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hello, gang . . . after a long monday of traveling across the continent, mostly over clouds, the sight of mt hood rising out of a great expanse of green was stunning and very welcome.

one of the things i enjoy about long travel days is that i usually get lots of knitting done—i find that working away on a piece of knitting helps me tune out all the clatter and noise around me and makes the time go faster.

while we were waiting to take off from canton, i cast on to begin one of the sleeves for my gray maze sweater, which i put aside to work on other projects this summer and has been patiently waiting for my attentions.

i got quite a bit done on the flight and during my four-hour layover in portland (i know. i got to portland at 10:15 am and did not get to eugene til almost 4:00pm even though you can practically see it from portland.).

i continued on to meet cookie and janel, who were waiting for me in the airport lounge in eugene (with cold drinks, thank goodness).

we’ve been hanging out here at janel’s lovely new home, preparing for the summit, relaxing a little, and plotting future projects.

over breakfast yesterday, we did a little knitting, a little work, and a LOT of laughing.
it’s so great to have a few friends to share information, ideas, and experiences with like this—we’re always so glad to have and opportunity for a pow-wow.

we took the morning to relax and knit while we talked. janel’s house has beautiful light from every direction—with glass everywhere, it feels like the outdoors is just beyond our fingertips.

she’s been adding special touches from her collection of fabrics and objects to corners and surfaces as she gets settled that would make any fiber person feel at home.

cookie and i spent a little time discovering janel’s garden as well

we just had to include this, sorry janel . . .

i felt a little restless yesterday and had some trouble settling down with the right piece of knitting . . . i pulled out nightingale and worked a few rows, then switched to my sleeve, and finally settled down with my sock while we talked

one of the nicest things about this sock is that it goes so fast—between yesterday morning and a short session last night, i’m almost done; i just have the toe shaping left to do.

yesterday we went out in the afternoon for a yummy lunch, a stop at the knit shop, and to shop for the little dinner party we had last evening which included joan, elyssa, and gene.

with a few items from the store, cookie and i put together a meal, while janel got the house ready for a few friends who came to knit and visit.

we all sat down to a scrumptious dinner at sunset

followed by a little more knitting and chatting (and dessert, mm)

i was especially pleased to meet eugene beugler, a knitter i have long admired—his stunning lace work was one of the first things i discovered when it occurred to me to search out “knitting” on the internet, when the internet was new to me.

and now we’re getting ready to head for portland—time for me to shower and pack my things. i’ll keep you updated as much as i can while i’m there. to be truthful, it’s going to be a VERY hectic few days, but i’ll take pictures and catch up with you at the earliest opportunity.

off we go.

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  1. So happy to read your post! I had just about given up since I know you are traveling. Have fun and wish I could be there!! Sock Summit 2011?!
    I can dream – can’t I?

  2. arrrrrg i am so jealous of everybody going to sock summit. but that doesn’t mean i don’t want to keep hearing about it! it kind of blows my mind to imagine you and cookie hanging out, and i have a feeling that my mind is going to continue to get blown over the course of the next week as you meet up with tons of other people i admire. that set of spindles is awe-inspiring and reminds me that i planned to learn to spin this summer… i’m off to contact the woman who said she’d teach me! 🙂

  3. I love that Eugene’s hands are a blur!

    I, too, am soooo envious of your chance to be with so many talented fellow knitters. It’s going to be amazing!

    Just absorbing all the wonderful people and experiences is going to be a challenge – but a fun one.

  4. Great to hear from you! My sister lives in Eugene! If I’d been able to go to the Sock Summit, I might have tried to bunk with her. Looking forward to more blog posts from your trip…maybe you’ll get a chance to visit the big rose garden while you’re there. If it’s still there–it was almost 20 years ago that I visited it.

  5. So jealous of your fun time! Keep enjoying 🙂 If you see Gene anymore, please tell him I say hello. Glad to see he looks well. Have a great time in Oregon!

  6. Thanks for introducing us to Eugene Buegler. Glad to see someone else has as many spindles as me. Have a great time and keep us posted when you can.

  7. Ah! Eugene Buegler! I’m such a fan!! I’ve knit two of his designs and I just love them for their flow and completeness. In each one, you could not add, nor subtract, a single component to the design.

    It was sort of like that for me too when I knit Irtfa’a. I loved that design!! Perfect flow from one stitch pattern to the next.

    I’ve got a little fantasy of a sparkle in the air when the two of you met… 🙂

  8. Thank you so much for your willingness to share the Sock Summit with us far away folks. I’ll appreciate anything you have time to post even if it is a few days late. Enjoy the happening!

