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i am totally rockin’ the christmas knitting now—at least the smaller items. i have two pair of mitts finished and half a hat, plus i finished the red socks.

one set of mitts is completely plain, but very, very sleek

in my mind, i’m calling these the 007 mitts . . . they remind me of the spies who wear those black head and face coverings. my nephew will love these. i’ll knit a hat to match (but no face mask; he can beg for that).

i think i will write a pattern for this other pair of the mitts

they’re for the mail carrier, and they knit up super-quick in cascade 220 superwash (or a finer yarn for smaller-sized hands). they are totally unisex . . . they make a great everyday outdoor hand covering and it will be very do-able to write it for two sizes.

with a matching hat, too

(sorry, that picture doesn’t do it justice; the sun set before i remembered to photograph it.)
i’m out of yarn though so i can’t finish it tonight. fortunately, i have classes tomorrow and can pick up another ball. but i know i can knit the other hat tonight.

the progress makes me want to run to someone, jump up and down, and show off what i made.
childish, i know, but who cares? only a scrooge would squash my excitement.

fortunately, beckie came over for knitting today (fresh-baked treats in hand), so she was all eyes and ears. AND she did a little sock modeling, too—don’t i have the nicest friends??

speaking of the nicest friends, chris jumped right on the cranberry yarn crisis and she is sending something that should be perfect to knit, oh say, a sweater for someone special by christmas. it should arrive tomorrow, so if i can get at least one hat done tonight, i will be in great shape to start that as soon as the yarn arrives.

i need to search for a pattern though; in the process of streamlining my laptop a couple of weeks back, we had to temporarily remove the sweater design software because it only runs on windows, and that required a partition we had to sacrifice to install the updated OS. all temporary, but in the meantime, i will be depending on commercial patterns, or knitting on the fly.

now, i know the latter would be much more exciting for all of us, and i might do that, but something tells me i should play it safe. or . . .
maybe i could go with some sort of formula sweater, like a seamless hybrid with, er, styling.
probably, i’ll get ALL my books out and drive myself crazy searching for the perfect thing, then just knit the rowan pattern he already bookmarked for me several months back.

(trust me, it’s a boring sweater, but it has a little pocket on the bicep and he loves that . . . ??)

soooo . . . i know that as much as everyone loved the photo shoot for simurgh, there are probably some people who find the blocking shots most arousing

something about the fabric being stretched out there, and the ability to get in close enough to lick the texture, right?

or the dizzying effect of gazing at that certain angle down the length of the piece, letting your eyes roam over pattern fields . . . mmmmm.

can’t you just taste the black cherry and plum? is your mouth watering yet?

then there is the pickup and join.
there were the usual difficulties with that, but clever trickery prevailed. below we see an even closer look at the pickup row

hehehe, i know. that is not what you want to see most.
you want to fondle the edging, don’t you?
ok, here you go

and oh. it’s pinned down. too bad. maybe later then.
for now, you’ll have to ponder this

how do they say it in those ads?

rachael has photographed (and worn) her finished stole which is knit in the merino laceweight—you should check it out.

29 thoughts on “look what i made!!

  1. ummm.

    You’re a machine.

    A fun machine. A machine that, should she not come and stay at my house* during MDS&W 2008, will be in serious trouble.

    I’m just sayin’.

    *And bring the David-machine

  2. You wear me out. Look at all of the things you’ve done since your last post! Wow. I really love the black bumpy mitts. The shawl is waiting to be sprung loose! Please, after the holidays, slow down, and just relax. . .make a sweater pattern for us!!! HA. Is that slow enough for you?

  3. I love it all! I can’t believe how much you churn out. What is the secret?! You can’t possibly sleep much. You will come up with the perfect pattern for the cranberry sweater.

  4. Beautiful! And what is a blog for if not to say “look, look what I made!” Yay for pretty holiday knits! =)

    I love the patterned mitts, and Simurgh is just perfect. (and you’re right…the blocking shots are my favorites)

  5. slurp, slurp… diving right in. it’s yummy..
    and those mitts make me think “ninja” style (grin) – the recipient will love them.

  6. It’s so good to see your finished mitts ! They will love them 🙂
    Those blocking shots are awesome,they make me want to touch it,smell it, stroke it…. ahum, i’d better stop right now !

  7. Those blocking pictures remind me that I need to put blocking wires on my Christmas list this year 🙂

    The shawl is just beyond beautiful!

  8. Priceless!?!
    (that’s what they say in those ads, right?) And it IS!
    Lovely mitts…hmm..do I have time? Ok, maybe for next year?

  9. Fingerless mitt’s are the perfect mail carrier gift! I was going to make a pair for mine actually. Great minds think alike right?

    Stole is looking gorgeous as usual. All those slutty blocking shots… sigh. lol!

  10. You knit for the mail carrier?! I barely knit for my mother, and she gave birth to me! I don’t even know my mail carrier’s name! If this were a competition, I would be the one lying in the dirt on the side of the road just past the starting line, choking on your dust. Sheesh.

  11. I have to have those mitts at the top…Do you know how cold it is on a soccer pitch (even in California)…this weekend it was 37 degrees for the morning match.

  12. Please write up the pattern for the mitts for your mail carrier and the hat!! I need one more gift and I LOVE this pattern.

    I hope one day I learn to knit one of your beautiful lace shawls..They are amazing.


  13. You are rockin’ the Christmas knitting! I’m getting only a little done myself, but hey I’ll pull it out in the eleventh hour. That’s my style 😉 The second pair of mitts are texturelicious, a pattern must.

  14. Oh, goodness. I’m still not tired of looking at pictures of this stole. And I love blocking shots.

    I can’t wait to see the sweater you’re going to knit (biceps pockets?)! I’m so glad someone is managing some Christmas knitting — not so much over here 🙂

  15. personally, i’m happy to get 2 rows of knitting done in one day. your production rate boggles my mind! those pictures of simurgh blocking – much too tempting. but i’ll be faithful to irtfa’a, i will! umm…maybe…

  16. Anne, I don’t think you’re real. I think the address labels were posted just to fool us. I simply can’t believe what I’m seeing. How could one person accomplish all this? If you are, in fact, a living breathing person,how on earth do you produce so much stunning work and are you tired of us telling you how amazing you are? If I could take a trip anywhere I would like to visit the inside of Anne Hanson’s head. It must be the most beautiful and magical place!

  17. Accckkkk! Do you think that if I left you a wee saucer of milk…you might introduce us to your knitting fairy? You must one….or major knitting mojo!
    Drool, drool, slobber, simurgh, slobber!

  18. I’ve figured it out. Anne’s really a Time Lord. (Or rather Time Lady I guess.) Anyway, she has the power to warp the space-time continuum. That’s the only explanation that makes sense.

    Thank you so much for posting the blogging shots it makes it easier to see the different pattern fields. Though the modeled shots from the earlier post were awesomely beautiful too. Now I’ve got to buy this new stole pattern. You are having a very demoralizing affect on my knitting queue you know. It gets longer thanks to your patterns much faster than I can get things knit off of it.

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