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every time i say hillflowers to myself i think of edelweiss—not just the flower, but the song made famous in the musical the sound of music, which every child in my grade school knew by heart. it’s completely apt then, that the scarf was finished just when a plethora of white flowers began blooming in my yard. the deep, rolling texture of this scarf or wrap marries well with rustic yarns and handspun, as well as plump sport or fingering yarns. the stitch is easy to learn and i very much enjoyed this scarf as a traveling companion during the month of may.

shown above, petite wrap in sweet sheep sweet socks tight twist, colorway, no comment.

shown below, scarf in mountain meadow merino singles, colorway, natural cream. this yarn can also be seen in dyed colorways as briar rose fibers harmony

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

the circular bee brooch pictured above with the wrap was purchased at perl grey. the small bee pin pictured below was purchased at the albany institute of history and art (maker unknown)—i love the way it appears to have alighted on the flowers in the fabric.

valerie and karen from mountain meadow wools sent me the gorgeous merino yarn for the scarf to make up something special for their booth at TNNA. its wonderful texture and cozy softness made me search for a pattern that would bring out the cushy qualities of the yarn.
michelle from the sweet sheep wool shop provided the lovely sport yarn for the wrap in a wonderful mix of neutral tones that ride the waves of the pattern to perfection. you can see more of her beautifully dyed yarns in her shop, along with a complete selections of fibers.
ronni turned her talents to helping me get the pattern is shape for publication and i so appreciate her efforts.
kari did a super-nice job test knitting the wrap and even sent it to me so i could take some photos—thank you so much kari!
david patiently photographed this very warm piece on a hot may day—he’s just wonderful.

24 thoughts on “hillflowers

  1. I have Hillflowers – visualize a happy cougar dancing – it’s queued up on Ravelry – Blue Moon Fiber Arts “Seduction” in Melusine. Have read through the pattern, it should be on the needles tomorrow! it is a LOVELY pattern – and these pictures are fabulous! Thanks again for another fabulous knitting ride! You rock!

  2. Oooooh. I only wish I could stop everything and spin for this right now!

    BTW: Just saw the twist collective shawl. Gorgeous!!!

  3. Just stunning. Thank you for showing it in different fibers – both really show off the design but in different ways. *adding to Rav favorites*

  4. I really love this pattern. I thought of Kim, as soon as I saw the bee! I love that bee! I wonder if the shop has more of those? Very beautiful design!

  5. Oh me oh my – again!!! I must have that bee!!!!! Of course I have to make this one too….:)

  6. The bee is so cute! You look cozily wrapped, despite the heat. The cross models must bear…bikinis in December, wool scarves in May…

  7. I know EXACTLY what my grandma-who-knits is getting this Christmas (I like to wow her, since she actually appreciates the workmanship of knit things). And…and maybe I will make the scarf-size for myself. I lost my favorite creamy scarf at Disney two New Yearses ago and never found anything to replace it.

  8. Gorgeous photos as usual. In a gorgeous setting too. I love that last photo. This is going to be such a fun knit I think.

  9. It’s beautiful. And I love seeing it in 2 different wools, the more rustic white and the refined subtley coloured one. Perfect. I’ll be sure to take a look at it at TNNA.

  10. I’m generally not a big fan of lace but I am fully smitten with this design…how very, very lovely – so different from the lace I generally see!

  11. well, it’s certainly been busy around here since I’ve had a chance to stop by! gardens and new patterns…very pretty new patterns. the hillflowers pattern reminds me of something, only i can’t quite think what – i think maybe a similarly textured motif.

  12. Wow. I’ve never seen a design of yours that I didn’t like, but this is one of the most gorgeous scarves I’ve ever seen. (Echoing Amanda’s comment above about things being busy since I’ve had a chance to drop by…!) And I know what you mean about the song—everyone in my class knew it, too, whether they wanted to or not!

  13. I love special brooches, yours are so nice. Especially on the knits you make. Right must go and take a look at Twist Collective!

  14. Thank you for showing the fantastic scarf. I just finished a lace hat with Mountain Meadow sport weight. Their yarn is so wonderful, nothing like it on the market.

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