time is of the essence!

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just a few minutes ago, we went over 250 votes; thank you to everyone who voted and watched the countdown; we really appreciate you making the push on our behalf. now we wait; fingers crossed!

ok, here’s a secret we’ve been keeping for a few days: we found out about this opportunity last week and decided to apply; we weren’t sure we’d be able to make tomorrow’s deadline, but now we know we can do it. we have assembled our application to apply for a grant from mission: small business and we need your help to complete the process!!

we must gather 250 votes from knitspot enthusiasts by 12 midnight on saturday, june 30th (yes, that’s tomorrow), to finalize our eligibility.

voting is easy, the support button requires a bit of patience. it may hiccup due to heavy traffic; please be persistent.

please have your Facebook login ready, then follow these steps to cast your vote and help us qualify:

  1. CLICK HERE to go to the mission: small business home page
  2. click the button that says “LOG IN & SUPPORT’*
  3. enter “knitspot.com” and/or “ohio, canton” in the search field and click search
  4. press the vote button (you can also vote for other small businesses while you are there)
  5. spread the word to family and your friends, especially those who benefit from your knitting!

*a Facebook login is required by the organizers

you can read more about the program, its goals, and its sponsors at the mission: small business site.

if we win, we plan to use the funds for both growth ventures (publication of books, hiring a business manager, and hopefully producing our own barenaked yarns) as well as improvements to our infrastructure and physical space (our website needs an major update and we are fast growing out of club central, for instance).

thank you, thank you to everyone who participates; we appreciate your support always!

56 thoughts on “time is of the essence!

  1. I am beyond thrilled that you were able to reach 250 votes. 🙂 As soon as you made the post to Facebook I was linking over to the site to vote. My fingers will be crossed from now until the announcement that Knitspot is one of the selected business. I would love to see nothing more than to see you chosen!

  2. This is fantastic! Am behind on reading your blog, sorry for the late comment. I did get to vote in time though thanks to the postings on ravelry.

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