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i’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off the last few days, between playing post-vacation catch up and going to badly-scheduled appointments.
especially when all i wanted was a few hours straight knitting time to get my edging finished on the star shawl . . . i shoulda stayed on vacation one more day i think.

but then all of a sudden it was done and free of its tether to the needle

just in time for me to head out to classes today, so i did not have time to block it.
but tomorrow i will do that first. thing.

that left me free to take a small project with me to the yarn shop to knit on during class. and since we started a beginning lace class today, i chose the little sweet pea

and knit several more inches on it while i was there. yay. here’s a closeup of the pattern, which kyrie rightly noted is so reflective of my little fiddleheads

which are stretching out their fingers now . . . more pix of those tomorrow.
i also took along my spectator sock (which i haven’t touched since the plane landed sunday), and you know, i might just make it with the yarn i have. knock wood. i mean i don’t wanna jinx it or anything, but i just might.

of course, i’m keeping tabs on ronni and all the rest of you who gave me great leads and suggestions for yarn sources in case i do end up a few yards short (and believe me, it will be just a few yards, if any).
thank goodness for you.

well, i think i’ll go meet my fate with that sock . . . i’m starting the toe now, wish me luck!

14 thoughts on “veddy, veddy quick post

  1. Oh that is so pretty! I really like it.

    I have to admit I was wondering where you were, I love reading your blog!

  2. They both look great Anne; can’t wait to see the star shawl blocked – it will be stunning. I love the colour of the fiddlehead/sweet pea scarf; it is so perfect.

  3. Sweet pea and star are both lovely. I enjoyed your California trip reports. Great family!

    I thought of you as I drove through OH in a blinding rain storm last weekend. Your spring there is more advanced than our spring here in Canton — MI that is.

  4. Anne- I want that shawl pattern- I want it!!!!

    Don’t you love the way Kim’s yarn has subtle bits of color in it? I think Sweet Pea is my favorite of all.

    Hard to choose a favorite, really.

  5. You always amaze me with what you accomplish in such a short time. The shawl is gorgeous, even unblocked, and the Fiddlehead (I mean, you have to name it that!)is really nice! Can’t wait!

  6. Pretty pretties! And it’s quite exciting in a warped sort of way when you’re not the knitter to see if the yarn will run out before the pattern or not. Very cliffhangeresqe.

  7. Yeah, you SHOULDA stayed on vacation one more day – what were you thinking????

  8. Yes, you most definitely *should* have stayed here a few extra days 🙂 The shawl is gorgeous!! I’m dying to finish mine. I’m into the last repeat, and have hours and hours of driving time ahead of me in the next few days; what’s going to kill me is finishing it and not being able to block it until I get home… I’m loving those sweet peas, too — so right up my alley. Another to add to the queue. 😉

  9. The star shawl is lovely! It’s not as dramatic as a lot of your other designs are, but it’s absolutely perfect for those times when a shawl with a simple all-over motif is what you need…

  10. Hooray, hooray, it’s done! (Really, I need another project like I need a smack to the head, but I’m 9 months pregnant, and I need SOMETHING to keep my mind occupied, lol!)

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