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i am so excited to have this book in my hands. i think you all know from seeing my desktop so often that stephanie’s first book is a constant companion of mine. i love to open it randomly to read a “purl” of wisdom, humility, or laughter; it’s a real treasure.

so when i read on her blog that the new book was in a similar format (tiny lessons and essays), i got pretty excited. i’d had my copy on pre-order since last october or so, and now i knew what it might be like. then i got the email from overstock saying it was on the way.

and now it’s here . . . and it’s wonderful (it’s only been in the house an hour, so no, i haven’t read the whole thing yet, but i’m already sure it’s fun). AND—it’s in hardcover (i am so going back over there right now to order a bunch of them for gifts).
(ooops, they are sold out—i swear it was not me.).

thank you stephanie, and many congratulations. i hope i get to see you during this tour.

9 thoughts on “YA-A-AY!

  1. Oh, YOU ordered them all!! I know you said you didn’t, but you know what happens when you post anything! HAHAHAA!

  2. I love that first book of hers also and was delighted to hear this new one was in the same format, cannot wait to get a copy!

  3. I know I feel the same way about stephanies first book Meditations… When I read it the first time I laughed, I cried, etc… I was so excited to see this up for release that I ordered a copy too! I hope it comes in the mail today.

  4. The lady at the bookstore looked at me like I was maybe a few marbles short of a bag when I expressed my–let’s call it “surprise”–that they hadn’t gotten it in yet. She seemed not to understand that a book about knitting could be a matter of some urgency. I resisted the urge to pull my sock needles out of my purse and give her a good jab when she told me it would be in “soon”.

  5. I’m looking forward to picking up a copy of her new book soon. Provided my local bookstore has it, I should have a copy of my very own by this coming Friday! 😀 I have all her other books, and have enjoyed them all.

  6. Again with the enabling! OK, I knew about the book already, but for some reason it hadn’t registered that it would be in hardcover. Must get me some of that. 🙂

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