birnam wood wrap

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this cozy wrap is the sibling to the dovecote shawl. the repeating theme of simple diamond motifs is played once again here, first in a straightforward direction, then changing to a crosswise formation, and eventually diverging into multiple diagonal pathways. an engaging knit from start to finish in luxurious sport-weight or laceweight yarn, this is a bramble to happily get lost in, both in the knitting and the wearing.

shown above: size petite in the unspeakably gorgeous road to china light, an alpaca/silk/camel/cashmere blend from the fibre company, colorway grey pearl; click here for a complete list of retailers.

shown below: size petite, also in road to china, colorway, ruby, once knit by karolyn who will tell that she cannot get enough of this yarn

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

once again, kate and courtney at kelbourne woolens were generous with yarn support for this project (and the previously-released dovecote shawl), providing the luxuriously beautiful fibre company yarn shown here. thank you so much!
karolyn test knit not one, but TWO copies of this piece because we worked up the numbers for a laceweight version as well, included in the pattern.

laceweight stole shown here wooly wonka fibers alpaca/silk lace yarn (yarn available only to club members)

many thanks as always to david for these beautiful photosโ€”he’s celebrating his birthday today!

43 thoughts on “birnam wood wrap

  1. Absolutely gorgeous Anne! I’m just finishing Hypoteneuse and was thinking about another project for winter wear in a bit heavier yarn. This fits the bill perfectly.

  2. Lovely! It makes me want to knit a rectangular shawl, although I mostly go for triangles…
    Happiest birthday wishes to David: I hope this will be his best year yet.

  3. Happy birthday, David!!

    And stop churning out lace patterns, Anne! I can’t keep up! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Hope David has a good, good birthday (you’ve got to keep him sweet- he’s an excellent photographer!), and thanks for even MORE lovely lace!

  5. Anne, I love that you display so many of your designs in different colors. I also enjoy seeing different poses. I get a much better idea of the full design. I think this might be another one to add to my “to do” list!

  6. Happy Birthday, David!

    Yum – love this shawl in the heavier weight. I love seeing it in all the different colors and weights which helps to get a better sense of the piece and its possibilities. Were the edges knit at the same time as the body or knit on afterwards?

  7. Lovely and definitely worth the wait! I have 4 skeins of RTC Light and will make the largest size possible with them. Considering the timing of starting the design of this just after I’d bought the yarn, it’s almost like you designed it just for me…LOL

    Have a great weekend-and HAPPY BIRTHDAY David!

  8. It’s beautiful! Thanks for the rectangular shape. I am finding myself more and more a rectangular gal. Triangular just doesn’t wrap my arms enough.

    Happy Birthday, David! Great pics!

  9. You’ve outdone yourself once again! I love the fact that you offer patterns in both stole and triangle versions.

  10. Beautiful shawl! I’m now deep in the midst of the Maplewing but I think this one might be next. And hey David…October 1st is my birthday as well.

  11. The ruby and green really show off the diagonal center pttern. Another beautiful piece. I have used Woolay wonka yarn before – the Bee Shawl_ and really liked the yarn but When I go to the etsy shop, there is never anything for sale; I’m so dissappointed. Somehow I missed information about “the club”. Anyway, both these patterns are on my list and some Canopy in macaw is on the way for the shawl.

  12. I am a Shakespeare in Lace Club member so I was already familiar with the pattern, but I have to say it really looks gorgeous in the heavier yarn! I could actually see myself knitting the heavier version sometime in the future too.

  13. Anne, we have to talk. I can’t knit as fast as you can turn out gorgeous new patterns! This one is just lovely, and the gray is so pretty on you.

    Happy birthday to David!

  14. Happy birthday David!

    Another lovely, geometric pattern. (And I’m drooling just thinking about the road to china yarn…it sounds lovely.)

  15. Diamonds really ARE a girl’s best friend! I’ll be adding this to my collection of must-knits. Gorgeous!!!

    Happy birthday, David! Thanks for being such an inspiration! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Happy Birthday, David! I hope it was a lovely one. And, btw, another goegeous pattern. I can’t choose between this one and Dovecote, so I am afraid I will have to purchase both . . .along with Ice Fantasia . . .

  17. Oh dear, now I’m confused, I have the triangle, but now I want the stole… May have to buy that, too!
    And belated happy birthday festivities to your man.

  18. Anne, that is a stunning wrap. I love the different parts on it.

    Please wish David a happy belated birthday for me.

  19. Hee. Love the name. There used to be a plant rental business named Birnam Wood in San Francisco. It was my mother’s favorite little joke.

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