color of the day: cranapple

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the icy coating remains on all available surfaces outdoors . . . it built up thicker and thicker over the day yesterday despite the fact that the temperatures stayed above freezing, and by last night it was a veritable fairyland outside.

as i drove to the yarn shop for the open house last night (the streets were oddly dry and driveable), i was amazed and delighted by glittering branches, beads, and pendants of ice glowing in soft light from street lamps and houses.

here’s my completely functional garden fence dripping with jewels. each and every square has its own set—not exactly identical, but similar. even the dead asparagus plant clinging to it has a bedazzling coat.

sometimes, you just have to forgive winter its harsh, outer personality, especially when it decides to play dress-up and reveal its inner princess.

speaking of cranapple, i have such a treat for you.

my friend amanda has generously undertaken the test knitting of my triangle snow shawl so that i can meet a deadline which got moved up uncomfortably close.

since she lives close by, we figured this would be a good way to get the shawl knit and still be able to bring you pictures of it.

plus, amanda just loves knitting lace—she has become a real addict since she learned to work with lace last summer (yes, you read right—last summer, about 9 months ago—and you should see the projects she’s tackled. actually you can see them . . . at her blog.).

anyhow, when she arrived at the yarn shop last night she had this in tow . . . michelle is gonna be SO excited.
are you ready?? (warning: you might need a tissue, or a bib)

after we all stopped squealing, we practically felted the darn thing by rubbing it with more than a little ardor. really, we couldn’t stop—it’s sooo soft. and yummy. and cranapple-ey.
i think you get the picture.

and isn’t the variegation beautiful too? there is nothing not to love about it.
(and this is under florescent lights; can you imagine what it will look like in daylight?)

the yarn is sweet lace, in cranapple that michelle, at the sweet sheep shop is offering.

she sent me two skeins a while back which i intended to knit the triangle with (i couldn’t decide on just one colorway) and amanda took it home and made magic happen. sigh. i am so jealous.
(i know it’s a completely immature reaction to the situation, but i feel i can bare my soul to you on that.)

and of course, being envious, i molested amanda all night with the camera since all i’ll have of this delicious colorway are these meager photos.

OR i could wait til it’s blocked, “borrow” it for final photos, and conveniently disappear to rio with it.

26 thoughts on “color of the day: cranapple

  1. Now, now. No thieving the lovely knitting 😉 That color is absolutely gorgeous!! I don’t have anything red… Maybe I need a red lacework something or other…. Hmmmm.

  2. Ooohh….very pretty and what a different look it lends to the shawl. It’s icing here today too.

  3. Oh god, I need this pattern When does it come out? How much will it cost? I need it, and I am now wanting it in cranapple, which would be a HUGE mistake with my colouring. But it’s sooo beautiful!!! I am aso going to buy this pattern. If I just don’t buy lunch at school for a week I can totally afford it!! Oh, I am so excited!!!!

  4. Ooh! You are so right…I am VERY excited. Now I wish I had started mine in the cranapple…get that shawl..I will book the flights to rio!

  5. It’s amazing how the color changes the story! Am I right? It’s so pretty. I can’t wait to check-out her blog and the Sweet Shop. Thanks for the pictures!

  6. The cranapple colorway looks something like the one you used in David’s fabulous sweater–I love them both. It’s not really surprising that the snowflake pattern looks great in color, but there’s something special about that deep snowfield in the square shawl.

  7. Darn, now I need to clean the drool off my keyboard! 😉 The color is gorgeous. Can’t wait to see it finished.

  8. hmm…rio? good thing i’m a process knitter! of course, given the weather around here i might chase after you just to find the sun!

  9. Okay,I’ve gone from bib to full body apron. 🙂 Who knows, by tomorrow, I may be wearing a sheet (not a good look this time of year).

  10. I do love that red–it’s one of my favorite colors–and the snow triangle, but I still prefer your ice photos. Just beautiful.

  11. Love the ice shots! Our weather seems to have moved past that point (violets in the lawn, forsythia in bloom). I’m drooling over the cranapple, never mind how many other things are on the needles now, I vote for Rio….

  12. The snow shawl is gorgeous in cranapple. I didn’t think it could possibly be as wonderful in that colorations as the snow coloration, but wow. Have fun in Rio!

  13. The natural ice sculptures are lovely! The only ones we get around here are in our freezers. LOL Love that cranapple triangle. Oooh. I can see why you want to run off to Rio with it.

  14. Fabulous ice, we don’t get things like that here so it is great to see it. I love that red shawl too.Just discovered your work and patterns … beautiful 🙂

  15. oh, that’s my kind of shawl … rich colour, plus some substance/weight and a beautiful pattern to boot. Read ‘envious’!

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