; please contact patternsATknitspotDOTcom for information about wholesale orders, or payment without a paypal account.

a HUGE thank-you to anne, my partner in crime, and to vanessa and rachael who knit like the wind and helped get the pattern shape. and to another rachel, who proofread the pattern. and kisses to david who photographed the black stole.

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  1. I can’t take it anymore, you are entirely too talented! One person should not be allowed to have this much knitting design talent, and then inflict it on the rest of us like this 😉 I am blown away by the brillance of this design, it’s purely stunning!

  2. I don’t know if you’ll get this far in the comments, but if you do, I just want to say you have outdone yourself. I think I like the black bee even more than the original–and you have definitely made me rethink the sexiness of grey hair! Both you and the black bee are gorgeous!

  3. I love when you play dress up to photograph your new-est creations… great, great photos. Ok, the BEES, (I am silently screaming/buzzing inside) I have to finish the Morning Glory, and that dratted Babette thing that I started with a hook, and, but OMG I have to have it… I loved the triangle, but I don’t wear them so much… and I am thrilled that you created a rectangle version (how do you knit so damn fast?) You are my hero.. I will, of course, continue the stalking…

  4. The black stole is just fabulous, especially on you. It really, really suits you. I hope you get to keep it!

  5. Oh,my gosh! This is even more gorgeous than the triangular version — which is next in my queue. I might have to change my mind….

  6. Wow. Oh wow. The triangle version is beautiful with a bit of whimsy, but this one–especially in black–is downright dangerous!!

  7. Beautiful, and so elegant! And seriously, you keep designing them much faster than I can find quiet time to knit them. So, how long is too long for a lace queue?

  8. Absolutely stunning. I love it. This one will be mine. Glad you and David made it back safely from your trip to NYC.

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