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it’s no secret that i have a highly-romaticized affinity for all things scottish. with nary a trace of scottish blood, i can only conjecture that at one time, my norwegian ancestors gazed longingly across the north sea, wishing to replace their furs and leathers and snow for plaids and sweaters and heather.

this sweater is a little composition combining a tartan knit/purl fabric with cabled detailing, knit in sturdy DK wool with a satisfying density and easy fit. it will serve nicely as a comfortable fall jacket (or vest) with jeans or tailored trousers (road tested at rhinebeck 2008).

shown here, size small in briar rose glory days BFL DK, colorway, GD6000 (anne’s tartan).

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

once again, this sweater is made possible by the generosity of chris at briar rose who created this perfect tartan colorway by special request. many, many thanks chris!
rachel proofread and shepherded the pattern to completion.
tana gets big kudos for getting us through this first sweater pattern with her usual grace and unruffled sensibility.
my friends anne marie and rachael took on the challenging task of test knitting and providing extremely helpful input in the process. thank you so very much to both of you!

and of course, many thanks to david for taking beautiful photos.

53 thoughts on “highlander

  1. Well, I love Scottish things as well, but have nary a drop of Norwegian blood. I do have some Scots blood though. And it loves this sweater. So do all the other bits that make me the mongrel I am.

  2. Oh yeah, this is worth the wait! Beautiful pattern, looks like a great sweater with jeans or pants for the office. Love the little cable detail.

    I do have scottish blood, and I’m heading off to purchase this pattern right now!

  3. That’s really nice! I really like how you use the cables.

    Hopefully, there can be more than only one. (I had to, someone had to, it was going to happen).

  4. I can’t believe you have another gorgeous sweater pattern all ready for us to knit…and with briar rose even! I just got my first two skeins of Grandma’s Blessing and they’re just gorgeous and yummy. Now I have a reason to buy more yarn.
    Seriously, the sweater is so beautiful and the colors look so pretty on you. What a perfect model you make! Thank you for another great pattern.

  5. What a stream of gorgeous patterns in the last few weeks.

    I am so glad you are releasing sweater designs, and this is one I will buy and knit. I live in extremely casual clothes, very often topped by a polarfleece vest–and sometimes that is just too athletic a look 🙂 So, I am really happy that this pattern has a vest version.

    Thanks also for your wonderful garden pics! They are really inspiring! In spite of day after day of coolness and rain, things are actually sprouting here and the lettuce is loving it (also, alas, the slugs).

  6. Having both Scottish and Norwegian in my genealogy this sweater is obviously meant to be for me. Thanks, Anne, for another beautiful design.

  7. I have a Scottish husband who comes with a family tartan. Now wondering if I should try and get yarn custom dyed in those colors… Sweater is just beautiful, as always.

  8. As a fellow Norsky who went to the Viking exhibit at the Smithsonian about a decade ago and saw the waves of conquest maps, I can safely say that our ancestors did more than gaze longingly at those shores.

    There’s a lot of Viking blood in the British Isles, just sayin’.

    At any rate, gorgeous sweater.

  9. Ok, seriously you are KILLING ME! I so want this sweater. It would be beautiful. The only problem: I live in ARIZONA. In this desert climate, I would need an awesome sweater (or more like seriously warm jacket) for maybe 1-2 DAYS a year. Sigh. So not fair.

    Ok…all kidding aside, it is a beautiful sweater. Wear it in good health and think of all the poor saps living in the desert who have no need for all the beautiful sweaters….sigh…

  10. Highlander is lovely. And be glad you don’t actually have any Scottish blood – it’s so embarrassing when bagpipes make you cry. And it must be powerful, I think I’m about a 60th.

  11. I love your sweater. Maybe it’s time to put aside my many sock projects and knit this great sweater.

  12. What a great sweater! I just ordered the pattern and can’t wait to finish the one I’m working on so that I can start Highlander 🙂

  13. I definitely want this…sigh, and in THAT color. Wish I could get the yarn for it right now and start! One of these days… 😉

    It’s really beautiful, I think it is my favorite sweater you’ve done so far. 😀

  14. Okay. That’s just too beautiful.

    Now I am torn between knitting Ondule and knitting Highlander for my friend who is owed a sweater. I just sent links to her, urging her to choose.

    By the way, I am just finishing up the Box Leaf wrap and must thank you for the pattern. So, thank you! It’s looking great, even in its unblocked form.

