Knitting Mojo Is Back!

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This week Baby Knitspot is the size of a spaghetti squash! The baby weighs over a pound and is kicking like crazy, plus I have lots more energy, and I’m happy to announce that my knitting mojo is back!

The MSU Lorna’s Laces for my School Sock

swatched up like this!

I got pretty close to gauge on US #1s, so I rolled with it. I loved the fabric and after plugging all my measurements into the SPEASP worksheet, I related my findings to the School Sock pattern. I discovered I should knit a 63-stitch sock for Matt. I knew his foot was long and narrow, but I never would have guessed this was the size for him! Even Anne was shocked and asked if I measured right. I told her I followed my dad’s building advice of “measure twice, cut once.”

Just to be sure, I knit three inches of the pattern and slid it onto Matt’s leg. It fit his foot and leg great, but it was snug sliding over his heel. Anne suggested I add a little length in the heel flap to ensure that he could get his foot inside the finished sock.

My math success made me so happy I was ADDICTED to seeing these socks progress. I couldn’t put them down. I’m in love with this pattern. Plus, I can’t get over the cool effect I’m getting with the marriage of handpaint and stitch pattern!

I’ve been dragging these socks everywhere through this busy week. Feeling good means I finally got out of the house!

Sunday Matt and I, along with my parents, saw Melissa Etheridge at Sound Board, a small venue with fab acoustics.

Her thundering voice and mad guitar playing filled the space. She was incredible! Half way through the set she told the crowd about her battle with cancer and how it gave her a more positive outlook on life. She announced she has been cancer-free for eight years and then sang I Run For Life. Tears ran down my face and dripped onto my shirt. Powerful.

Somehow this week I was lucky enough to have two date nights! We were able to squeeze in one dining experience of Detroit Restaurant Week by scoring a table mid week at Iridescence.

First course: Roasted Beet Salad

I absolutely despise beets, but I was willing to be adventurous. They were prepared with elderflower white balsamic vinaigrette, raspberry, toasted pistachio, grapefruit, pink peppercorn, and citrus goat cheese panna cotta. Delish!

Second course:  Corn Ravioli

Prepared with peas, corn, asparagus, fiddlehead fern, and herb butter. Also delish.

Third course: Layered Mousse with Raspberry Sorbet

Prepared with raspberries, chocolate, crushed walnuts, and chocolate torte.

Just as this meal couldn’t get any better, french press decaf was served.


I’m sad we only had time this week for one of the restaurants, but I’m thinking we picked the right one. The food was to die for and the view of downtown Detroit and the Ambassador Bridge at night was breathtaking.

This week I’ve also been stash diving to come up with a project for the Ravelympics Training KAL for Team Knitspot. Did you know Knitspot has a team for Ravelympics? There’s plenty of time to join, but if you really want to be in good shape for the events Training begins May 1. There’s also a Torch Relay KAL. David even created a ravatar for us, for team unity.

My School Socks are starting to whip me into shape

and I’m looking forward to getting some more  projects on the needles. Speaking of looking forward to something…I bet you’re all dying to know who won TWO FREE SOCK PATTERNS. Congrats to Zoe, she can start searching the archives for two of her faves!

Thank you all for sharing your sock knitting escapades for the contest. They were a treat to read.

12 thoughts on “Knitting Mojo Is Back!

  1. Congrats to Zoe! The socks are outstanding. Are you knitting both at once? Or are you using circulars for each sock? Just asking.

  2. Fun post, Erica! Absolutely mouth-watering food photos, and rather funny that Anne now has another person around her that hates beets!

  3. I live in Detroit (well technically Hamtramck), and I have never heard of this place. Looks like all your dishes were vegetarian, which is exciting for me, because I am getting bored with my current vegetarian options. I think I will check it out soon.

  4. I am so jealous! I love Melissa Etheridge. It sounds like a powerful and moving concert! (and the food ain’t half bad either!)

  5. I hate it when I lose my mojo makes me think that something is wrong ,but i am so happy when it comes back. Your beet salad looked delish(i love beets). Chocolate and coffee are always to die for!

  6. Love the socks–I tend to avoid strongly variegated yarns, but that pattern and yarn are a perfect marriage. And congrats on trying the beets. I, too, have loathed them for years, but recently discovered that my tastes have changed–the ones I tried and enjoyed were also in a salad.

  7. Lovely socks. I lost my sock mojo for 2 years & recently got it back – now I can’t stop. Happy sock knitting.

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