  9. Thanks for sharing the awesome pic of Mt Hood..Now would you please share with me where to find the pattern for that maze sweater!?! PLEASE!PLEASE!PLEASE!

  10. I am just drooling….just awesome pictures 🙂 Looking forward to more and your blog. Have a safe journey!!!

  11. Eugene Beugler! How cool is that! I am starting to think that the summit itself will just be frosting on the cake after all the other meetings and parties and stuff.

    As I commented on Yarn Harlot’s blog, my jealousy knows no bounds!

    Knit on!

  12. The wonderful house party you described was worth the flight…even without the Sock Summit. I’m torn between thrilled for you/grumpy here at home.

    I look forward to hearing about the rest of your adventures.

  13. It makes me happy to see such good people all together. I bet the air shimmers!

    Eugene Beugler is my all-time favorite designer. His manipulation of texture and positive/negative space raises craft to art.

  14. Hey Anne!!! I miss you! Hope you’re having a great time. I got my Briar Rose yarn today and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I am winding as we speak, swatching tonight, and starting up one of the fronts for Jackie tomorrow. I can’t wait!!!! It is hot as heck here. I hate it. Gotta see if I can wind yarn from the pool. I think I can do that. . . . . .

  15. Oooh, Eugene Oregon – I spent five (mostly) happy years in graduate school there. I wonder if Euphoria Chocolates is still in business? Fantastic truffles … make sure to get some if you can! Also, the French bread from 5th Street Market is awesome, and there’s the ever-fabulous Humble Bagel Co.

    I learned to knit in graduate school, and promptly gave it up for many years, probably because I no longer had a supportive group of expert knitters around after I left Eugene. If I’d stayed longer, it’s likely I would have learned to spin as well.

    Looking forward to Sock Summit updates and photos!

  16. I can’t wait for tomorrow. If I’m lucky I’ll see you and all of the other knitting celebrities milling about. I don’t even know if sleep will be possible tonight!

  17. Wow – kept seeing Eugene’s shawl and knit in all my reference books and almost thought he was a legend !!! Like too famous to exist !! ha! ha! You are a lucky lady !

  18. Yay! Someone else I can try to find at Sock Summit! (although it would probably be easier to find me, as I’ll mostly be in one place). 😀

  19. what a great picture of diverse knitting-crowd!(If you can call 5 a crowd) I just love how kntting brings people together!

  20. Green is NOT my color! I was thinking as I read, that Anne is in Portland now… She’s in Eugene? Why have I not been in that beautiful town in such a long time. Smart woman!! Joan Schrouder AND Gene?? Who?? OHHHH!

    You lucky woman you!
    Today was already a hectic day. I introduced a friend to Twisted and chuckled as she tried to buy out the store. This was after greeting people at OCC, whilst picking up our name tags, receiving the Show Book!!, getting a glimpse [a photo] of Cat’s Charlie, who somehow has managed to turn 2 years old. It will be a very busy weekend. Better get some sleep. Looking forward to meeting you this week.

  21. Why does reading your blog always make me feel hungry? Must be all the shots of delicious looking food. Hope you all have a great time at Sock Summit and good luck with your stand and classes.

  22. I’m such a Eugen Beugler fan, that I’m a little giddy at the thought that you had the chance to meet him – all night long, I would have kept saying “Have I mentioned I really like Frost Flowers and Leaves?” like a dork. I’m pretty happy at the thought of two of my favorite lace designers in the same room – a mini-Lace Summit – I’m glad it was fun.

  23. You’re in one of my favorite parts of the country. Which mountain is that? I wish you had taken a picture of that table with the salad on it! It’s lovely. Have fun!

  24. Thanks for sharing such a gathering with us! What a lovely post. It’s almost (but certainly not quite) like being there. And that dinner looks wonderful. And hi, Joan!

  25. Hi Anne! I am the knitter of the deep turquoise Maplewing. Thanks for being so gracious when I interrupted you at the beginning of the Opening Ceremony at Sock Summit. Many people admired the cunning design of the shawl as I wore it around th marketplace — I like it so much myself that I’m 25 rows into my second one.

  26. Thank you for sharing the pics. I love that the pictures of Eugene and Cookie are in lovely soft focus with a blur for their busy hands. So apropos. Enjoy!

  27. Huzzah! I love flying home and seeing Mt. Rainier before I touch down; it’s like being greeted by an old friend. I’m glad Mt. Hood was out to greet you!

    See you on Sunday! 🙂

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