gone fishin’

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my baking is done, just before the real heat hits for the day; i have one more dish to make—pesto with basil picked fresh from the garden this morning to put over pasta with vegetables.

but first, out for a run before the sun gets too hot.

then we are off to a picnic at debby’s with lots of kids, water, fishing, food, and chatting with friends over knitting. ahhh, a holiday, don’t we all deserve on?

happy 4th of july!

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  1. Okay, so I’m commenting on THIS post because it only has 6 comments, and the one I want to comment on has like 134 or something! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that CaÏssa sweater Anne. In fact, I love it so much I just broke my yarn fast and bought some Holda from Jen at Spirit Trail. . . . I am in position and ready for action when you release that sweater pattern! Can’t WAIT! PS – don’t tell any of the BNKers that I broke my yarn fast. haha

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