who’s that man, who’s that man?

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who told him that he could hold your hand??
when i looked him in the eye he ran
who’s that man, who’s that man?

todd rundgren

ok, so that song has nothing to do with the actual david, but it’s playing over and over in my brain, dredged up somehow from the 70s. i still have the record, a cast-off from my older brother; i always kinda liked it.

today i have FOs, swatches, and a yarn parade. i’m sorta in-between projects, but not for long—it’s imperative that i get at least one new item on the needles before it falls behind schedule.

more on that later; let’s look at david’s new pockets

it’s hard to tell in this photo but he’s really pleased with the finished sweater (honest, he is smiling)

probably because he loves the yarn so much—the jacket is knit from briar rose fibers robusta
chris is a total champ—i ran out of yarn just after completing the sweater body and had nothing to knit pockets with. she matched the yarn perfectly and sent the custom skein along so i could finish it out.

david says, “ah, brilliant”.

(i’m not kidding—he really talks like that)
and today it’s so cold (again) that he’s wearing it

now that he has a place to put his iPhone.

when i got up today, i couldn’t figure out what i was going to blog about—not much on the needles at this moment, and i didn’t knit much last night because i was swatching and leafing through stitch pattern books. then i remembered that i finished this

the boxleaf triangle is done and done. we need to get some modeling photos tomorrow—that’s one thing that just didn’t happen today.

evelyn at knitty noddy provided this beautiful limited-edition fleece artist cambyx yarn for the project,

which she now has listed for sale in her shop. the pattern will be released here and there as soon as evelyn’s copies get to her (and they are on the way)

i love the variegated hemlock colorway as much as i love the nearly-solid color of the original; busy without overwhelming the pattern. it has the feel of a missoni fabric . . . this one is definitely staying with me; i know i’ll get lots of use from it.

and look how perfectly the jadeite pin, designed by romi, goes with it—one of my favorites from her sticks and stones series.

now, let’s look at what’s on the drawing board

so many people wrote to ask for a rectangle version of the boxleaf shawl that i’m going to create one this month. i ferreted through my work stash to see what was there and found three skeins of briar rose josephine, in a woodsy green/brown colorway similar to this one.
this gorgeous coopworth/mohair blend takes dye like nobody’s business and has the sheen of longwool. the 2-ply artisan fingering/sport yarn is millspun in new mexico, then dyed by chris in her signature deep, rich colorways. i’ve had these skeins for a while but wasn’t sure what to do with them—now i know. they’ll be perfect for this wrap with its arts-and-crafts flavor.

i’ll be getting this on the needles by the weekend and i expect it will knit up pretty quickly. i’m going to work from the center back to hem, beginning with a provisional cast-on in order to get the same detail at the back neck that the triangle shawl has.

even though our windows remained frosted over all day, i’m thinking of blue skies and soft april breezes . . . and i have just the yarn to feed my fantasies. this merino laceweight yarn from shivaya naturals in the ocean colorway. i swatched last night and felt a little so-so about the patterns i chose. but this morning i had a brainstorm and i hope that tonight i’ll come up with a winner.

i’ve had a thing going for turquoise now, for the better part of the last year, so i’m really psyched to start this project. it couldn’t go on the needles at a more perfect time. spring is just 17 days away . . .

another bunch of you mentioned that a sock to match hoarfrost would be nice and indeed, it would—i like that idea. sooo, when i was talking to fearless fibers deb last, i mentioned it to her and before i knew it, this skein of tight twist merino sock was in my mailbox. and one to gail, too because she is all hot and bothered to test knit it (and believe me it’s mutual—i can’t wait to work with her, too).

and do you see the name deb gave to this color . . . no pun intended but, how cool is that??
hopefully i’ll also have this on the needles in the next couple of days so we can see how it’s taking shape.

yesterday our lovely mail carrier brought the box of mail held at the post office for us while we traveled last week. when my four o’clock class arrived, i still hadn’t looked through it because i’d been answering email all afternoon. they quickly shamed me into opening the four or five packages that were in the tub—they could smell yarn the minute they walked in the door.

more springy blues arrived in a box from the hudson valley fiber farm. on my birthday, i actually won a blog giveaway for three skeins of their incredible fine wool worsted weight yarn. i chose the hydrangea colorway because, well, i love hydrangeas. and i’m certain i haven’t knit anything ever with this color.

