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again, i have pitifully little knitting to share today, sigh. i’ve been working late into the evenings on patterns, so i’ve only managed to cast on the lace stole and finish a few slow rows of knitting. but soon there’ll be a little fabric on there and the work will go much faster.

i worked on a couple of socks in the late evenings too, but you’ve seen those already this week and the progress since was not that remarkable, heh.

first thing this morning beckie and mark picked me up for a trip to lily of the valley herb farm, so we could stock up on vegetable plants for our gardens. we came back loaded with tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, squash, and a few other edible things. i picked up some lupine and heuchera for my perennial beds and a white bleeding heart plant. i had a gift certificate that beckie gave us for christmas, so the trip didn’t even break the bank (though it so easily could have . . .)

we’re having a big windstorm here today, so i think i’ll put off outdoor work til tomorrow when it should be nicer. i can work on patterns some more this afternoon and get some much-needed knitting in.

i’m playing around with this yarn for another triangle shawl—i found a nice big-ish pattern in a book that i want to try and the color is perfect for it. it’s briar rose harmony, which chris is dyeing using the singles yarn base from mountain meadow merino—the same yarn i’m currently knitting into this scarf

(which, by the way, we are also knitting up as a stole, thanks to kari). it’s on the heavy side for fingering weight, so i’ll be using larger needles and it will be a warm, cozy shawl.

i’ve got so much going on behind the scenes here, it’s hard to keep it all straight. i think i’m in pretty good shape for leaving town this week but who knows? hahaha.

i do have a relaxing diversion waiting for me when i’m through here though, which i’m psyched about—there’s nothing like a little blocking to put me in the zen zone

this is kim’s maplewing shawl, knit up in her own whisper merino lace, colorway mama mia.

isn’t it scrumptious?? i told her i would block it for her, so she sent it along and it arrived this morning. it’s soaking now and should be ready to pin out when i’m done writing this.
i’ll put on a book, open the porch door and pin away.

after that, i’ll make something good for dinner.
sounds like a perfect afternoon.

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  1. I’ve been reading your blog for weeks and admire your prowess not only in knitting but with gardening too. In fact, I’ve even linked my blog to yours. Please continue posting pictures of your lovely work and refreshing flora.

  2. I love the white scarf. The garter stitch really adds something to the stitch pattern and I’m curious to see how it looks when it’s blocked out.

  3. I’m with Deb, I want to see that white shawl/scarf finished and available. Refreshingly different.

    Got lily of the valley blooming here in West Cork at the moment. Want me to send you some? (US customs officers, please don’t read this)

  4. Heh, heh, Anne. Your “not much” knitting would be a big day for me ;] That said, I am cranking away on Trevi and should finish the knitting tomorrow.

    What a good friend you are to block someone else’s knitting!

    Still a bit early here in coastal Massachusetts for plants, but I will be planting potatoes and lettuce tomorrow.

  5. my mom was out at lily of the valley earlier this week – although i think her purchases this time were mostly of the floral variety. (there may have been tomatoes in the mix, but i think most of her veggies are from seed this year.)

  6. Good start on the lace stole. Gorgeous blue! What brand of circular needle are you using? I looking to pick up some lace circulars, thinking about Addi’s.

  7. Ooh, gosh — that shawl is gorgeous in that colorway! I can’t wait to see it blocked out. 🙂 Enjoy your afternoon.

  8. Thanks so much for all the yarn reviews that you do. I’ve discovered some new ones that I would have been hesitant to just buy without some feedback from someone so its a real treat that you do so much of it! Thanks! 🙂

  9. Love the plant loot, Anne. Bleeding hearts are one of my favorite plants – they love to be anywhere and mine thrive even in the shade of the house….they’re breathtaking and require very little in the way of doting besides occasional watering and, well, admiration, of course:)

  10. As always, your photos are so wonderful and inspiring – plants and knitting both.

    Today I’ve finished my “must” projects and now will go plant some daylilies and maybe peas. Too early for anything else just yet.

  11. You talk so much about blocking that I wonder how many tricks you have that I don’t! My blocking never seems to change my garments much – although I am not yet making laces yet. Would you mind terribly taking as many pics as possible and giving us a little Master Class on blocking in your next entry?

  12. I’d love to know how blocking puts you in a zen zone, when it makes me break out into a cold sweat! Do the results follow the zen state, or does all that loveliness bring on the zen LOL? As usual, I’m a million patterns behind and can’t wait for the next. In the meantime, drooling will suffice.

  13. I agree with emily. I just blocked the PI shawl and while it is beautiful it was kind of a pain to find the points of the lace edge I used and even now I think it should be reblocked. I just use pins, no wires yet but they may be the next thing.

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