happy halloween

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as has become our tradition here, halloween is a day to show off my neighbor’s most valiant efforts in yard decor. throughout the fall and winter bret provides an entertaining parade of changing holiday and seasonal displays; in summer, it is all about flowers and plants. but one thing is constant no matter what the season—bret does not do anything in a small way. and this halloween is no exception.

i went over earlier in the day to take photos as the sun set; it was the perfect time to take pictures of ghostly robes all afire

and to see the details of some of the smaller vignettes in the yard

there were figures rising from the ground

and dancing along the porch railings

in anticipation of the fast-approaching darkness.
i went back inside to finish up my day’s work and wait for it myself. i’m starting to feel a little more caught up on paperwork and email, finally, but sadly i’ve done less knitting than i’d like since i got home. it’s coming though . . . tomorrow i think my deck is completely clear for knitting. phew.

meanwhile, i finished the last of the spiraluscious neckwarmers, soaked them, and now they are laying out to dry. i have four completed now that will make nice gifts (i might keep one for me, but which one??)

late last night i worked on david’s grandpa sock. now it has a heel and i’m working down the foot toward the toe. handspun socks knit up so fast and feel SO good.

on the other hand, they wear out fast too; today i pulled on a pair that i knit a couple of years ago and have only worn maybe eight times. my heel went in and just kept going—there was a hole right at the heel corner. arrggh. it’s my own fault; the yarn was way too soft to be used for socks but i did it anyway. some day, i’ll learn not to do that.

i also worked on my mitts a little but realized i was knitting a second left-hand one, and since i don’t have two left hands, i’ll be spending this evening correcting that, i’m afraid, instead of making more progress (luckily, i wasn’t very far into it).

i also soaked and blocked my butternut scarf yesterday. this is the scarf i knit with the very fine (400 yds/ounce) spindle-spun yarn that abby sent me over the summer.

yes, that’s 2-ply—unbelievable, right?
it was an amazingly beautiful gift and i have enjoyed every minute of knitting with it. so much so that i stretched out the my work on this piece about as much as i could get away with, just to keep touching the yarn

but at a certain point, i wanted to see the completed piece too—i just LOVE this stitch pattern

and the rich, buttered-almonds color of the merino/silk/alpaca blend. sigh.

and it’s pretty on both sides, too.
tomorrow we get some modeling shots—i hope we have a nice day for it. maybe we’ll even walk over to the cemetery for that.

now it’s dark. and scary. and that means it’s time for

more of bret’s halloween magic.

and now a view from another angle with the high skeleton in the frame. nothing exceeds like excess, as they say

so happy halloween everyone, from my street to yours

30 thoughts on “happy halloween

  1. FANTASTIC decorations! I love it when someone can get into the spirit like that. I love the ghost whose ‘sheet’ is too short so you can see his boots!
    Your scarf is gorgeous – the yarn looks so delicate and the colors are lovely. Can’t wait to see it modeled!

  2. Thanks for the taste of Halloween! Love the pictures. The scarf is really lovely, as always. Happy Halloween!

  3. Wow, good on Bret! I haven’t even carved my pumpkin yet. Whoopsee!

    Lovely butternut scarf. I picked up some lovely cashmere 2-ply at Rhinebeck this year that I think would work beautifully with that pattern. AND I’ve got a Knitspot gift certificate! Isn’t it amazing how everything just seems to come together sometimes? 😉

  4. What a fun neighborhood! Lovely scarf and wonderful colorway. Picked up some nice yarn at SAFF this year that might work out lovely on that pattern. Hoping to make it to Rhinebeck, Maryland Sheep and Wool,and SOAR some year soon. Ooh, cushy, warm and comfortable handspun socks. Sorry to hear of your other socks getting a hole. What heel are you doing? I’ve got 4 pairs ONT right now and would hate to have to repair them after only a handful of wearings.

  5. I love your Butternut scarf. The color is unique. I like the variations in it. The color and the pattern combined make it look so cozy and comforting to wear. Beautiful!

