ooops, i mighta overdid that

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oof, i’m sore today.
the heavy gardening work is finally catching up to me . . . i keep catching myself delaying such activities as clearing my throat or coughing in order not to disturb the accordion of tender muscles along the back of my rib cage (those used when pulling weeds and digging).

i’m the type of person that ends up with very sore muscles after a new or infrequent type of exertion, no matter how much other exercise i get. and this year—ahem, cough—i do not have fitness on my side either; i’ve been very distracted from getting my usual amount of exercise lately. i can see now that this must change.

oh, i love these long, long evenings of june—here in ohio it stays light til almost 10 pm near the solstice, and right now it is 9:30 before it gets dark. i can work out in the yard and listen to the neighborhood settle down (more or less). and when we don’t do that, we can go for long bike rides on roads that are finally quieting down for the day.

so yeah, i got another great, lengthy work session in on the garden last evening after classes. in fact i worked so intently that i didn’t notice it was getting very dark. i even had to leave the last three plants in their pots in order to get some water on the beds before i went in. so i don’t have pictures of the new stuff yet . . . today it is pouring and i don’t want to take the camera out in it.

but soon.
i’m trying to get all the heaviest work and sprucing up done before thursday when i have a massage scheduled. yay.
(i used to think massage was an indulgence—something to splurge on . . . “some day”. but then i tried it and found it does more good than the doctor, chiropractor, or drugs for shoulder, neck, and migraine issues. now i feel a lot better week to week AND it is actually saving me money.)

in class yesterday i finished the second diamanti sock and returned to the first to finish that up.

i don’t usually work on socks in tandem like this but i enjoyed it . . i had them both at the same place yesterday morning, and by the time i went to bed one was complete and the other was at the toe. very nice. the pattern is all set to go, thanks to rachel and manon. i just need a nice picture. this is one sock i may block a bit, as the fabric wants to ripple where the motif breaks. i think spraying it with water and smoothing it flat should do the trick.

i have completed four socks recently and not one of them has a mate

so i am going to make sure that all the matching socks come along wherever i go for the next little while, in order to get them done. i’ve started shifty two but got waylaid a bit over the weekend

it’s the caterpillars i’m a little concerned about. after knitting two, i’m afraid of losing momentum. on the other hand, these knit up awfully fast, so maybe the bugly spirit will stick with me.
just to be sure i won’t get entirely sick and tired of them, i’m thinking about starting another new sock—a spacer sock if you will

this is anne’s BFL sock, in colorway nantucket. since it’s summer, i think it might be time to knit it. i love the variations of blues and plums in this skein—they remind me of the sharp colors of the changing coastal sky.

i know i should not start another sock . . starting socks just makes single sock pool bigger. so i might promise myself to wait until shifty two is done. i think that’s a good compromise . . .

especially when i went ahead and started this

as i just told L. in email, at the moment i am hiding this from myself so i can get some other work done (oh yes, of course i know where i hid it, i’m not that strong) (plus, i want to get right at it when i’m ready and not waste time searching for it).

more on this later, when i can stand to look at it without wanting to run off and knit another repeat.

so heres another goodie—something new that i am participating in—twist collective.
the countdown has begun . . . each day you’ll get another peek at this exciting new online magazine.
plus, there’s a ravelry group here you can join to get the most up-to-date info on the release.

33 thoughts on “ooops, i mighta overdid that

  1. Yeah! Diamond sock! I’ve been waiting for that pattern since I saw the second one.

    I love watching the progress of your designs – and the thoughts behind them.

  2. That’s a lot of single socks. For some reason I have no problem knitting socks for my husband (with the giant feet), but finishing one sock or starting the 2nd one for me? Just doesn’t seem to happen.

  3. Were you aware that there is a sock pattern on that has the name “diamante”? The design is nothing like yours but the names are the same – though I realize “diamond” is hardly an exclusive term.

  4. Ooh! I’m famous! 🙂 It looks fabulous. I love the subtle variegation of the skein. All golden and shimmery. A little something for fall (sigh… I’m thinking about fall already?!).

  5. Twist sounds interesting. 🙂

    You are so fortunate to be able to work in your garden at night. Here in NH the black flies and mosquitoes would carry us away. Ouch

  6. You have so much going on, all of the time, it seems! I really love everything you show. I love the new Little Nothing. Do you have any plans for a new group of other somethings?? Oh, yes, Kim, the black flies!! They arrive on Mother’s Day and leave on Father’s Day, almost to the day! Yes, be glad you don’t have those!

  7. Oh! Twist Collective sounds so exciting! Your name is mentioned first as one of the top designers to be featured! Fun! I will be eager to see the first issue!

  8. Oh, my! The poppy has the ebullience and sass of a can-can dancer! Shades of GiGi!!! Love it. Cannot wait for the new little nuttin’. The design (and yarn color) kind of reminds me of acorns (in a good way).

