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the stitch pattern might be hypnotizing me; i keep hearing a bubbling stream and dreaming of cool woodsy corridors with gleaming rays of sunlight. the sheen of the yarn lights certain colors on fire—sometimes the grays, sometimes, the golds—it’s full of movement and stillness at once.

shown here in fearless fibers merino tencel sock yarn (i see new colors are up!), colorway, serenity.

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to go to the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

thank you deb, for sending this beautiful skein of gold and green-gray . . . it’s just up my alley and a beautiful fiber to knit with.
rachael once again tested the pattern with fine attention, and i’m so grateful—thanks rachael!
and our other friend rachel, combed through it thoroughly to make it go smoother for everyone; thank you rachel!

38 thoughts on “rivolo

  1. Oh my! This is freaking gorgeous. Although both are beatiful on their own, what a marriage of fiber and pattern! This one is definitely going into the “to do” list!

  2. Your timing couldn’t have been better. I needed another pattern. The yarn did not want to be brambler, so it is taking a time out. I have 2 skeins of BMFA Seducation that I’ve been itching to knit. I think Puck’s Mischief will look good in this. 😀

  3. That’s mighty lovely. In that colorway it looks like dappled sunlight on a little creek. I’d love to see it in a blue-y version.

  4. Gorgeous. I happen to have a big skein of sea silk – so I can make two! Already on the third repeat of the first one – such a nice pattern.

  5. That’s lovely! I just bought (and received) a skein of Deb’s merino for Gust! Can’t wait to knit it, but will…need to finish Star of Evening, and socks for Summer of…!

  6. Why, oh why do I have 6 projects on my needles waiting to be finished?! I want to make this scarf! What a beautiful pattern! Why, oh why…….. 🙁

  7. Another fabulous pattern; I’m going to havve to start a separate stash for all the knitspot patterns I want to do!

  8. oh Anne – Rivolo is fabulous. quiet and fluid all at once. indeed. I’ll bet it feels like heaven in the merino tencel.

    and I see that you have been extremely busy while I was otherwise occupied! Your garden grow-eth – -and that Ciambotta sounds yummy – thanks for the link to the recipe.

    My hyndrangeas (same exact one as yours) only opened yesterday (finally. I love the color. Your photos are wonderful.

  9. Ah!!!!!! SWEET!!! (everyone else had already used the word “lovely”)
    Another fine flow of creativity!!

  10. What a wonderful pattern, and it does show really well in the yarn you used. I could see it in a larger, shawl size. I know it does defeat your idea of the beautiful, quick scarf. Off to your shop!

  11. Oh gosh, this one is so pretty. I have some sock yarn in the stash that is the colors of a faded sunflower. I’m a total sucker for the autumn-ish tones and I loved this yarn the moment I saw it.

    But I could never bring myself to make socks from it, somehow it felt rude to be stepping on it all day long! I think it will look great as this scarf…thanks for creating such wonderful designs! 🙂

  12. Anne,
    I thoroughly enjoy visiting your blog. I love your designs, and the fact that you write about them almost every day.

    I truly appreciate that you have shared your garden as well as recipe ideas. I do well with flowers but have never had a vegetable garden – you have given me a great deal of inspiration and I think that next year I might give it a try.

    On a daily basis I look forward to reading your blog and visiting your web site because it is so positive and so refreshing. It really is a high point in my day.

    BTW, I finished an Ostrich Plumes wrap a couple of weeks ago, and I love it. Your Little Nothings creations are wonderful and I believe that they will make meaningful and beautiful holiday gifts. I need to get started…

    Many thanks for sharing your gifts,

  13. The scarf does seem to change colors when you move. Stunning! I love it! Which Little Nothing is YOUR favorite??

  14. Oh, I thought it was lovely in the blocking shots, but it is even better when worn – it truly makes it come to life! Beautiful!

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