  6. The “high skeleton” is fabulous–almost too scary! IMO the decorations might be more effective if there weren’t so many of them. However,I have a neighbor who covers every inch of their little patch of condo lawn with Halloween and Christmas decorations. So I guess that the fun is in the making, planning, and setting up!

  7. hahah – thanks for sharing the latest decor in your neighborhood – it makes me giggle.

    Your butternut scarf is amazing. Abby’s spinning is beyond wonderful – a salute to her! wow.

    It looks like you had a fabulous time on all your travels. how awesome.

  8. Butternut is beautiful.
    Oh Wow.

    I am waiting until after the Mortgage is paid to do my shopping. You have several new patterns I want and I can never just buy one at a time. That is just all kinds of wrong.

    If you ever publish a book, I want one!

  9. You know, you always show these pictures, and I am always rendered speechless. Excess is indeed the right word! 😉

    The butternut scarf looks gorgeous all blocked out; that yarn is a stunner.

  10. Once again, I must say I *love* the Butternut scarf! The stitch pattern is very interesting, and Abby’s yarn is simply amazing. Gorgeous!

  11. Hi Anne,
    being a german i´m not used to see such decorations….
    i´m waiting for more fotos of this wonderful scarf. Are you going to make a pattern? PLEASE

  12. I’ve seen it, and STILL don’t believe it. What a treat (or trick) to live so close!

    Love the Butternut Scarf – has a little of the Alhambra feel to the design. (Yes, another purchase coming up!)

  13. That is by far THE best blog photo’s for Halloween that I have seen. I think there should be an award…chocolate for you it is my dear friend. Thanks for taking the time to take all those photos and sharing them with all of us. Oh, and of course, as always, the money shot….the best 😉

  14. Hi! Great blog. My parents (who are your other across-the-street neighbors, B and N) told me I should check it out. I only do simple crochet, but you’ve inspired me to learn more.

    Um…but actually my main reason for commenting here is that I wanted to thank you for posting the pics of Bret’s latest masterpiece! 😀 I usually only see the Christmas extravaganza in person anymore (Halloween not being much of a family get-together holiday) and of course my folks are not as committed to documenting his work anymore. 😉 So…thanks for a taste of the old neighborhood!

  15. First off, that scarf is scrumptious.

    Second, there’s a house down the street from me that goes all out for holidays, as well. Tonight, I noticed on my way home from work that they had a fog machine plugging away in the front yard, which made it look even creepier with all of the Halloween decorations. It’s definitely right up there with Bret’s decorating skillz!

  16. well, at least your neighbor has fun!

    that scarf – and yarn are just gorgeous. actually, i’m not sure it’s yarn. it looks more like spun sunshine, with maybe a touch of gold. gorgeous!

  17. When I got to that last picture, [it’s also in the third picture] I realized that I have the exact same little ghost–actually I have 3 in 3 sizes: a Dad, Mom, and Baby ghost. I think they are supposed to glow in the dark, but I’ve never seen it. They just hang in the windows here. Was your weather as good as it was here in Chicago? We actually got to see all the children’s costumes since no one wore coats!

    Our block is sadly lacking in creativity. Thanks for sharing your neighbor’s vision.

  18. Please show us both sides of the scarf when you do the modeling shots? For now, I’ll go bake up some butternut squash just to hold me until I see more!

  19. Hey Anne! You just won a blog award, go check out my blog for the details. 🙂

    LOVE the butternut scarf – gorgeous!

  20. Love the decorations!! It was so much fun trick or treating in a neigborhood that really got into the spirit of the night. Love the scarf – the stitch pattern and the color — scrumptious!

  21. I just love people who really get into the spirit of the Holidays. Great Halloween setup.

    That Butternut yarn is so gorgeous! I’m so amazed at your blocking, how do you do it? You have it perfectly blocked, that’s always a stress point for me, the blocking, because I want my garments to come out perfectly blocked and I find myself fretting over where to pin it. Great work.

  22. Your autumn photos are so beautiful! I wish I could keep them on my screen at work, all day.So peaceful and yes, they speak of change. Love the little squirrel and lovely yarn, too.

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