these next two are actually items that i received before i went away and i don’t want to dawdle any longer in showing them to you

cheryl at newhue handspuns is spinning and dyeing up a new fiber blend to complement the merino/angora we loved working with so much over the winter. this is a handspun merino/bamboo blend which she is making available in her etsy shop in the very near future (be sure to let us know when cheryl).

lilith sent along a trio of gorgeous laceweight and sock yarns in her newer yarn bases.

the two on the left are her merino lace yarn (i am loving that whiskey colorway in the center) and the one on the right is her merino/bamboo 4-ply. just in time for summer knitting . . .

remember the smooshy-soft cashmere/merino/nylon hank of heaven i used to knit the papaver sok? our friend roxanne wrote to tell me she is now dyeing that serenity blend in a worsted weight (i’m telling you, there’s a reason they are called dyers—they’re killing me with temptation). and, why yes, she could dye up a nice teal colorway . . how about let’s call it tealicious, hmmm??

omg . . . and then she added a couple of other things to the box

a beautiful cherry swirl skein of lucido, her merino/silk laceweight. and, as if that wasn’t enough

. and not just cashmere, but truffle cashmere DK, for a thicker kind of yummy softness.

whew, i need to go ride my bike—i think i’ve actually overindulged my brain . . . see you next time.

50 thoughts on “who’s that man, who’s that man?

  1. The pockets are perfect, you’d never know that was a different skein they were knit from! The shawl is gorgeous, and the yarns, yes to die for!

  2. That is absolutely the best tailored, knitted sweater ever. Love the color and the details. Fantastic job. Also, the shawl is drop dead gorgeous, the limited-edition fleece artist really works well with your design!

  3. So many gorgeous photos of so many gorgeous projects and yarns. Loved seeing all of them.

  4. David’s sweater is simply fabulous! And I’m glad to see that you’ll get to keep and use one of your lovely creations!

  5. Oh my, what a fine-looking guy in a fine-looking sweater. Lovely shawl. Lovely yarn. Your post was a bright spot in the day. Bright spot from Knit Spot, that’s almost a pun, in an odd way…

  6. Oh, wow. Those yarns are gorgeous. I particularly adore all of the turqoisey blues — they just scream spring to me. And David looks great in his sweater — the pockets are perfect 🙂

  7. The shawl is gorgeous! I had a hard time picturing how it would turn out when you’ve posted pictures of it on the needles, but it’s really lovely! It sort of goes with David’s sweater in a way, as well. In a tenuous, coordinating-but-not-matching sort of way. Maybe that’s a stretch, but I think the two would look lovely worn side-by-side. Wonderful! 🙂

  8. Such a beautifully tailored sweater that fits perfectly – “ah, brilliant” indeed!

    So many yummy yarns – my head is swimming. How do you ever choose which one to work with next??

  9. Anne, I just love the way you talk about David – your descriptions are so vivid, and I can read your adoration in every word. (The sweater’s not bad either…)


  10. Amazing! I love(love, LOVE) your knitting!!!
    Wish I could knit (and had yarn) like that!

  11. My husband wants that jacket. Is this your design? If it is, will it be available soon. If not, can you tell me where you got the pattern from?

    Seriously jonesing for that coat! Of course, I jones for the yarn and the wrap. Just gorgeous!

  12. That is a handsome sweater on a handsome man! The pockets are perfect. All of the yarn is extraordinary! Gorgeous yarn from talented spinners and dyers.

  13. It’s so nice when a loved one appreciates a knitted project, isn’t it? I’m glad the pockets worked out so well on the sweater. They look great!

  14. David’s sweater is lovely. I expect in a few years, it shall show the same loving wear as the sweater this one replaces.
    and thanks for the Todd fix. He’s a favorite of mine and it kills me when I mention his name and get a blank stare in return. I snitched a Todd album from one of my brothers years ago and never returned it (i made good and replaced it with a CD years later).

  15. That sweater is wonderful.

    The sheer fecundity, speed and beauty of your knitting projects as they leap off the needles frightens me. You’re not a real person, are you? You’re a knitting co-op rolled into a single body.

  16. David looks so handsome in that sweater – no wonder you knit for him!

    I cannot imagine wheat your yarn stash looks like when you recieve so many goodies in the mail on a frequent basis. My DH thinks I have too much yarn – what I have pales in comparison to many other knitters I “know” (via blogs), including yours, I believe. LOL. Too bad it doesn’t make him feel better about my stash. ; )

  17. so you are the one who won the fiber farm giveaway! lucky lady, I thought the hydrangea and choc. were just beautiful. I think I will need to procure myself some of that Old Maiden Aunt, I’ve been seeing that used a fair amount lately.

