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need a little something to help brave the newly-chill morning air, but hating to hide behind a muffler just yet? or maybe it’s time to search for gift knits that are quick and fun to work up, but special enough to say i love you dearly, my friend. this neckwarmer might just do it for you . . . knit it up as written for a speedily-finished but entirely thoughtful gift, or make it a little longer to scrunch up a bit against the cold.

shown here in shivaya naturals silky merino, colorway, iris (above) and sunset (below).

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

the luscious silky merino yarn for this project was generously provided by heather, who offers a wide range of gorgeous yarns dyed only with natural materials at her online shop, shivaya naturals.
as always, thanks to rachel for her ongoing proofreading efforts.
and a big hand for my lovely friend beckie, who graciously modeled this new piece for us; it’s hard to be in front of the lens for the first time but she’s a natural!

18 thoughts on “spiraluscious

  1. Beeutiful!! I think I want one of those….so pretty!! Good to see you are back, I was starting to worry about you 🙂

  2. Oh how lovely.
    They also look like fantastic beginner lace projects.

    If you are ever on the west coast for an autograph signing, please post the schedule. I can think of one shop I would love to see you at in Sunnyvale, CA.

    As always your work inspires and invigorates.

  3. This is totally scrumptious and I am heading out tomorrow to find just the right yarns for some Christmas gifts – must be soft and oh so lovely!!! I will even try making it smaller for my 8 yr granddaughter – she will love it – warm and toasty in our WI winter!!!

  4. So pretty! Looks like the perfect thing for some lovely spindle-spun yarn… As soon as I find a bit of time to pick up my spindles again, I think I will spin something with this pretty thing in mind!

  5. Beckie has the kind of hair I’ve always wanted and never had. Nary a cowlick in sight. Love the neckwarmer. I needed one this morning!

  6. Very pretty! I’m finally catching up on blog reading and soon will be catching up on pattern buying. If only catching up on my knitting was as easy!

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