we STILL heart new york

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we had a lovely weekend at the yarn co in manhattan, where we were treated to great company and surrounded by walls of luxury yarns. we even got to attend a small party in the home of owners tavy, assaf, and romi ronen

megan, kat, elizabeth, and i had a yummy dinner on saturday night together in the restaurant adjacent to our hotel.

after our last class however, we found ourselves holding cancelled plane tickets and watching one municipal resource after another close up tight in anticipation of the impending storm.

kat, who is from a coastal area and has a good head on her shoulders about these things, shot right into action and secured rooms. i moved to her hotel which was the absolute right thing to do—and it is here that i’ve been holed up ever since.

the first night, we just settled in to wait for the storm, which promptly slowed its pace as soon as the airports closed.

we are definitely having some fun together, but we also wish we could be home. at first we thought we’d wait it out for a couple of days and at least get a bunch of knitting done, but in reality, we’ve done less knitting and more checking of weather pattens and flights, which get moved to a new time every few hours, it seems.

this is the view on monday from my hotel room, which faces northeast. that day, cathy invited us over to knit in the afternoon while we waited for the storm to begin.

now you might want to sit down for this next news—i finished a sock.
yes, i have actual knitting content AND an FO to show for my time there.

full disclosure—i’ve had this sign of four sock on the needles for ever. it’s been growing in the slowest possible manner in waiting rooms, at doctor’s appointments, and in the car since i can’t remember when. but now it’s done, yay.

i even got started on  the second sock, david may actually be wearing these before he starts drawing on his social security . . .

these are knit with string theory caper sock, for which i have a deep affection. i’ve had this skein a long time and now i can’t remember the colorway name; i want to call it something like “fusion” but it also looks like it could be black cherry.

on the way back to the hotel from cathy’s, we marveled at the empty avenues of the city—this never happens except in a state of extreme emergency. but with all the bridges closed and  subways, buses, and most forms of transportation halted, it was a traffic ghost town. we had to be very careful because the cars that were out were speeding recklessly down the empty avenues.

we stopped to pick up water and a few groceries to keep in our rooms—my little pantry was stocked with just about anything i’d need for a day or two, but we never really were without access to hot food from nearby delis and restaurants.

that night was actually rather frightful; we have a construction site just across the street and the wind blew down scaffolding, signage, and all manner of splintered debris, sending it flying. being outside meant putting oneself in danger of being hit with splintered spike of wood, sheet metal, or flying plywood.

they moved the crane off of broadway and 77th street onto 77th street, where i could now see it from my window. i could only trust that with one crane coming down the other day, they secured this one very well.

i spent the night knitting on my secret project and listening to an audiobook to keep my mind calm. the lights flickered a bit but did not go out; we lost internet and TV transmission (several networks had to stop broadcasting), and in the middle of the wee hours, the management came around and asked everyone NOT to use the elevators. all in all, not that bad.

i’ve been working on my hazeline as well throughout the week—it’s almost done. i should be able to finish it up very soon.

the rain was not too bad here in the city and our area did not experience flooding. but the rest of the region was badly hit, as you all probably know. we are VERY lucky to have gotten through it with only travel delays to deal with.

late monday afternoon, i even saw a very brief brightening of the sky and captured this sunny moment.

a very blue eye of the storm, we think it may have been. it lasted just a minute or two and then the whole thing clouded over again, but it was awesomely beautiful.

the skies continue to be overcast and there are snowstorms beginning outside the city now, but i have secured a rental car and will be leaving for home in a little while, if everything goes as expected. at this point, i can’t get out of NYC by airplane anytime before friday night. i’m trying to make my scheduled flight for san francisco from home tomorrow morning, by switching to car transportation. hopefully, the weather will hold and i can get there without too much trouble—wish me luck!

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  1. I’m happy you all were safe with only travel delays to worry about. And I love your sign of four sock! I love the color too, and I may have that very same yarn! Yum!

  2. I hope you’re on your way home by now – not that it wasn’t lovely having you here a bit longer than planned!

  3. Please keep safe! As my mother said, call and let us know you are there as soon as you arrive. We will keep good thoughts for your safe travel.

  4. It’s good to hear that you came through unscathed, though inconvenienced. I hope your drive homewards goes well.
    Please stay safe!

  5. So glad you weathered the storm safely, I know that we are very grateful too! Hope you have a quick ride home today and an easy trip to the west coast to make up for all this excitement 🙂

  6. Oh, Anne! I’m so happy that you are safe and dry. Please be careful in your travels coming home. Hugs and prayers.

  7. Drive safe….hug your hubby…have a good time on the west coast! Hope it is a rather less eventful trip!

  8. Very glad to hear that you made it through Sandy with minimal issues. I hope your drive home is uneventful and that San Francisco weather/tectonic activity is tame for you! Nice sock!

  9. So sweet of you to post and share pictures in the midst of trying to find a way out of the city. Take care, safe travels and smooth connections!

  10. I echo everyone else—take care and be safe. I work at my LYS, and here in Iowa, the sun was shining and the weather was beautiful while all that was going on out east. I did try to call a couple of our suppliers Monday to place orders, and they were both shut down for the duration.

  11. So glad you are safe and sound, and have found a way out of NY, as much as I know you love the city! Good luck with the SF connection – possibly being on the west coast will be a bit calmer!

  12. Phew. Glad you are okay. San Francisco? Are you coming here to teach?! Where, when? I’d LOVE to take a class with you!

  13. I’m glad you’re safe and get home safely, too. I have friends in Cleveland who have been without power for 3 days now, but friends farther south (around Canton) who seem fine.

  14. Oh my goodness! I was afraid you were stuck in NYC. So relieved to know that you are safe and sound. I hope you’re able to get a car.

  15. Anne, so glad to hear you and all are safe! I pray for those who are on the east coast!

  16. Good luck, Anne! You are a participant in an historic event–thank goodness it wasn’t any worse. the sock is awesome!

  17. I kept thinking, “Surely Anne left before that storm hit.” Sounds like you made the best of it. Safe travels!

  18. Hi Anne, I’m front Brazil and love your blog. I visited them every day. I’m very glady than everthing goes well, and you are fine. Bon voyage!

  19. I still love NY, probably even more so now. Good luck driving, Anne. I heard some of the roads are precarious with downed trees and who know’s what. LGA is opening tomorrow which seems a miracle given it was underwater a few days ago. This may seem immature, but I hope David took pix of your neighbors house this week. Miss your traditional Halloween post :(.

  20. I was wondering how you were doing. Glad you are safe and getting home soon, and thanks for the update and pictures!

  21. I was wondering if you’d gotten stuck in NYC — I’m so glad you came through so well. And that *had* to be the eye of the storm; there wasn’t another unclouded patch of sky within 500 miles otherwise, I do believe. What a great sight!

  22. I hope your car trip home was/is uneventful and you get a chance to rest up a bit before you head out our way. Stay safe.

  23. Take care and safe travels. Though inconvienced, I was glad to read that you and some of your Knitspot “posse” made the best of it.

  24. Oh wow!! Crazy-ville! I guess we should’ve left the car in NY anyway!!! Hope you make your flight!!! Wish I was there to help you drive!

  25. Do you feel as if you have been on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride? Hope you are safe and sleeping in your own bed and that acquiring a car and driving home was an uneventful and calm process!
    I hope to see you Sunday at Verb…. looking forward to meeting you.

  26. So glad that you are safe! What yarn and color did you use for your Sign of Four sock? It’s beautiful.

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