  15. I have soooo been waiting for this. I think it’s my all time favorite!! The yarn is a great compliment to the pattern.

  16. fabulous colorway, great-looking sweater! i love the slim cables, and the tartan pattern is great. the colorway & the texture are really working together here; it’s lovely.

  17. What a beautiful garment! Briar Rose has the most lusciously colored yarn. Thank you for making this available as a pattern.

  18. This is such a lovely sweater, Anne. I love all of the textures you’ve got going in it…they work so well together. You were wearing this at Spring Fling one day, weren’t you? It’s been added to my queue! 🙂

  19. Love it! I am having good luck with the Artichaut pattern so I’m getting braver and may put this in the cart (besides my love affair with my Briar Rose fiber).

  20. Wow again!
    Can’t wait for yet another pattern to get – then I will have to find the yarn – but I have first to decide if I will knit Ondule or this one….

  21. Beautiful sweater! Beautiful images!!

    I love all things Scottish, too!! 🙂 🙂

    Long ago I decided that a Scotsman must’ve made his way to the Ukraine and hooked up with some long forgotten ancestor of mine, and that would explain my affinity for all things heathery, plaid and kiltish. It could’ve happened that way don’tcha’ think? 😉

  22. An absolutely gorgeous sweater pattern, and that yarn just makes it! Glorious combination. So classy without being overly formal.

  23. I love it, Anne!! I’m so excited that you’re getting into sweater designs, as I’m more inclined to knit/wear sweaters than lacy shawls and such (though I admire your lace designs greatly)

    This sweater “almost” makes me year for cooler, fall weather.

  24. Anne- I love it, I love everything about it- the stitch pattern, the collar, the colour, the buttons. I love it.

    Did I mention that I love it?

  25. Ann, again I am loving your design. Really stunning. I yearn for more time to try them all!

  26. Beautiful! The combination of the pattern and the variegation in the yarns really makes it. Hmm…I might have to check out the yarn for this next month at the MidWest Fiber Fest. I know Briar Rose will be there-last year I looked but couldn’t decide so I went away empty handed.

  27. Bravo! (can you hear my applause?) What a beautiful sweater, beautiful yarn, and it’s going right into my queue!!

  28. Anne, it is just glorious! This is a must have! Would it look as good in a light heather grey, do you think? Was this a secret pattern? Jeanette

  29. I’ve loved this sweater since the day your previewed it. Thanks for taking the time to make it available. It is on my short list for projects and I will check out the yarn as well.

  30. Gorgeous1 Luscious was actually the first word that popped into my head. the texture, colour and buttons all work so well together. I am also very addicted to collars of every kind,so it is my kind of garment. Thank you a gain for a great design.

  31. This is gorgeous! I’m so glad the sweater patterns are finally coming to fruition! I do have Scottish ancestors, so I nee dot make this sweater! Love Chris’s yarn.

  32. Such a lovely sweater! I do have a fair amount of Scottish blood in me, although I suspect some of my ancestors were Scandinavians who did more than just look longingly across the way 🙂

  33. OH Anne!!!
    This is soooooooooooo beautiful (and yes, I’m Irish/Scottish/Danish – – however, can you sit beside me to make sure I can actually knit this???

    One of your “high maintenance” fans!!

  34. Very nicely done! There’s a lot going on but you made it work in such a way that it’s not busy.

  35. This is impeccable and rich! (The Norse did invade Scotland (the Hebrides) in 793 AD but heck, I’m half Scots anyway, so I’m in!) Truly beautiful. Your designs are amazing. Love how the cable goes into the ribbing. Brilliant!

  36. Very nice pattern – I love sweater jackets with stand-up collars – I will have to get this one too! And of course the yarn is perfect also. I have a wee bit of Scot blood in me so I am unable to resist.

    I assume you’re familiar with Clare and Jamie of the Outlander series??

  37. I love most things Scottish (just about everything that isn’t food) too–and I have no Scots blood. That is a beautiful sweater. I can get 5 spi pretty easily in some worsted I have, but I think I’ll have fewer than 28 rows/in. Would that just mean adjusting the sleeves (which I end up doing all the time due to short arms)–or would a smaller row gauge screw up other stuff?

  38. I ditto all the comments from those who are grateful you are turning your prodigious design skills to sweaters. I love the socks, mitts, shawls; I need the sweaters!

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