twig and leaf

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now here is a shawl that delivers plenty of drama for a rather small (and very fun) investment of time. not only it is engaging to knit, but the final result is definitely more than the sum of its parts.

and if that weren’t enough, it practically produced its own photo shoot, requiring very little in the way of direction.

not that the average knitter needs a shawl to do that, but good to know it’s more than just a pretty face, especially if you like to travel light.

the pattern includes three sizes; i know we like that. shown above is the medium size and below is the petite size, which makes a great scarf, but is also wide and deep enough to throw over the shoulders for a little extra warmth.

i like this size a lot—it’s the sort of go-to piece that i grab when i travel because it has a variety of uses. i can wear it as a scarf or shawlette

with a dress or with a t-shirt and jeans. it packs away easily in a bag or suitcase and looks great no matter how long i’m on the road. what’s not to love??

this one, knit by my dear friend jocelyn, is destined for the briar rose booth (see it at a wool show near you!), but after seeing these photos, i think i must knit one for myself to keep, maybe in a different color.

i liked knitting it too much to pass up the chance to do it over. and if laceweight is not your thing, then try something else—chris asked agnes to knit one of these in a much heavier yarn for a large, cozy version with twice the drama. hopefully, agnes will post that soon or see it in the briar rose booth

one of the nicest extras about this piece is that it’s knit with a heavier lace yarn, so that you get all the wonderful silky sheerness and light while still working on a reasonably-sized needle

i don’t know about you, but for me, that’s a real plus. with my schedule, it’s awfully helpful if my knitting projects move along at a nice clip.

speaking of the yarn, these samples are knit up in the gorgeous briar rose stella, a merino/silk blend. looks like chris has a bunch of this black watch colorway dyed up, too.

and i know she also dyed up some of her bella merino lace (which is interchangeable), in the same colorway for those who prefer pure wool. and can i just say, we got three of these shawls from a single skein, with yarn to spare—it’s a bargain.

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the knitspot pattern shop. or purchase the pattern in our ravelry pattern shop.

hmmm, in what color should i knit it next?

if you’re wondering about the fab scarob brooch i’ve fastened it with here, you can purchase it from one of my favorite metalsmiths—perl grey. click here and scroll sideways til you see it.

as for me, i am always grateful to the wonderful collaborating artists that i get to work with. my friend chris at briar rose is always coming up with incredible new yarns to lay her colors upon and we are so lucky to know her, aren’t we?

and then there are women like jocelyn and agnes, who don’t hesitate for a moment, but jump right in almost at the swatching stage to volunteer their time to test knitting. it boggles the mind how fast they go and all for the love of a new adventure. thank you both so much for your inspiration.

david pulled out all the stops for this photo shoot and wow, the guy knows exactly what he’s doing, doesn’t he?? someone whose initials are ANNE should knit him some socks or something . . .


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