i’m in a meeting

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even if i didn’t work at home, i think my desk might look like this. ok, maybe one less pair of socks. when i commuted to a job, i always had knitting handy for traveling, and to pick up during downtime and meetings. it is how one gets things done! well, this is how i get certain things done anyway. especially projects that might otherwise be tedious, like scarves and socks. these are well-suited to travel and meetings; i don’t have to think about the stitches much and can do them on auto-pilot, more or less. i can do them while i listen, and they may even help me focus better on what is being said. AND, they keep me from fidgeting and going into mental gymnastics (which i am particularly susceptible to when others are talking).

but why, might you say, would i be working on something i consider tedious in the first place? oh, i dunno! it just happens. like right here: i love having white socks, but this is the second or third pair i’ve made, and each pair has taken me forever to complete, due to project interruptus. i don’t know what the problem is; i use handspun yarn that i love, but about 2 inches into the cuff, my eyes glaze over and i can hardly get myself to make another stitch. usually doing the cuff in a cute stitch pattern helps move things along, but not in white socks. i’d MUCH rather work on those dark tweed ones! in fact, i started those last night, and got about 3 or 4 inches into them and decided they were a little wide, so this morning i riped back and started over. no problem! i could never do that with the white ones.

part of it is stash guilt; last year i spun up a whole bunch of off-white sock yarn, inspired by the vision of a set of three pair of aran socks. huh. then i started this first pair and have almost DIED of boredom. but i have all that yarn now! i know i should just dye it. but i’m afraid if i start with the dyes, i won’t want to stop.

after all, i have a meeting with a big knitting to-do list next!