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this handsome, slouching stocking cap is a real winner—soft, warm, and comfortable, it’s the perfect knit for that single skein of nice DK you’ve been wanting to showcase.

it starts out with a fun to work herrignbone rib pattern at the brim which provides a snug fit and tailored style—the pattern is a real feature when knit in a smooth yarn with a bit of sheen, like the shalimar breathless DK we used for this sample in colorway sequoia.

the cashmere and silk content go  long way to creating the perfect soft drape that makes the back part plop just so into place. the merino helps the hat keep its shape, wearing after wearing.

the hat is so light and elegant, comfortable enough to wear indoors or out. mister knitspot swore he did not need another hat when i offered it to him, but has been wearing one all weekend, since being asked to model it.
hehehe . . .

this is my prototype in colorway dirty jeans; it varies from the results you’ll see using the final pattern as written, but still shows off the yarn color well, so i’m including photos of it here.

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the knitspot pattern shop. or purchase the pattern in our ravelry pattern shop.

i had so much fun knitting these hats up and i hope you do too. but beware of leaving them lying about—you might find they are very easy to “lose”.

many thanks to kristi at shalimar yarns for her generous yarn support and to lara and barb, who are always eager to test knit a fun hat; thank you both so much!

barb sent me these photos this morning of her strömming hat, which she test knit in our new (and soon to be available) breakfast blend DK in colorway cocoa, a rich brown.

grandson brogan is reportedly very happy with it—barb says he wore it all weekend, even indoors. a good indication of how comfortable this yarn is.

and we always appreciate the view on a new, cute model, don’t we? he was a very good sport about it, too; thank you brogan!

barb says that now all the kids want one of these . . . that’s how we roll here, creating knitwear addicts at, well, the drop of a hat.


17 thoughts on “strömming

  1. Well, I try to knit while watching tv or a movie, but I find I make little mistakes that I have to go back and fix later. However, if there’s a part of the movie I’m not that interested in, where I won’t miss any nuance if I’m not looking at the tv screen, I can knit a simple pattern. I guess most of the time we start looking at a movie at night, so I’m already winding down mentally. Perhaps the idea of watching something I’ve seen before would work!

  2. Ha!! I am not even going to show Mr JK this hat. He told me that the Creel hat I knit was ‘too green’ for him, but since I finished it, it hasn’t spent much time on my head, that’s for sure!! The Breathless yarn looks like it knits up really nicely. Sigh! I cannot break my yarn diet this early into the new year!

  3. You have been a busy girl these last few days (probably weeks but who knows) and the latest hat is way col. I never wear hats because they make my head itch, but I’d like to try one of these slouchy new guys…they might just work! Have a great day!

  4. Wow, nice pattern, with just a touch of sophistication! I think it would be perfect for some men I know. The lighter colour shows the ribbing better, and this yarn looks incredibly soft as well. Speaking of ribbing, can anyone tell me why we don’t systematically use “knit through the backloop” stitches in patterns involving 1×1 ribbing ? It gives a better definition without being very complicated. Is there a good reason I’m not aware of ?

  5. I loved knitting Stromming so much! It’s a fun pattern and such a quick knit too.

    Andy already has his eye on the one I test knit. Since he stole my last Slofock, I told him hand’s off this Stromming!

  6. It is absolutely lovely Anne! Can’t wait to whip up a few (hopefully one of them will stick as MINE and not get ‘cap napped’ Ha!

  7. I LOVE this hat on David!!! I want to make one right now!!! And I want more Breathless DK, but it’s out of stock!!! I knit my Sloffock with it, and it is fabulous. Can’t wait to see your Breakfast Blends too Anne! What exciting times for you!

  8. Gorgeous design!

    Easy to lose hats or are they just taken by handsome men that claim they don’t need hats? That has been my experience with my fella… He falls in love with them and they never grace my head again.

  9. This is such an elegant hat! I also couldn’t find any Breathless Dk yet, but I’m sure the BNK yarn will be equally as cushy and lovely. I’m looking forward to it.

  10. Very nice hat!

    You have made David a lot of hats over the years. I was just wondering, if he has a very favorite one?

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