Stocking Cap for Baby Knitspot

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The last four days Anne has been at my house and though we worked a lot, we also had a little time for play and a little sightseeing.

I got a lot done on Baby Knitspot’s stocking cap

while Anne kept busy in the kitchen making delish meals.Β She brought along all the amazing baby veggies she harvested from her garden

and turned them into a spicy Thai curry. It was so good we ate it twice!

We spent half the day Friday at the hospital and it was nice to have a buddy for all the wait time in between my appointments. Anne got a lot done on her Briar Rose Stella Twig and Leaf while I plugged along on my baby cap. Being the best boss ever she even recorded the baby’s ultrasound and threw it up on YouTube. I think she’s excited to be an auntie!

By Saturday we needed to replenish the fridge. so I thought Royal Oak Farmers Market would be the perfect solution. We found tons of goodies, grabbed some coffee and then settled back at my house for another productive work day.Β Our big focus for the weekend was planning the next club and we are so excited about the offerings. So much to look forward to!

We had all the best intentions of turning our morning haul into a yummy meal, but the evening got away from us.Β We felt a little guilty, but I had a solution. Pesto Pizza from Amici’s and a big salad! It hit the spot and we could stay focused on work. Well…until we couldn’t keep our eyes open any more.

Our last day we wrapped up our to do list and a made a little knitting progress. Sunday night Anne prepared a fabulous last supper of the weekend.

She chopped and chopped, while Buddy stood patiently waiting for any morsel to drop. Sometimes Anne would hand pick a Buddy-sized piece of veggie and hand it to him.

I think they’re best friends now!

Anne turned the veggies into an amazing vodka pasta and tossed it with spinach and black truffle gnocchi from the market.

The photo doesn’t do it justice, but my oh my was it scrumptious! A great reward for all the work we did all weekend.

This morning as Anne pulled out of the driveway she said, “next time I see you, you’ll be a mom!” Wow, how crazy is that?!

I spent the afternoon finishing up my cap. It was such a fun and easy knit!

I love the handspun look – such a vintage feel. I can’t decide if I want to add the optional tassel. Thoughts?

I have quite a bit of Briar Rose Polwarth left, so I was thinking I might make mittens or handsies to match.

Though I don’t have a baby to model it yet, I figured the cantaloupe would work.

Why not? Baby Knitspot is the size of this melon right now – 5.5 pounds.

Want to make a cap of your own? Well, Megan Leslie you can! You won a $10 gift certificate in the contest. Congrats!

Now that my cap is done, I REALLY need to get focused for the Ravellenic Games – Opening Ceremonies are Friday. Go Team Knitspot!

25 thoughts on “Stocking Cap for Baby Knitspot

  1. If you are going to make a hat for your precious son, then go all the way…make the tassle! It will add character and charm to an already neat hat.

    BTW, how cool to be spoiled by Anne’s cooking! Every time you or she posts about one of her curries or pastas, I start salivating. πŸ˜‰

  2. OMG! Let me know when the next “working” weekend is and I’ll come help do dishes or something πŸ™‚ Buddy must be in HEAVEN! Seriously gotta love the boss lady who cooks such yummy food for you!

    Just love the hat. I think the tassle would put the cuteness over the top, so I say go for it! I really love the vintage knitspot pattern posts πŸ™‚

    Hugs to you both!

  3. Another vote for a tassel πŸ˜‰
    Thank you very much gorgeous girl!
    I am sure you will not be surprised to hear that I have quite a few knit spot patterns on my wish list ..
    Just received your email at Uluru or Ayres rock in the middle of our vast continent, off to tropical Cairns in an hour !!
    Love to Buddy & babyknitspot (I like Colt for a boy btw πŸ˜‰

  4. That little hat is great, a tassel would finish it off perfectly, but make sure that baby knitspot can’t get it into his mouth!!

  5. Yes on the tassel. Sounds like a fun weekend. Maybe Anne should consider putting together a Knitspot cookbook. Great yellow shoes, Anne. What brand are they?
    Happy upcoming birthday!

  6. It needs a tassle! What a cute little hat–perfect for the coming winter (wishful thinking right now when it’s 80F at 7am in NE).

  7. wow, the stocking cap turned out great; i just LOVE the look of the handspun polwarth and how cool that it is one of the first yarns you spun on the wheel . . .at my house, too!! just one year ago; so much has happened since then!

    i do think it needs a tassel; i vote for a small soft toy to finish it off, something the baby can grab and play with in the car seat, that swings in and out of his line of vision, haha.

  8. The baby hat is lovely – such yummy colors and filled with so much love. The point looks like it needs just a teeny little pompom to finish it off.

  9. What a lovely visit. It’s so nice when you can spend a week with someone and enjoy every minute. I think a tassel would be appropriate for a stocking hat.

  10. Go for the tassel–it’s best to use them before the baby is old enough to know how his hands work, since that’s then they pull them apart. That pasta looked divine. Maybe I’ll suggest Anne add whipping up dinner to her class repertoire. πŸ™‚

  11. Anne, Did you know that doggies love fresh green beans, and the vet says they are good for them.!!!! they love cooked ones a little less but still will eat those.
    Cute, cute hat, I vote for a tassel too….

  12. Looks like you had a great time and awesome food!

    Since you have been comparing produce size to baby size, maybe a knitted piece of fruit instead of the tassel? It would look really cute with a little apple or pear on the end!

  13. I vote for a tassel or pompom! The hat is so cute and you look adorable knitting in front of the crib!

  14. Yes, Erica…by all means add the tassel/pompom…! It adds so much to the total look of the cap, and the advantage is that Baby Knitspot will be so young and so small that he won’t be tempted to pull at it to put it in his mouth…big smile!!! Best wishes to you as you traverse the final weeks of your pregnancy, and may you have a safe and healthful delivery…!

  15. Love the hat! Another suggestion for your leftover yarn is leg warmers. They’re quick and if you rib them, they’ll stretch nicely to fit those chubby little legs. My DIL loved them when our little one was small.

  16. The cap is lovely! And I think I want Anne to come be a house guest with me! Me! Pick me. I love to cook, but I think Anne could teach me a thing or ten.

  17. Tassel or pompom… For sure. Is baby Knitspot going to be born at Beaumont? My Matthew was born there 24 years ago when we were living in Southfield!

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