more orange for february

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i harvested just one lonely butternut squash from my garden this year, which has been waiting for me to do figure out what it would be cooked into (i don’t care for just plain winter squash—too sweet for me). then beckie gave me a bagful that she had left from her garden and visions of a pot of soup began to form in my mind.

so yesterday i roasted the squash, peeled a few potatoes, chopped some celery, onions, carrots, and garlic, got all that cooking, added some curry spices, and within an hour or so we had a nice big, hot, pot of yummy soup. just what we needed. there’s enough for us to have over the weekend and some to give back to beckie and mark. the rest i bundled up and brought to a friend’s house for knitting night. mmm.

it was good to get out and escape my messy coffee table to knit with friends for a few hours.
(yes, it’s a pleasant mess, but sometimes looking at it makes my head spin—or worse—gives me an idea for another a new project)

i finished my secret project just in time, so yesterday i worked on the autumn mantle shawl a little more—i should have worked on it more than i did, but i don’t like to take big projects when i go visiting.

instead, i took the sock along and worked through the heel

now on to the foot. it’ shaping up very nicely, especially when i actually work on it. i keep thinking i should have a lot more done with it than i do, then i remember the distractions i’ve allowed myself this week. heh. oh well, there’s always next week . . .

i did buckle down and start the frosty neckwarmer. first i cast on with dye dreams dream sox yarn in passion flower colorway, a blend of deep lavender, blues, and pinks

that reads like a beautiful amethyst—perfect for february. i love the colorway and the stitch definition with this yarn, but i do wonder if this piece should be knit in something with a little more substance and maybe better drape. so i dug out some twinkle toes, a merino/tencel blend, also from dye dreams.

i received this skein in the lavender colorway last summer and was thinking i’d save it for a scarf. it’s slightly heavier than the dream sox, but also softer and drapier, with a nice, silky sheen. the weight is perfect for the 3.25 mm needles i’m using.

right now, these two pieces are the same length (ok, neck and neck, if you will, haha), and i plan to work them to the finish in tandem; it’s a good way to make sure my pattern notes are accurate.

in the meantime, i wonder also how this pattern will translate in a fuzzier yarn, so i plan to cast one on in schaefer judith alpaca, which i have in my stash in colorway georgia o’keefe.

it has all the colors of snow—it should be pretty and a good idea to see the piece in a different palette. ever since i received this yarn i’ve been looking to use it in something, but so many times it seemed more baby-appropriate than what i wanted. i think this stitch should keep it on a more sophisticated level, though, while hinting at a vintagey feeling.

i love that this lace pattern feels like a norwegian snowflake pattern in two colors . . . it isn’t often that lace stitches recall classic color motifs to me, but now that i see it, i’ll probably look for it in other stitch patterns.

speaking of beautiful alpaca, i received some yarn samples from a producer in the UK this week that i want to share

these are the colors of farm yarn, fingering weight baby alpaca—aren’t the natural colors scrumptious? this would make beautiful scarves and shawls, and possibly luxurious socks as well. it would also be great for stranded mittens or hats with substance.

liz from mackintosh yarns also sent me some sample skeins of all the fibers she is currently dyeing—and there are quite a few

top to bottom there is mey seacell sock yarn (merino/seacell), iona sport (merino/cashmere/nylon, mmm), skye sock yarn (pure merino), woodland sock yarn (merino/bamboo), and the spinneret lace yarn (a merino/silk blend)

i don’t have immediate plans for these, but you never know when a skein on hand turns out to be just the thing to realize an idea that’s brewing.

well, we are heading out this evening to celebrate birthdays with friends and i have a date to ride my exercise bike before igo, so i think it’s time i headed that way.

i can’t wait til tomorrow; i’ve been keeping a secret all week and i’ll finally be able to blab about it.

25 thoughts on “more orange for february

  1. That natural alpaca yarn is stunning.

    Your soup sounds delicious. I’m with you on winter squash; it’s already so sweet that I don’t understand how people can gunk it up with brown sugar!

  2. I’m childishly excited about your secret–it’s like Christmas! (Only better, because I KNOW I’ll like it. No pink bunny suits here . . .)

  3. Love the gorgeous colours of the squash, the autumn mantle shawl, the lavendars ~ all joyous on a cold, grey, winter day. Thanks! Can hardly wait for the pattern.

  4. Funny, I have 2 squash sitting on my counter looking for a recipe. What good timing!
    I love those Macintosh yarns. I want them all!!

  5. HOW DO YOU DO IT?? 🙂
    Love the butternut squash–I have one at home that needs roasting…hmm.

    I’ll take the top 2 Mackintosh please…lol. When do we get to see the secret project?

  6. Oh My! I absolutely have to have that orange!~ I’ve been watching it grow and the color is just fantastic! Can you recommend how much to purchase and a good pattern for it?

  7. i have to echo all the comments before me: squash looks yummy, colors of the yarn so vibrant on a winter’s day[i did bookmark that new england red and have been to visit it every day, trying to justify buying], and can’t wait to hear the secret. i found myself scrolling to find a photo of the soup. 🙂 it sounds wonderful. thanks for sharing.

  8. Inspiring entry/yarns! Do you find merino/tencel-seacell socks wear well at the heels and toes?

  9. Oh Anne! You & David really should move to Oregon and live right next door to me!! We can share soup and stories and laugh at MY neighbor’s Halloween decorations.

    Once again – you come up with not only yummy food but lovely creations too!

  10. I would love the recipe for your soup…it sounds yummy! Did you blend it down to a creamy soup or leave it plain?

    LOVE the purple neckwarmer!

  11. I don’t even need to see a photo of the soup to desire some…can almost taste the warmth and yumminess with your words. Love both of the dye dream colorways…after all purple is my favorite. Can’t wait to read about the secret project!

  12. Yummy everything – from soup to socks and shawl to yarns!

    I love how the sock stitch is working out in that fabulous yarn. One more photo of it and I’ll just have to order some, despite being on a yarn diet AND living where one can wear wool socks only a couple of months a year at best. (Maybe I could wear wool socks with shorts???)

  13. Mmmm, the colour of that merino/seacell blend from macintosh yarns (the top one on the picture) is positively DROOL-WORTHY.

  14. You are right, the stitch definition of the frosty neckwarmer is fabulous in the Dream Sox yarn. I guess the stitch pattern in the Twinkle Toes will appear more clearly once blocked. In any case, it will be very interesting to see the three versions side by side.

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