  18. Hi Anne! The jacket looks super with the pockets. I am thrilled that you are doing a rectangular version of the boxwood shawl. And that yarn is gorgeous. Hopefully Briar Rose Fibers will be at our local festival again this year and I can pick something out for it. I am especially fond of that green though. Congrats on winning the giveaway–so that’s why I didn’t win….lol

  19. I loved the jacket the first time you shared it with us, but with the pockets . . . I think I may swoon!

    And all that gorgeous yarn . . . must look away . . . can NOT buy more. I must train myself to enjoy the looking and not covet it all. (Well, maybe just one.)

  20. The jacket looks awesome. Perhaps its a good job that my man was out of the room when I was looking at the pictures!!! Might give him ideas! As for the shawl….. hopefully it will start to appear on needles near here before too long! Great work.

  21. My head is going to explode from all this gorgeousness. Love the boxwood shawl, and David’s pocketed sweater looks wonderful.

    Happy belated birthday to your mom!

  22. Lovely jacket, lovely shawl, lovely yarn! What’s the name of the colorway of the gray skein on the right in the Old Maiden Aunt picture? I’m having trouble matching it up to the colorways I see on her website, and I’m in the market for an interesting gray right now.

  23. Ironically I am more excited about seeing David’s sweater even tho’ I ordered the Cambyx before seeing the finished Boxleaf (gotta love that Fleece artist!)–but David’s sweater…oh my! Whew, have to go lie down before I swoon…I don’t know what it is about those pockets…but I do think your fitting job is stunning–you really know how to make ’em fit ever so nice. So dare I hope this pattern will get written up? or will this remain under lock and key as a special tribute to your beloved. (May have to put on my sleuthing hat and try to figure out the stitch pattern to incorporate into a pullover for my beloved).

    Cheers, Barbie O.

  24. All of the beautiful yarn is making me quite jealous.
    I LOVE the jacket. Seems to fit his style perfectly (i know i don’t know him, but it suits him).

  25. Beautiful colors!! I’m so excited and can’t wait for the rectangular version of boxleaf to come out. I love it but am more prome to wearing rectangular shawls. Loved, loved, loved seeing your maplewing shawl at Kim’s booth for NETA / SPA. Wish you could have heard all the wonderful comments. I’ve gotta tell you I have a feeling I’ll end up makeing the Maplewing as my first non rectangular shawl. I was just so taken with the beauty of the pattern.

  26. Wow, what a beautiful post. Handsome man, gorgeous sweater, lovely shawl, to die for yarns. You enabler you. Now I won’t be able to focus on all the millions of projects already floating around in my tiny brain I will want to cast on all the things you are sharing. Evil, I tell you, you are an evil woman. (I mean this in the nicest possible way).

  27. Beautiful sweater, hunky guy, an of course he talks that way – I wouldn’t doubt it for a minute!

    ZYG – Roxie’s yarns are to die for – I can’t wait to see what you create from them!! Two Artiste’s that I adore? What a fab combo you will be!!!

  28. Boy oh boy, I bet David is in heaven!!! Such a beautiful sweater. I love how you worked in the pockets. Very beautiful and so is the shawl and of course, the yarns are so yummy-looking! 🙂

  29. Anne: I always enjoy checking your website for the newest work in process. I have a question – do you keep all your FOs. If so, I don’t think you’ll ever have to worry about cold shoulders or cold feet. Absolutely stunning work. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Beautiful as always, Anne! Will you make the pattern available for David’s sweater? I know it is “David’s Sweater” and wouldn’t blame you for keeping it just for him – special sweater for very special guy. But my dad is always cold and I would love to knit that sweater and… (shameless groveling begging…) 🙂

  31. Ann: Yours is the most interesting blog. Many interesting works and David, so detached and seemingly innocently photogenic. The images are intriguing. I love your creative genesis. . . keep going

  32. Love David’s jacket. I’m sure he is smiling. Really. (My grandmother used to smile like that too.) The shawl looks fantastic, and all that gorgeous yarn! I’m hyperventilating….

  33. David’s jacket looks great! Oh course he loves it! We knitters don’t spend that much time and effort to knit for someone who won’t love what we make for them. 🙂 Besides who wouldn’t love a jacket that has a pocket for their iPhone. 😉 My hubby never smiles when the camera is out.

    I have some of that exact same cashmere dk yarn and it’s some of the yummiest yarn in my stash. Roxanne as some of the yummiest yarns. The new Serenity worsted is really tempting me!

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