  9. I do love the way that last one is looking — like a sepia photograph of leaves. (drool) I hope that the sore muscles ease up a bit! For me, the worst day is always the second after major exertion, and then things get better. Hang in there…

  10. twist collective sounds intriguing. they certainly know how to pique our interest with the long drawn-out lead up to the first issue!

    it sounds like you’re having fun in your garden, even if it is painful! i know my mom is a bit disheartened this year because she lost her herb garden to the addition, but the vegetable garden is strong as ever.

  11. I get tired just reading your blog sometimes. I’m glad to see the new little nothing is coming along. It’s so pretty! I like the blue and purple yarn a lot and for a moment when I read “spacer sock” I thought you meant “spacer” as they sometimes do in scifi where it refers to someone who works in/on space/spaceships and I got all excited about the idea of a blue and purple spaceship sock. Then I realized that normal people mean “something to separate two parts” when they say “spacer” and I had to be content just with the blue and purple.

  12. Oh, thanks for mentioning Twist Collective! I had no clue this was happening around here. It sounds great, and I’m looking forward to seeing more. Actually, I’d probably know much more already if I’d had the time to attend our knit nights lately – as I was having a look at the sneak peek, I recognised the lovely sweater I saw Kate knitting on last time I went to a knit night! Ah well, selling a house and buying a new one in another city (I’ll miss Montreal a lot!) isn’t really conducive to getting out as often as I should…

  13. Weeds are my enemy and I must smite them down.

    If you’re so inclined, heck out my blog, I have finished my Hypoteneuse (for my sister’s 50th birthday gift) and I love it. It’s so hard to give these things away sometimes.

  14. I had to do some emergency house cleaning a few weeks ago and the same back-of-rib-cage muscles had me wincing for days (of course I dared not complain because my loving family would have said I just need to clean more often)! You are very brave, letting single socks accumulate like that. I’m looking forward to the new sock and also to the new little nothing!

  15. twist collective?? hmmm.. I haven’t heard about that yet 🙂
    I LUV that new lace – the honey-brown color is amazing… as well as Anne’s sock yarn. I can’t wait to see what you knit up with that one.

    As for the single sock syndrome – ahem.. I think it is a contagious disease which all designers and yarn-booth -owners contract 🙂 (huge grins)

    Massage is your friend.

  16. What a wonderful collection of socks!!! I cannot keep up you know, you knit so fast I am missing out on knitting a lot of beautiful socks……….

  17. Beautiful socks.

    I’m just like you, I can exercise everyday, but as soon as I do something new, I’m aching all over. And this isn’t an old-age thing, it has always been like that. But I’m glad you had enough energy to shoot those pictures. Your garden photos are inspiring.

  18. I have to force myself to come inside these days when it hits 8:30 or 9 – I could putter around out there all night!

  19. Heh – a “spacer” sock. I might have to steal that term from you.

    I cannot TELL you how jazzed I am about Twist. I think Kate’s doing a fabu job with it – the images are gorgeous and I like the whole design sensibility of it.

    Sore muscles – a friend has an arnica spray she uses. Have you ever tried it?

  20. I also did some gardening a week ago and I had a very hard time getting out of bed the next day. I pulled a muscle in my upper right arm and in my chest. Hope you feel well soon. I love the socks!!!

  21. Oh Anne… these amber-colored leaves really speak to me. Although I suspect you could knit anything at all in that colorway and I would love it, I really do like the cascading leaves. 🙂

  22. Anne-
    I stumbled onto your blog through WEBS. I’m hooked. I love the poppy picture and would like to have it framed and on my wall. The knitting is the icing on the cake, your blog is always eye candy. For the sore muscles try an old-fashioned cure; 2 cups of epsom salts in a hot bath/soak, take 600 mg of Ibuprofen before the bath if your system can tolerate it- works really well. Very important that you can keep doing so I can see the beautiful pictures of your handywork.

  23. Oh, I think most of us knitters share the same disease….we love to start new projects to see how they are going to look….the good news is that you FINISH yours. I am anxious to see what the brown/gold lace “thing” is going to be….I have some yarn that color that I bought last year for my Honeybee stole, which I ended up knitting out of something else…so I will be waiting on pins and needles.

    I won’t let myself try socks….I would never have time to go to work if I did.

  24. Holy moly you have a lot going! I am very sore from the gardening, also, but the end is in sight, and then it’s just watching for weeds. I love all your socks! They do look a bit lonely without their mates, though =)

  25. Twist collective looks good, there are a lot of great designers invoved so the patterns are bound to be good!

  26. All your labour really pays off ! Just look at your beautiful garden, it’s so worth it !
    Now if youd could just sit there and spin a while, wouldn’t that be great ? 🙂

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